Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Coming Soon: S2S Desktop Converter by ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomic Solutions
The team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions is always hard at work crafting innovative, efficient, and productivity minded products. This month, they're kicking things off in a big way with their all new S2S desktop converters. These cutting edge surface attachments work with almost any desk or table to transform it into a user friendly sit to stand workstation.
ESI S2S Desktop Riser
In just a few short days the S2S sit to stand desktop convertor will be available. We couldn't be more excited. As the sit to stand revolution is in full swing, workers are looking for cutting edge products that reduce the need for extended sitting sessions that cause health problems. The S2S is ready, willing, and able to answer the call.

The S2S sit to stand desktop converter from ESI Ergonomic Solutions can be used on any work surface 24"D x 35"W or larger. The unit comes standard with a spacious 10.5"D x 26.8"D keyboard platform and 21"D x 35.5"W monitor platform.

Sit To Stand Desktop ConverterESI's new S2S stations boast a 16" height adjustment range with precision positioning. The retracted height of 6" makes this handy ergo tool incognito in the office when it's not in use.

When it comes to quality, ESI knows their stuff. The popular ergonomic products from this brand are built for the demands of the modern workplace. Their all new S2S converters can support up to 35 pounds and feature a built-in-tilt tension adjustment and weight adjustable counterbalance pneumatic lift capability.

With just 1 hand you can switch from sit-down to stand up operating to improve posture, reduce energy dips, and improve blood flow. The straight vertical travel increases stability and will keep your monitors secure.

Height Adjustable Workstation
Rest assured, there's no shortage of sit to stand ergonomic workstations available on the market in 2017. However, we fully feel that the S2S is one of the best. This professional grade workstation attachment from ESI is backed by a 7 year warranty and won't break the bank.

ESI Sit To Stand ProductsAre you excited about the S2S? We are too! This ergonomically correct office accessory will be up and ready for sale in just a few short days. We expect the S2S workstation to be available for less than $400.00 and include free shipping. By industry standards, that's an excellent value.

As an added bonus, we're told S2S height adjustable desk attachments will be compatible with any ESI Edge, Evolve, or Eppa series monitor mount. This makes it easy to use the S2S as a single or dual screen workstation.

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