Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We're Loving The All New S2S Desktop Convertor From ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomic Solutions S2S Desktop ConvertorIt's no secret that sit to stand operating is the latest ergonomic craze. As sitting for long periods of time will cause even the best posture habits to suffer, innovative desktop convertors are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Just last week, ESI introduced one of the best new options on the market. Their all new S2S desktop attachment is versatile, affordable, and incredibly well made. Today on the blog we'll take a look at this hot new ergonomic product and its respective benefits.

Height Adjustable Desktop Attachment
Even at first glance you'll notice the futuristic look of the ESI S2S desktop convertor. The unique X base design is much different than what you'll find on the majority of risers available in 2017. Unlike most of today's sit to stand desk attachments, the S2S is equipped with an advanced weight adjustable pneumatic mechanism that allows the user to tailer the weight tension setting to accommodate the combined weight of their work surface and various accessories. This allows the user to easily raise and lower up to 35 pounds.

Compact Sit To Stand WorkstationThis cutting edge office add-on can be used effectively on work surfaces 24"D x 35"W or larger. The S2S from ESI boasts a spacious 10.5"D x 26.8"W keyboard platform and 21"D x 35.5"W top that can be used for both single and dual screen operating.

The S2S is compact, user friendly and versatile. With a 16" height adjustment range, the S2S allows for precision positioning. The counterbalanced pneumatic mechanism is weight adjustable as mentioned above. This means you can transition between sit-down and stand-up work positions with just one hand.

Best Sit To Stand AttachmentESI takes pride in crafting next level ergonomic products that encourage continuous movement in the workplace, improve posture, boost blood flow, and reduce fatigue. Take the S2S height adjustable desktop riser for a spin and you'll enjoy all of the above. The unit ships fully assembled and ready to work for $390.00.

ESI S2S Sit To Stand Workstation ReviewThe S2S sit to stand workstation from ESI is compatible with any Edge, Evolve, or Eppa monitor arm. The straight vertical travel setup increases stability and security of your screens when in use. The unit ships with a weight tension pre-set to lift 22 pounds but can be easily adjusted with the included ratchet wrench. Essentially you can have this handy workplace tool installed and adjusted to meet your specific needs in under 20 minutes.

ESI S2S RatingIf you're looking for a sit to stand work surface convertor that's built to last, the S2S has you covered. It's very stable and backed by a 7 year warranty. Most of the knock-off risers available in 2017 are okay for home office applications, but not suitable for intensive work environments. You can rest easy knowing that the S2S is manufactured by one of the most ergonomically committed brands on the planet.

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