Friday, August 25, 2017

The Multi-Purpose Product Craze Is Here To Stay!

If you want to get the most out of your office interiors, multi purpose products are the way to go. Brands like Mayline, Global, and OFM are paving the way with multi-purpose workplace components that make it easy to boost comfort, productivity, and collaboration. Rest assured, this booming trend is here to stay. Today on the blog we'll showcase the hottest multi purpose tables, chairs, and accessories on the market in 2017. Enjoy!

Multi Purpose Tablet Arm Nesting ChairThe chairs from the Mayline Thesis collection are super versatile and equally comfortable. These multi purpose chairs that nest are perfect for training and classroom environments. If you really want to take your interiors to the next level, check out the KTS3 model Thesis chair. It has an awesome tablet arm to give you and your workers the edge when taking notes and working with devices.

Height Adjustable Multi Purpose TableIt's hard to beat the multi purpose tables from the Mayline ML collection. These height adjustable sit to stand tables encourage continuous movement while improving posture and blood flow. ML tables can be used individually, or as apart of group configurations to encourage collaboration and healthy work habits.

Connectable Multi Purpose TablesYou'll absolutely love the multi purpose tables from the Global Bungee collection. They can be connected quickly and efficiently to form full sized conference tables. Bungee tables can also be quickly separated to form training style layouts that encourage creativity. With Bungee series multi purpose tables from Global the options are truly limitless.

Multi Purpose Office ChairGlobal's newest seating collection offers some of the most versatile multi purpose chairs on the market. The Spritz lineup offers an array of weight sensing task chairs, flip seat nesting chairs, and more to help modernize your interiors. Spritz series chairs are supremely supportive and exceptionally well made. They can be used in nearly any professional setting you can think of!

Sit to stand products are taking over the workplace. Units like the Volante from Systematix reduce energy dips while improving posture and reducing fatigue. As we sit for extended computing sessions, good posture habits break down. The Volante makes it easy to transition into a healthy stand up work position with a single motion. This ergonomic desktop convertor is perfect for both home and professional business applications at just $299.99.

Multi Purpose Power Module
You easily can power up your professional interiors using the multi purpose FlexCharge9 module from ESI Ergonomic Solutions. This handy little device with 5 AC inputs and 4 USB charging ports is great in the conference room. If you're hosting presentations in the boardroom, classroom, or training room, this versatile tool is a great addition that won't break the bank.

Eurotech Eduskate WorkstationAllow us to showcase the Eduskate workstation on wheels from Eurotech. Rest assured, this multi purpose product is truly one of a kind. The Eduskate combines a comfortable office chair with a small computer desk and integrated cup holder. With an adjustable lumbar support and retractable work surface, the Eduskate workstation is a do-it-all product that you'll greatly benefit from. It's easy enough to be moved from space to space as needed and won't leave you aching from extended sits. Eduskate workstations are currently available in 2017 for $450.00 in 2 color combinations.

OFM Vivo Perch StoolWe've saved one of our favorite new products of the year for last. The team at OFM has truly outdone themselves with the Vivo perch stool. At just $156.99, this easily transportable ergonomic office stool that swivels, tilts, and rotates is a must have. The Vivo is great for active workers that regularly transition between sit-down and stand-up operating positions. If you move from space to space throughout the work day, you'll certainly appreciate the support provided by the Vivo. The integrated rear handle is a nice touch that makes this already lightweight product even more user friendly. Vivo stools are perfect for teachers, designers, architects, and even students.

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