Monday, August 7, 2017

The Common Office Chair Isn't So Common Anymore!

Premium Office ChairWe live in a world where not all office chairs are created equal. These days even the most common chair will likely be equipped with an array of ergonomic features designed to promote healthy sitting in the workplace. Then there's truly elite chairs with responsive features that encourage good posture without the need to adjust. Needless to say, the common office chair isn't so common anymore.

Take a look at the Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating. It's no newcomer to the ergo world, yet it's still ahead of its time. Nearly a decade in the making, this super premium office chair is the result of unrivaled dedication and commitment to comfort. With a torsion loaded spring back, the Verte is able to mimic the vertebrae and automatically respond to user movements to ensure support where you need, when you need.

Heavy Duty Big And Tall ChairIndustry leading brands like OFM are always working hard to craft the latest and greatest chair. The ORO200 for example comes standard with a versatile tablet arm and a heavy duty frame that's ready to accommodate users up to 400 pounds. This luxurious big and tall office chair is an absolute winner and far from common.

Global Novello ChairThese days it's easier to find a cutting edge ergonomic task chair with an array of adjustment features than it is to find a basic swivel chair. In truth, the common office chair is rapidly becoming extinct. Shoppers expect modernized chairs that are ready to meet the demands of intensive work days.

Weight Sensing Office ChairBrands like Global are paving the way with trendy new chair collections like Novello and Spritz. These fully customizable chairs offer a seemingly unlimited array of options. More importantly though, they're supremely comfortable.

Cherryman Eon ChairIt used to be hard to find a swivel chair with good lumbar support and now it's hard not to. Brands that want their chairs to sell fully understand the needs of the modern shopper. The expectations for what's now considered a "common office chair" are extremely high, and franky they're where they should be. As workers we shouldn't have to settle. It's comforting to know we're living in a world where the office chair is evolving to promote healthy operating and peak performance levels.

Innovative new chairs like the Eon from Cherryman provide an excellent look at where the industry is headed. Affordable office chairs that pack a major ergonomic punch. The Eon makes it easy for budgeting shoppers to enjoy the same premium benefits that used to cost thousands. This popular mesh back computer chair available for $294.00 is considered by most to be one of the best "value buys" of the year.

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