Friday, September 29, 2017

Boardroom 101: How To Improve Comfort, Collaboration, and Performance

If you're tackling a boardroom makeover project, you'll definitely want to follow our new blog series 'Boardroom 101'. Here will provide helpful design tips, DIY advice, and product suggestions designed to maximize your interior. In our first entry we'll discuss ways to improve comfort while simultaneously boosting your collaborative efforts and overall performance. Enjoy!

1.) Comfort

Comfortable Boardroom Task ChairWhen remodeling your boardroom, comfort should be top priority. If your boardroom is designed with comfort in mind, your valued visitors will be far more likely to retain the important information you provide.

Start by selecting ergonomically correct boardroom chairs as opposed to overly bulky executive style chairs that take up a ton of table space. They'll provide your valued visitors with the ability to sit posture perfect during extended group strategizing sessions.

It's important to select user friendly office chairs for your boardroom because the odds are, you won't have a ton of time to explain how your chairs work before each meeting. We recommend selecting ergonomic task chairs that provide a comfortable sit without a ton of adjusting required.

Chairs like the Eon from Cherryman are great for the boardroom. This popular seating solutions features a naturally contoured back that provides excellent lumbar support. The well cushioned seat and adjustable arms are a nice touch that encourage comfort without a major learning curve.

Here's 5 things to look for when shopping for boardroom chairs...

  1. Natural Lumbar Support
  2. Height Adjustable Arms
  3. Waterfall Seat Edge
  4. Thick Padded Seat
  5. Affordable Price Point

2.) Collaboration

Collaborative Boardroom TableThe next thing you'll want to focus on when improving your boardroom is collaboration. The word collaboration itself has been the hottest buzz word in the industry this year. Why you ask? Because businesses have learned that collaborative interiors spark creativity. When creativity is encouraged, good ideas start to flow!

Quick Connect Tables For The BoardroomThink about it. If you're hosting meetings where you ramble on for 2 hours without any team interaction, are you really expecting the information you provide to be retained? Alternatively, collaborative boardrooms get all guests involved.

Folding Presentation BoardWhen designing your space, consider investing in a modular boardroom table configuration. This will provide you with the ability to quickly adapt to the particular needs of any situation. With connectable tables for the boardroom your workers can be put into groups of any size. Take a look at the Bungee collection from Global and you'll quickly see what we mean.

You can also improve collaborative efforts with a wall mounted dry erase board. Instead of having each person take notes individually, why not do it together. This way there's less doodling on the edges of your note pads and more focus on the actual meeting. Many of today's most popular boardroom table collections also offer matching presentation boards because of the consumer demand for improved collaboration.

3.) Performance

Powered Boardroom TableLast but not least, you'll want to create a boardroom that's ready, willing, and able outperform the competition.

These days it's easier than ever to create a high performance boardroom. Industry leading brands like Global and Mayline have made it their mission to power up your space with high tech tables.

Portable Boardroom Power ModuleA modern table for the boardroom with a powered top will help you streamline presentations and group strategizing sessions in a flash. We recommend those from the Global Zira collection as they're available with USB, HDMI, and other commonly used input options that will come in handy during your meetings.

Boardroom with Flat ScreenIf you're just looking to improve your current boardroom without purchasing an all new table, you can save a few bucks by investing in a portable power module like the FlexCharge9 from ESI. It's just $175.00 and prevents the need to wheel in those squeaky AV carts and run extension chords all over your space.

Last but not least, you might also consider mounting a flat screen TV on one of your boardroom walls. Today's Smart TV's are becoming very affordable and they come in really handy in the professional meeting areas when hosting teleconferences and power point presentations. A wall mounted flat screen linked to a powered boardroom table will no doubt have your business on the cutting edge!

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