Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Office Chair Reviews: Global Supra Seating

Global Supra Chair ReviewWe love reviewing Global office chairs. Their attention to detail and product quality is second to none. Global strives to craft the best all around office chairs in the business for every application and budget. Today on the blog we're taking an in-depth look at one of their classic collections, Supra. This professional seating line is ready, willing, and able to outfit every room of your business.

Global Supra Conference ChairStyle:

If today's overly modern office chair styles just aren't your thing, the Supra collection has you covered. These practical multi purpose office chairs from Global are well rounded and ready to make an impression on your valued guests without being too over the top.

Supra Chair Loop ArmsYou won't be blowing anybody away with Supra's style profile. If you're looking for an office chair to be the focal point of your interior, the Supra seating collection isn't going to be your best option. These chairs are great for blending in and not overpowering your furniture.


Supra Task Chair by GlobalThe office chairs from the Supra collection provide user friendly ergonomic features for an efficient sitting experience. All models come standard with multi function mechanisms that control the tilt resistance the chair provides. They also feature a tilt lock that allows you to personalize your operating angle. Additionally, Supra chairs boast thick contoured cushions and backs that are very supportive without being overly stiff.

Supra Drafting ChairThe practical chairs from the Supra collection aren't going to blow you away with adjustment features. That being said, they do pass the sit test. Supra chairs are comfortable and encourage good posture without the need for a bunch of tweaking. If you're looking for a more specialized option, we recommend the 5336-5 Supra X office chair as it comes with adjustable T shaped arms.


Supra Office Seating by GlobalSupra office chairs are great for a variety of applications. Fixed arm models like the 5330-4 are perfect for conference and boardroom seating needs. Additionally, the Global Supra Seating collection offers mobile and fixed leg side chairs that can be used in both training and professional waiting room environments. Last but not least, any architect and designer will love popular Supra drafting chairs like the 5338-6.


You'll be hard pressed to beat the combination of value and comfort provided by the Supra collection. With most of today's top chairs costing well over five hundred bucks, it's nice to still see options out their for shoppers on a budget. Supra chairs are available starting at just over $200.00. The 5330-4 model Supra chair is the most popular model from this best selling line and can be purchased in a variety of designer fabric upholster options for $260.99.


Supra Office Chair RatingAfter a thorough review of the chairs from the Global Supra Seating Collection, we're left with a good understanding of why this line has stood the test of time. Supra chairs are affordable, practical, and comfortable. While not as "cutting edge" as many of the new chairs hitting the market in 2017, Supra is still ready for the demands of the modern workplace and specifically great in conference room settings. We feel comfortable giving this collection a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.

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