Friday, September 29, 2017

Boardroom 101: How To Improve Comfort, Collaboration, and Performance

If you're tackling a boardroom makeover project, you'll definitely want to follow our new blog series 'Boardroom 101'. Here will provide helpful design tips, DIY advice, and product suggestions designed to maximize your interior. In our first entry we'll discuss ways to improve comfort while simultaneously boosting your collaborative efforts and overall performance. Enjoy!

1.) Comfort

Comfortable Boardroom Task ChairWhen remodeling your boardroom, comfort should be top priority. If your boardroom is designed with comfort in mind, your valued visitors will be far more likely to retain the important information you provide.

Start by selecting ergonomically correct boardroom chairs as opposed to overly bulky executive style chairs that take up a ton of table space. They'll provide your valued visitors with the ability to sit posture perfect during extended group strategizing sessions.

It's important to select user friendly office chairs for your boardroom because the odds are, you won't have a ton of time to explain how your chairs work before each meeting. We recommend selecting ergonomic task chairs that provide a comfortable sit without a ton of adjusting required.

Chairs like the Eon from Cherryman are great for the boardroom. This popular seating solutions features a naturally contoured back that provides excellent lumbar support. The well cushioned seat and adjustable arms are a nice touch that encourage comfort without a major learning curve.

Here's 5 things to look for when shopping for boardroom chairs...

  1. Natural Lumbar Support
  2. Height Adjustable Arms
  3. Waterfall Seat Edge
  4. Thick Padded Seat
  5. Affordable Price Point

2.) Collaboration

Collaborative Boardroom TableThe next thing you'll want to focus on when improving your boardroom is collaboration. The word collaboration itself has been the hottest buzz word in the industry this year. Why you ask? Because businesses have learned that collaborative interiors spark creativity. When creativity is encouraged, good ideas start to flow!

Quick Connect Tables For The BoardroomThink about it. If you're hosting meetings where you ramble on for 2 hours without any team interaction, are you really expecting the information you provide to be retained? Alternatively, collaborative boardrooms get all guests involved.

Folding Presentation BoardWhen designing your space, consider investing in a modular boardroom table configuration. This will provide you with the ability to quickly adapt to the particular needs of any situation. With connectable tables for the boardroom your workers can be put into groups of any size. Take a look at the Bungee collection from Global and you'll quickly see what we mean.

You can also improve collaborative efforts with a wall mounted dry erase board. Instead of having each person take notes individually, why not do it together. This way there's less doodling on the edges of your note pads and more focus on the actual meeting. Many of today's most popular boardroom table collections also offer matching presentation boards because of the consumer demand for improved collaboration.

3.) Performance

Powered Boardroom TableLast but not least, you'll want to create a boardroom that's ready, willing, and able outperform the competition.

These days it's easier than ever to create a high performance boardroom. Industry leading brands like Global and Mayline have made it their mission to power up your space with high tech tables.

Portable Boardroom Power ModuleA modern table for the boardroom with a powered top will help you streamline presentations and group strategizing sessions in a flash. We recommend those from the Global Zira collection as they're available with USB, HDMI, and other commonly used input options that will come in handy during your meetings.

Boardroom with Flat ScreenIf you're just looking to improve your current boardroom without purchasing an all new table, you can save a few bucks by investing in a portable power module like the FlexCharge9 from ESI. It's just $175.00 and prevents the need to wheel in those squeaky AV carts and run extension chords all over your space.

Last but not least, you might also consider mounting a flat screen TV on one of your boardroom walls. Today's Smart TV's are becoming very affordable and they come in really handy in the professional meeting areas when hosting teleconferences and power point presentations. A wall mounted flat screen linked to a powered boardroom table will no doubt have your business on the cutting edge!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trendy Transformations: High Fashion Boardroom Interiors

Looking to keep your office interiors up to date with the latest trends? You're in the right place. Today on 'Trendy Transformations' we'll be highlighting high fashion boardroom interiors and the cutting edge components that make them great. These elite work environments promote collaboration and creativity while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Enjoy!

Global Zira Boardroom ComponentsFirst up, we've got an ultra cool and equally high tech boardroom outfitted with furniture from the Global Zira collection. This full service line is an absolute winner as it includes all of the components you'll need to furnish every room of your business. The table used here is 10' long and features a fashionable boat shaped surface and dark espresso finish. You'll notice that the center of the table is equipped with integrated power modules for streamlined efficiency. Surrounding the table you'll find comfortable mesh task chairs from the Global Roma collection that are perfect for extended strategizing sessions.

Global Junction V Shaped Table LayoutOur second high fashion boardroom is also outfitted with furniture from Global. This modular-minded space features quick-connect tables from the Junction collection that can be used to create a limitless array of configurations. This V shaped table layout is perfect for collaborating and hosting guest speakers. When accented with ergonomically correct gray mesh task chairs, this trendy boardroom is built for the demands of modern business.

Napoli Conference Room ComponentsUp next is an elite boardroom utilizing furniture from the Mayline Napoli collection. If you're looking to blend modern and traditional vibes, Napoli components from Mayline are the way to go. In fact, this is one of the only wood veneer boardroom furniture collections available with factory installed power modules. In addition to this hybrid boat shaped table, you'll find out third interior utilizing a matching presentation board and glass accented low wall cabinet to create fluidity and upscale appeal.

This year, gray office furniture has been incredibly popular. If you're loving the look, we recommend the Textured Driftwood components from the Mayline Sterling Collection available in 2017. This exclusive boardroom furniture collection offers boat shaped tables with knife edge detailing like the one shown in our fourth space. Along the perimeter walls you'll be immediately drawn to the wall mounted cabinets with opaque acrylic doors, low wall credenzas, and folding presentation board. This exceptional boardroom is also utilizing a Smart TV between the wall cabinets to create a high tech look that also simplifies presentations.

Modular Boardroom ComponentsMoving right along, you can conduct a trendy boardroom transformation on a budget with the office furniture from the Cherryman Amber collection. Our fifth and final space features an expandable boardroom table with an oval top that's ready to grow as your business needs increase. This AM-410N table is currently available for just $702.00 and reaches lengths of 168" when full connected. Talk about surface area! In addition to the high fashion walnut finished boardroom table with unrivaled modular benefits, this interior is further boosted with user friendly mesh back office chairs from the cutting edge Eon collection. At just $294.00 each, Eon chairs are a favorite of ergonomic enthusiasts.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Berco Tables Now Available at!

We are pleased to announce that we will now be selling office tables from Berco! This week we'll be adding all the awesome new made to order tables collections Berco has to offer. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting stylish, versatile, and incredibly durable tables for a wide range of applications. Let's take a look at what makes Berco great in today's post.

Berco Milan TableSince 1969, Berco has been designing and building tables to the high quality standards of it's founder, Melvin Berkowitz. Mr. Berkowitz believed that providing versatile to solutions to businesses was a more than job. It was a mission! Mel takes pride in crafting tables made in the USA that are ready to stand up to the rigorous demands of the workplace.

Berco Office TablesToday, Berco Furniture Solutions continues to follow these important values. Owner Mike Hojnacki is still committed to US manufacturing and maintains a team of talented and dedicated workers that strive to provide customers with the absolute best products on the market.

Berco Square TableBerco likes to keep it simple. With clean designs, quality craftsmanship, and fantastic customer service, who could ask for more? This highly respected manufacturer now provides more than 15 table collections that are ready to meet the needs of training, meeting, break room, and educational environments. Rest assured, there's Berco tables are available for any need and application.

The Berco Milan collection has been a huge hit this year. This best selling line offers tables that combine the perfect blend of modern and contemporary design characteristics. The Milan series includes round, square, and rectangular tables that will no doubt impress office visitors without breaking your interior makeover budget. All tables, including training table models from the Milan collection can be configured in your choice of mobile or fixed leg variations.

Berco Training Room TablesGoing for that trendy retro look that's hot in 2015? Check out the Berco Mobi table collection. The break room, cafeteria, training, and meeting table solutions from this extensive line are a must see. Mobi tables feature unique bases that can be complimented by a wide range of top sizes and shapes.

When businesses and interior designers request custom tables, Berco excells. In just a 4 week window, this top notch brand can craft you a unique conference room table to meet your specific decor needs and space requirements. Berco is ready, willing, and able to take your interiors to the next level.

What's New? Dacasso Office Products at!

Dacasso Office Products
When it comes to elite office accessories like desk sets and conference room pads, the team at Dacasso knows their stuff. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be loading the full line of products from this reputable Florida based brand. Today on the blog we'll give you a sneak peak of what to expect. Prepare to be impressed!

Dacasso Desk Organizing Kit1.) Desk Sets

Dacasso is knows for their elite desk sets. If you're looking to give your interior a style infusion while simultaneously boosting your organizing efforts, check out the 5 piece kits from this reputable brand. The Dacasso Colors collection will definitely catch your eye. A 5 piece desk organizing set like the D6069 will help you achieve exceptional style. Cool color options like lime green, midnight black, pink, red, and blue will no doubt help you personalize your space.

Dacasso Conference Room Pads with Coasters and Holders2.) Conference Room Pads

Have you ever tried to write on a wood or laminate operating surface? The odds are it's give your pen a bit of trouble. That's where conference room pads come in. They make it easy to write and work on devices like laptops and tablets during group strategizing sessions. Conference room pad sets like the D1052 even include matching coasters that can be personalized with your company logo. The conference room pads from Dacasso are the best in the business and intended for upscale boardrooms.

Condiment Organizer3.) Serving Accessories

Dacasso also offers serving accessories to further improve your corporate gathering areas. Their condiment organizers are cost effective and very helpful in professional settings. If your conference room has a food and beverage station with creamers and sugars in white cups, it's time to up the appeal of your space. Invest in an organizer like the A1028 prided at just $156.00. You'll be glad you did. In the long run, it's the basic office accessories and organizing solutions that tend to make the biggest difference!

Executive Desk Clock4.) Executive Desk Clocks

The team at Decasso really has all your personal office needs covered. In addition to handy organizers, mouse pads, serving accessories, this reputable brand even provides fashionable clocks. Like we said, the little details make the biggest difference when outfitting your inters. If you want to give your executive office desk a bit more swag, check out the C1017 Global II clock from Dacasso. It's available for just $56.99.

Leather Wastebasket5.) Wastebaskets 

Kick that old plastic trash can to the curb and replace it with a classy wastebasket that will help improve your upscale vibe. While not an absolute must have, a leather wastebasket from Dacasso will help put the finishing touches on your interior. It will also provide you with a bit more time between clean outs as they're larger than the average bin. Dacasso waste baskets work in harmony with the other popular office products from this brand to create well rounded interiors that are built for the demands of the modern workplace.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Furniture Life: The Best of September 2017

It's been a month of quality, not quantity. While we haven't seen a ton of new product releases and trends emerge this September, those that have hit the furniture world have been awesome. Brands like Offices To Go and Woodstock Marketing have really made it one of the most exciting months of the year. Today on 'Furniture Life' we'll show you why!

Autumn Walnut

The team at Offices To Go got things going in a big way this month. They've made their full line of in-stock components from the Superior Laminate Collection available in a new finish option called Autumn Walnut. This light woodgrain tone is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with darker finishes that tend to make interiors feel smaller than they have to. The new Autumn Walnut finish shows that the design world is heading in a new direction. This popular finish offers a blast of retro, coastal and contemporary flair that's sure to make any workspace pop while still remaining practical and not overly modern!

S2S by ESI

ESI Sit To Stand Convertor

It might seem like sit to stand desktop convertors are a dime-a-dozen these days, but rest assured they're not all created equal. Take the all new S2S from ESI Ergonomic Solutions for a spin and you'll see what we mean. With a unique design, this user friendly surface riser makes it easy to lift up to 35 pounds with just one hand. The S2S is incredibly versatile and well made. At $390.00 it's a bit more expensive than the average riser. That being said, this attachment is far from average!

Powered Beam Seating

Powered Beam Seating Configuration

It was about time the lobby got a little love! Brands like Global are improving the guest experience with powered beam seating solutions that make it easy to charge devices and work while waiting in the lobby. Powered beam chairs from collections like Vion are also great for maximizing available square footage and seating potential. Beam chairs are modular, easy to configure, durable, and comfortable. If you're tackling a lobby makeover project, you can't go wrong with a powered up beam seating layout.

Collaborative Tables

OFM Endure Collaborative Tables with Powered Tops

If you're looking for hot industry buzz words, "collaborative" is at the top of the list. All year long we've seen manufacturers and design teams pushing collaborative workplace solutions, and for good reason. They're awesome! Collaborative workstations and tables encourage creativity and make for an open concept feel that's far improved from the traditional high wall cubicle systems you're likely used to. Popular collaborative tables from OFM and their Endure collection are a must consider. They feature standing height surfaces, heavy duty metal bases, and swivel out seats. Endure tables are great for conference, break room, meeting, library, cafe, and just about any other application you can think of.

Jefferson Lounge Collection

Jefferson Modular Lounge Furniture

We saved the biggest news for last. Woodstock Marketing just released an all new modular lounge seating collection that you have to see to believe. The Jefferson line offers connectable guest chairs, powered tables with marble tops, and tablet tables that are easy to spec and perfect for any business looking to create cutting edge vibes. Jefferson components are available in 4 in-stock color options that can also be done in two tone variations. If you're looking to simplify the remodeling process, check out the Jefferson Dream configurations from Woodstock. They're pretty incredible!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Office Design 2017: Predicting The Hottest Products of The Fall

Fall Office Remodeling Trends
Responsive Ergonomic Task ChairIt's been yet another awesome season in the office design world. We're typically a little bummed when summer comes to an end, but not this year. Not by a long shot! Our favorite brands are hard at work crafting new and exciting office products that are ready, willing, and able to change the way we operate while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Rest assured, the Fall season is going to be very exciting.

We're seeing more and more responsive office chairs hitting the market. Why you ask? Because they take the guess work out of getting comfortable. Responsive chairs react to user movements to ensure good support and posture. Popular responsive chairs like The Living Chair from Mayline helped get this trend started. Sadly, it's taken awhile for shoppers to catch on. This Fall that's all about to change. We fully expect to see consumers making the jump to responsive seating solutions and never looking back.

Mid Century Modern OfficeGet ready to see a lot more mid century modern conference room chairs on the market this Fall. Mid century conference chairs offer sleek design characteristics that help maximize seating potential. Popular mid century options like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing are a must consider!

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage BinsIn the reception area and waiting room, industrial style accent tables are going to be trending. They're cool, heavy duty, and sure to make a statement. One of our personal favorites that's currently available on the market is the EEI-2644 model Fairground coffee table from Modway. It's got big casters that make it easy to move, as well as cool wire storage bins that come in handy when organizing your reading material.

Systematix Volante WorkstationThe world just can't get enough height adjustable office furniture. Nearly every brand we can think of now offers some form of "sit to stand" solution that promotes continuous movement in the workplace. That being said, you need to be weary of cheap knock offs and imitations that aren't built to last this Fall. We recommend the Volante height adjustable workstation from Systematix. Is made extremely well and looks just as good in white!

Bungee SL Collaborative TablesTraditional cubicle systems are great for privacy, but they do little to encourage team interaction. While modular office benching configurations are already hot, they'll become even more popular this Fall. Popular collections like Bungee SL from Global offer everything you need to rock your remodel in a hurry. The collaborative components from this line encourage team interaction and creativity.

Believe it or not, we thought beam seating was going out of style. We're happy to admit we were wrong. It seems this popular style of guest reception seating is making a big time comeback. With brands like OFM and Global paving the way, beam seating that was once going extinct is now being heavily relied upon to maximize square footage, visitor comfort, and appeal. With beam seating, the options are pretty limitless. Check out collections like the Net series from OFM and Vion beams from Global this Fall. They're much cooler than those old school stand alone guest chairs currently dragging down your welcoming area vibe.

Powered Collaboration TableThe powered office furniture movement will continue dominating this Fall. This year we've seen everything from powered lounge chairs to conference tables hit the scene. Businesses want more out of their furniture. They want to improve the guest experience. They want to streamline meetings, and they want to keep workers efficient. For these reasons, you should definitely consider boosting your interiors with powered-up products. We're loving the Endure Tables from OFM and Zira tables from Global.

SitWell Flex ChairLast but certainly not least, we predict that polypropylene chairs will become the preferred choice for a variety of office applications. They're durable, easy to clean, and surprisingly comfortable. In a world where fabric chairs are used regularly and wear out quickly, polypropylene chairs are ready to shine. Popular brands like SitWell are already rocking remodels with chairs like the Flex. With a mobilized base this multi purpose side chair is a great option for office common areas like the waiting room, as well as the training room.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Discount Design: Affordable Conference Room Furniture Collections

Creating a high fashion conference room that's up to date with the latest trends doesn't have to cost a small fortune. Today on 'Discount Design' we'll showcase cool furniture lines from brands like Offices To Go, OFM, and Mayline that will help you boost corporate appeal and productivity without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Conference Room ComponentsThe team at Offices To Go has your remodeling budget in mind. This respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting cost effective conference room furniture that doesn't lack in terms of quality and appeal. Their Superior Laminate conference room components are available in 5 quick shipping finish options and feature attractive handle pulls and scratch resistant surfaces. Superior Laminate tables are available starting at just $320.99.

Margate Conference FurnitureIf you're going for more of a traditional vibe, the OTG Margate conference room furniture collection is a must consider. Even as one of the most affordable veneer conference lines on the market, Margate  remains one of the most stylish. The conference tables from the Margate line feature oval operating surface and attractive cylinder bases. With matching wall cabinets and presentation boards, this timeless collection is an absolute winner.

OFM Endure Table with Powered TopOTG isn't the only brand crafting cool conference room furniture that won't break the bank. The team at OFM has made it their mission to improve collaboration and productivity levels in the meeting area with their Endure series tables. This line of standing height tables with industrial swivel-out seats boasts powered surfaces that will help streamline your presentations and group activities. The new OFM Endure tables are available in 3 sizes and 4 finish combinations.

Mayline Aberdeen Conference FurnitureMoving right along, allow us to introduce the Mayline Aberdeen collection. If you've tackled any professional remodeling project in the last 10 years, you might already known about this popular line. Aberdeen components have stood the test of time because they're affordable, stylish, and very well made. The Aberdeen conference room tables and matching accessories available in 2017 are now offered in a trendy Gray Steel laminate finish option that's truly a must see.

Amber Expandable TableNo article on affordable conference room furniture collections would be complete without showcasing the fashionable components from the Cherryman Amber collection. This full service line is great for every professional space in need of a cost effective facelift. The best part about Cherryman Amber tables is that they're expandable. This means they can be extended or contracted to  accommodate areas of any size. In addition to modular tables, the Amber collection also boasts matching low wall cabinets that provide exceptional storage. This line of laminate office furniture is well made, in stock, and sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Global Adaptabilities Furniture Collection Is Supremely Versatile

Global Adaptabilities Furniture
Global specializes in the provision of versatile workplace solutions that encourage collaboration while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Their Adaptabilities furniture collection has become an industry staple and a favorite of design teams across the country. The modular desks, tables, and storage components from this line offer exceptional functionality.

Global Adaptabilities DeskWith Adaptabilities desks from Global, creating upscale executive interiors is easier than ever. This full service line offers straight front and curved desks in a variety of sizes. When paired with connectable bridges and rear wall credenzas, you can generate all the optional space you need to be at your best.

Collaborative Group Desk ConfigurationAre you looking for modern cubicle alternatives to encourage collaboration and interaction amongst employees without fully sacrificing privacy? The versatile office furniture from the Adaptabilities collection has you covered. Adaptabilities components can be used to craft group workstations and cluster desks that don't limit team creativity.

Adaptabilities Reception DesksYou can even design ultra cool reception area welcome desks with the versatile furniture from the Adaptabilities collection. If you want to make a great impression on your valued visitors, a modern reception desk layout from the Adaptabilities collection will certainly do the trick.

Conference Room FurnitureCreate a bit of fluidity throughout your professional interiors with conference room components from the Adaptabilities collection. The laminate tables from this popular line are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific space requirements.

Global Adaptabilities Modular Office FurnitureAll of the modular office furniture from the Adaptabilities collection is available in more than 20 designer finish options. If you've checked out the pics showcased in today's post, you'll see the finishes are pretty extensive. This makes Adaptabilities the perfect option for businesses looking to step outside the realm of traditional tones. Unique options like white chocolate, absolute acajou, and winter cherry will do wonders for your interiors. You can even customize your Adaptabilities pieces in two tone variations with the help of your furniture provider.

Global Adaptabilities ReviewThe Adaptabilities collection can truly do it all. With file pedestals, executive wall cabinets, and storage credenzas, meeting your organizational needs is an absolute breeze. You'll also find the versatile components for this collection suitable for both modern and traditionally inspired interiors. With a cost effective price point, exceptional quality, and supreme versatility, Adaptabilities is a must consider option for your work environments.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Modern Office Chairs Aren't For Everybody, and That's Okay!

Modern Office Chair Alternatives
If today's modern office chairs just aren't your thing, that's okay. Sure modern styles are dominating the market in 2017, but a select group of manufacturers have your practical seating needs in mind.

Brands like Offices To Go, Eurotech Seating, and Global all craft exceptionally well rounded office chairs equipped with the adjustable ergonomic features needed to provide top notch support without being too over the top.

Offices To Go 11653 Task ChairHere on the blog, we'll provide modern office chair alternatives that don't lack in terms of support and won't overpower your furnishings.

When it comes to back support, the team at Offices To Go knows their stuff. This reputable brand specializes in the provision of cost effective office chairs that are great for everyday use. If you're looking to pass on the today's modern design trends, you can keep things simple with an OTG swivel chair like the 11653. This multi functional task chair with an upholstered seat and back comes equipped with user friendly adjustment levers that control tilt angle, tension, and chair height. At just $235.99, the 11653 is an absolute bargain buy.

Eurotech Apollo ChairYou can also find an array of practical chairs from the team at Eurotech Seating. With an unrivaled commitments to comfort and ergonomic efficiency, the mesh back task chairs from Eurotech are second to none. Modern seating alternatives from this reputable brand include the Curv and Apollo lines. Popular models like the MFHB9SL feature ventilated backs, thick padded seats, and adjustable arms that make finding correct computing positions a breeze.

Global Mallorca ChairYou can add a touch of color to your office interiors without being overly modern. Brands like Global offer awesome chairs in an array of fabric, mesh, and leather textile options to help personalize your space without overpowering your furniture. Practical chairs like the Mallorca are great for everyday computing. These made to order fabric task chairs from Global are available in a variety of back heights and with various ergonomic mechanisms to ensure you get the sitting experience you deserve.

Woodstock Marketing Creedence ChairMoving right along, allow us to introduce the Creedence mesh back office chair from Woodstock Marketing. This well rounded seating solution bridges the gap between modern and traditional without creating too much of a cutting edge vibe. The Creedence chair is supremely comfortable, It comes standard with a weight sensing mechanism, contoured back, and height adjustable arms for just $329.00.

Ambarella Office ChairIt doesn't get much better than the 401B Ambarella chair from the iDesk seating collection. This do-it-all task chair provides good looks and top notch ergo features. All iDesk Ambarella office chairs come standard with built-in guides for personal adjusting that help to minimize the ergonomic learning curve. At just $247.80, the Ambarella is one of the best buys of 2017. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better combination of quality and comfort at even three times the price. A choice of 5 quick shipping seat cushion color options is available if you want to add a little flair. Ambarella chairs can be used effectively in both home and professional workplace settings as they're affordable and incredibly easy to use.