Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's New? Dacasso Office Products at!

Dacasso Office Products
When it comes to elite office accessories like desk sets and conference room pads, the team at Dacasso knows their stuff. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be loading the full line of products from this reputable Florida based brand. Today on the blog we'll give you a sneak peak of what to expect. Prepare to be impressed!

Dacasso Desk Organizing Kit1.) Desk Sets

Dacasso is knows for their elite desk sets. If you're looking to give your interior a style infusion while simultaneously boosting your organizing efforts, check out the 5 piece kits from this reputable brand. The Dacasso Colors collection will definitely catch your eye. A 5 piece desk organizing set like the D6069 will help you achieve exceptional style. Cool color options like lime green, midnight black, pink, red, and blue will no doubt help you personalize your space.

Dacasso Conference Room Pads with Coasters and Holders2.) Conference Room Pads

Have you ever tried to write on a wood or laminate operating surface? The odds are it's give your pen a bit of trouble. That's where conference room pads come in. They make it easy to write and work on devices like laptops and tablets during group strategizing sessions. Conference room pad sets like the D1052 even include matching coasters that can be personalized with your company logo. The conference room pads from Dacasso are the best in the business and intended for upscale boardrooms.

Condiment Organizer3.) Serving Accessories

Dacasso also offers serving accessories to further improve your corporate gathering areas. Their condiment organizers are cost effective and very helpful in professional settings. If your conference room has a food and beverage station with creamers and sugars in white cups, it's time to up the appeal of your space. Invest in an organizer like the A1028 prided at just $156.00. You'll be glad you did. In the long run, it's the basic office accessories and organizing solutions that tend to make the biggest difference!

Executive Desk Clock4.) Executive Desk Clocks

The team at Decasso really has all your personal office needs covered. In addition to handy organizers, mouse pads, serving accessories, this reputable brand even provides fashionable clocks. Like we said, the little details make the biggest difference when outfitting your inters. If you want to give your executive office desk a bit more swag, check out the C1017 Global II clock from Dacasso. It's available for just $56.99.

Leather Wastebasket5.) Wastebaskets 

Kick that old plastic trash can to the curb and replace it with a classy wastebasket that will help improve your upscale vibe. While not an absolute must have, a leather wastebasket from Dacasso will help put the finishing touches on your interior. It will also provide you with a bit more time between clean outs as they're larger than the average bin. Dacasso waste baskets work in harmony with the other popular office products from this brand to create well rounded interiors that are built for the demands of the modern workplace.

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