Monday, October 30, 2017

Office Chair Review: 10904B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Chair Review
Offices To Go specializes in the provision of affordable seating solutions designed to encourage good posture without breaking the budget. Take one look at their 10904B chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This popular mesh back office chair is an absolute winner in the workplace. Let's take a look at its features and benefits today on the blog!

Offices To Go Mesh Back Chair ReviewStyle:

The 10904B chair from OTG is modern without being too over the top. Stand out features like the polished chrome base make this chair pop in professional settings. The 10904B can be effectively used to blend in with your furniture. It can also be used as a focal point if less modern furniture is used around it.

If you're in the market for a cool office chair, the 10904B is an excellent option that's still practical. With its subtle modern vibe, this professional tasking chair is sure to earn an abundance of compliments.

Popular Office ChairErgonomics: 

Finding a comfortable office chair that doesn't cost a fortune is easier said than done. That being said, the 10904B has rapidly become a go to option for shoppers and industry professionals alike. The ventilated mesh back will keep you feeling light and airy when computing at your desk. You'll also enjoy the thick padded seat with a contoured "waterfall" style front that's designed to relieve knee pressure and improve blood flow.

The 10904B boasts a set of adjustable T shaped arms that make it easy to find correct and healthy computing positions. This ergonomically correct chair is also outfitted with a synchro-tilt mechanism and multi position tilt lock feature.


Popular Mesh Back Desk ChairThis best selling Offices To Go mesh back chair is perfect for just about any application you can think of. The 10904B excels on the work floor as it's easy to use and affordable. In addition, this versatile mesh chair can be utilized in conference and boardroom settings as it's not overly bulky and won't take up too much of your available table space. Lastly, the 10904B can be used in executive office environments. The polished chrome base and natural contours make for a professional statement that's sure to impress even the harshest critics.

User Friendly Mesh Back Task ChairPrice:

We think the 10904B is the best office chair under $200.00 on the market. Rest assured, we've done our homework. In most cases, chairs this well made and well rounded will run you around $300.00. The 10904B is an absolute bargain buy that's ready for the demands of the modern workplace. With a seemingly limitless selection of office chairs on the market in 2017, you can't go wrong with the 10904B. It's combination of style, value, and comfort are unrivaled.


Office Chair Rating - 10904BAfter a thorough review and sit test, we feel the 10904B chair from Offices To Go has earned itself a 4 out of 5 star rating. This chair can be used effectively in a variety of key applications. It's also very affordable and stylish without being too over the top. We would like to see OTG make the 10904B available in a few more color options. An optional headrest would also be a nice feature to offer shoppers. All in all, this office chair is a winner. If you're shopping on a tight budget, the 10904B is a must consider. It's well made, looks great, and ready to work!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

What's Hot? Dark Cherry Furniture From Offices To Go!

Offices To Go Dark Cherry Furniture
Dark Cherry Superior Laminate SwatchIf you're having a hard time selecting between modern and traditional furniture for your office interiors, combine the best of both worlds with the dark cherry components from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection. This best selling line of desks, tables, and storage cabinets provides exceptional value, quality, and versatility.

Dark Cherry Office FurnitureKeeping your office interiors up to date with the latest trends doesn't always mean you need to invest in overly modern furniture that costs a fortune. Not by a long shot! Believe it or not, with lines like Superior Laminate you can really maximize the budget. The laminate executive workstations from this line simplify the remodeling process and ensure you don't break the bank on new furniture.

Dark Cherry Executive Workstation with Meeting TableAn Offices To Go Superior Laminate configuration will do wonders for your workspace. Many of the layouts available from this trending line are available for well below a thousands dollars. As an added bonus, they all include free shipping.

The dark cherry components from the Superior Laminate series are trending big time this season. The ability to blend modern and traditional vibes ensures that interiors outfitted with furnishings from this line appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Cool Reception Desk
Need a cool reception desk to make an impression on your valued guests? No problem. For just $619.99 the SL-O L-Shaped reception station with a a full sized pedestal can be yours. This Superior Laminate reception desk in dark cherry is guaranteed to earn your interior an abundance of compliments.

Dark Cherry Conference Room FurnitureWhat about the conference room? Again, this versatile furniture line has you covered. A dark cherry conference room table with an oval top from the Superior Laminate series will help your business encourage collaboration without spending a small fortune to do it. The SL9544RS table with a 95" top can be yours for just $320.99. Now that's value!

To wrap things up, we'll just tell you that the Superior Line has earned our seal of approval. We simply can't say enough good things about the affordable office furniture from this line. The dark cherry finish provides well rounded good looks while the wide range of components from this line makes it easy to create fluidity throughout your professional interiors.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Deal Finder: Cool Accent Chairs Under $300.00

Deal Finder 2017Make your office interiors pop with cool accent chairs. You've likely heard this before. Unfortunately, accent chairs aren't always practical. All too often, accent chairs would be perfect for office remodeling projects but they're too expensive to fit within the budget. Rest assured, we've got you covered. If you're ready to spice up your interiors and add a little flair, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 designer accent chairs available for less than $300.00 and include free shipping. Enjoy!

Tufted White Accent ChairFirst up, the EEI-813 model Prospect white leather accent chair from Modway. This tufted barrel style lounge chair can be used to create fluidity in your interior. The natural white upholstery is easy to clean, durable, and sure to match just about any wood furniture finish you can think of. At just $199.99 it comes in way under budget!

Modern Accent ChairTechnically the 420 model accent chairs from the OFM Uno collection are sold in two packs for $382.99, but as you'll likely want to purchase 2 chair anyway, they're a great option coming in at just $191.50 each when you do the match. These two tone lounge chairs are perfect for healthcare environments as they boast durable surfaces that can be easily wiped down. The Uno is available in a wide range of attractive color combinations. Matching side tables are also available from this popular line.

Wood Accent ChairGoing for more of a traditional vibe? Check out the 11820 model wood accent chair from Offices To Go. At the everyday low price of just $169.99, the 11820 is hard to beat. This fashionable guest seating solution is an excellent choice for lounge, lobby, and waiting room applications. It even makes a nice addition to executive interiors in need of a facelift.
Tablet Arm Accent Chair
iDesk Muse ChairTablet arm reception chairs are the latest craze. They're designed to enhance appeal, as well as the visitor experience. Sadly, most of the cool guest reception chairs with tablet arms are pretty pricey as they're in high demand. That being said, there's still some bargain buys out there if you know where to look. We recommend the BT-8220-BK-GG model black leatherette tablet arm reception chair with a storage compartment under the seat and chrome feet. It's just $289.99 and super versatile!

Last but certainly not least, if you're looking for something to distinguish your interior, check out the Muse chair from iDesk. This fashionable accent chair is nothing short of unique. Muse chairs are available in a variety of cool color combinations starting at $198.99. They offer an infusion of mid century modern flair that's sure to get your valued clients talking. Be prepare to hear "Where did you get that cool chair?" on a daily basis. The Muse 4 leg side chair is an excellent option for professional guest waiting areas like the lobby, as well as educational and healthcare facilities and the chair surfaces are durable and very easy to clean.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Office Design Ideas: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Square Footage

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Office Space
When remodeling your office interior, it's important to get the most out of your available square footage. If you're looking for ways to create a versatile and ergonomically correct space, you're in the right place. Today on 'Office Design Ideas' we'll showcase the products and design tips needed to maximize operational potential without making your space feel overcrowded.

1.) Properly Measure
Properly Measure Your Office Space

First things first, you need to properly measure your office interior. Those who rush this step typically fail to realize the full potential of their space. Start by obtaining a tape measurer, a pencil, a ruler, and a few sheets of paper. Next, run the tape measurer around the perimeter of your interior and draw out a rough sketch on paper with each wall labeled according to its length. Always double check your dimensions for accuracy. Those who take the time to tackle this essential step properly will be on the path the remodeling success.

Pro Tip: When sketching out your space, take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that will affect the way your office furniture is positioned when it arrives.

2.) Use Your Corners

Corner Desk with Hutch
All too often those who take on DIY remodels put too much emphasis on wow factor and not enough of practicality. We highly recommend making use of your corners. Instead of attempting to position a desk in the center of your space, consider using an L shaped or U shaped desk configuration that can be positioned in the corner of your office. This will leave you with an abundance of available square footage to work with for accents. When you position a desk in the center of your interior, you're then forced to squeeze everything in around it. This often results in cramped work environments.

Pro Tip: If you're planning to place a desk in the middle of your space, you can still make good use of your corners. Check out corner bookcases and cabinets from your furniture provider to generate additional storage without wasting a ton of wall space.

3.) Select The Right Office Chair

The days of using bulky executive style chairs are coming to an end. Quite simply, they just take up too much office space! While cushioning is important, adjustable attributes that encourage good posture are far superior.

Ergonomically Correct Task ChairRest assured, the biggest chair isn't always the best. Select an ergonomically correct task chair from a reputable brand that's primary focus is comfort. Doing so will ensure you're on your way to posture perfect operating without wasting a ton of available square footage.

Popular Seating Solutions:

  • Cherryman Eon Chair
  • Global Vion Chair
  • iDesk Oroblanco Chair

Pro Tip: Just because an office chair has a lot of padding, it doesn't make it ergonomically correct. If you can, test chairs in person. If you don't have a showroom in your area, make sure to check out reviews online. Don't rely on looks and style as a determining factor when choosing an office chair.

Modular Office Furniture4.) Use Modular Components

When selecting office furniture for your remodel, do your best to find modular office components that will allow you to get creative with your layout in order to maximize square footage. Modular lines from brands like Cherryman, Offices To Go, and Global offer individual components that can be purchased as needed over time.

You can also go with a modular furniture set to get you started. It will help to simplify the remodeling process. If you can't find just the right desk set for your space, consider piecing together your layout with the help of a furniture specialist.

Popular Modular Office Furniture Collections:

  • Cherryman Amber Collection
  • Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection
  • Global Zira Collection

Pro Tip: Modular office furniture will allow you to grow your desk configuration as needed over time. With modular components you're not strictly limited to what you originally purchased. If your operational needs increase, you can expand with more pieces as you see fit as opposed to purchasing a who new layout.

5.) Commit To Ergonomics

Ergonomic Sit To Stand Desk AttachmentLast but not least, you can get the most out of your interior by tackling your remodel with an ergonomic mindset. Sure aesthetic accents are cool, but before investing in wall art and area rugs, consider purchasing ergonomic office products designed to improve operational functionality and comfort.

Popular Ergonomic Office Products:

  • Sit To Stand Desktop Convertor
  • Dual Screen Monitor Mount
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray
  • Under Mount CPU Holder

The best part is, ergonomic products take up little to no floor space. Most of today's top ergonomic computer accessories attach directly to just about any desk or table.

Pro Tip: Not all ergonomic products are a must. We recommend incorporating 1 ergonomic product at a time to ensure you learn to use it properly before moving on to the next one. In the long run, ergonomic products are only as good as their owners.

Monday, October 23, 2017

October Finds: Fashionable Side Chairs from Modway

Modway Furniture and Seating
We can't say enough good things about the team at Modway. This reputable furniture and seating manufacturers takes pride in crafting some of the coolest desks, tables, and side chairs on the market. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing fashionable side chairs for this industry leader that are perfect for professional lounge, lobby, and waiting room use.

Mid Century Modern Accent ChairIf you're looking to make a statement, check out the EEI-1798 Beguile chair. Even at first glance the Beguile side chair from Modway will draw you in with it's unique contours. This designer accent chair with mid century modern flair is available in 6 attractive color options.

Tufted High Back Goest ChairEnjoy the combination of modern and traditional vibes provided by the Steer guest chair from Modway. This tufted accent chair with wood legs features a wood base and unique silver button trim. The Steer chair is even an excellent option for executive office interiors in need of a style infusion.

The EEI-1401 Auteur 4 Leg Side Chair from Modway is clean, classy, and refined. This tasteful seating solution is also armless, comfortable, and versatile. The Auteur chair is available in 2 color options that look great in lounge and lobby environments when paired with matching Modway accent tables.

Keen Chair From ModwayPerhaps you're on the hunt for something a bit more unique? No worries. Modway has you covered. We absolutely love this brand because they offer such a wide variety of cool chairs to meet any taste and budget. Take one look at the Keen series vinyl guest chair with a distinctive modern look and you'll quickly see what we mean.

Modway Loft ChairLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the Modway Loft chair. You'll probably recognize the Loft chair as it offer a trendy look that's been super popular for the last couple of years. The EEI-183 Loft series contemporary lounge chair with tufted cushions is classy, comfortable, and easy to clean. At $459.99 the Modway Loft chair is priced competitively on the market with similar chairs from competing brands. The benefit is, the Loft is very well made, in stock, and available with matching components to help create fluidity throughout your professional waiting areas. The combination of a metal base, tufted cushions, and box style arms is sure to keep any space looking great and up to date for years to come.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Battle Back Pain With Global Seating

Global Ergonomic ChairsIn our humble opinion, Global is the absolute best office chair manufacturer on the planet. Why you ask? Because their commitment to quality is second to none. Global takes pride in crafting the most comfortable seating solutions on the market. If you're looking to battle back pain in style, you're in the right place. Today we'll showcase the most elite ergonomic chairs from this respected brand.

Synopsis Office ChairAverage office chairs provide average comfort. If you want the absolute best for your back, consider investing in a high performance office chair like the Synopsis from Global. These designer task chairs are built to outwork and outlast competing models. Synopsis boasts an ergonomically contoured back that provides effective support in all the key areas. With multi functional mechanisms that are easy to use, these fashionable chairs are anything but ordinary.

Presidential Office ChairThe 2409 Concorde Presidential office chair from Global is truly top of the line. If it's luxury you're in search of, this is the seating solution for you. The 2409 is unlike anything on the market. Even though its been around for several years, it's still ahead of its time. With push button controls and body bolstering cushions, back pain won't know what hit it.

Weight Sensing Office ChairGlobal Vion chairs make it easy to compute in comfort. This line of ergonomically correct task chairs for everyday use is pretty extensive. The Vion series offers more than 20 models equipped with various mechanisms to accommodate the needs of any user. Rest assured, there's a Vion chair out there for you. On of our personal favorites is the 6331-8. It automatically senses the users weight and adjusts accordingly to encourage good posture.

Ergonomic Ribbed Back Office ChairRibbed back office chairs have been super popular in 2017. The only problem is, most of them are so sleek that they lack the padding needed to keep your back and butt properly supported throughout task filled days at the office. Thankfully, Global is a step ahead of the problem. Their Aspen multi purpose ergonomic seating collection provides exceptional comfort and the ribbed back characteristics you'll no doubt be loving when the time comes to remodel your conference room and executive interior.

Articulating Office Chair with Self Adjusting FeaturesIn all honesty, we could go on for days telling you about various chairs for Global. To speed things up, we'll just jump ahead to their most advanced collection. The self adjusting office chairs from the Global Arti collection are in a league of their own. They minimize the need for continuous lever pulling and tension knob twisting throughout the day. This articulating back task chair for an executive office, conference room, and work floor are incredibly innovative and equally user friendly. The Arti is available in a choice of open back, mesh back, and fully upholstered variations to meet your needs. If you're going for modern, the open back is the way to go. It's incredibly cool. That being said, we feel the 6673-2 fully upholstered Arti chair is the most comfortable.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Refine Your Office Interiors With Cherryman Emerald Furniture

Cherryman Emerald Office Furniture
The Cherryman Emerald furniture collection probably isn't the best bet for budgeting shoppers. While we usually like to showcase lines that maximize value, today we're taking a break to highlight a little something for elegance. It never hurts to look right?

Luxurious Office FurnitureThis luxurious line of wood veneer desks, tables, and storage components is specifically designed for traditionally inspired interiors where average furniture just won't cut it. For those who want the absolute best and won't settle for less, Emerald is the crown jewel of the furniture world.

The premium wood veneer components from the Emerald collection are available in a choice of two stunning finish options. Both the Cognac Cherry and Mahogany pieces from this line offer depth and sophistication.

Elegant Office Desk
A Cherryman Emerald U shaped desk will refine your workspace. While modern furniture collections come and go, traditional lines like Emerald are built to stand the test of time. The classic bow front desks, returns, and credenzas from the Emerald line work together to create fluidity and classic flair that's hard to top.

In addition to luxurious bow front desks the Emerald collection includes writing style desks that are perfect for both home and professional workplace applications. If you work primarily from a laptop, a writing desk is a great option that is will make your interior feel more open and spacious.

Elegant Boardroom TableMoving right along, this full service furniture collection from Cherryman has everything you need to create elegant conference and boardroom environments. From large executive style boardroom tables to smaller round top meeting tables, Emerald leaves nothing out. The oval tables from this collection are a preferred choice of law firms and businesses not looking for high tech power options.

Creating fluidity throughout your interiors is simplified with the designer components from the Emerald line. Often shoppers are forced to mix and match pieces that seldom blend well together. That being said, the Emerald desks, tables, and fashionable guest reception stations from Cherryman provide unrivaled flow and refinement.

Top Of The Line Office FurnitureLast but not least, no interior can be truly refined without a few add-ons. True to form, the attention to detail found throughout the Emerald collection is second to none. This timeless furniture line offers modern organizing capabilities with locking wall cabinets, file pedestals, and veneer bookcases in a variety of sizes.

While not a great option for budgeting shoppers, those who can afford the investment will be rewarded with truly elegant office furniture that's built to last. Emerald is a cut above all other wood veneer lines. In truth, our post today will never do it justice. The desks and components from this collection must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If you're interested in upscale furnishings for your home or business, we highly recommend checking this line out at a local showroom in your area. Emerald is ready to refine your interiors and create off the charts appeal.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Product Showcase: Offices To Go Luxhide Chairs

Offices To Go Luxhide Chairs
When it comes to cost effective office seating, the team at OTG knows their stuff. Offices To Go takes pride in crafting affordable multi purpose chairs for the executive office, conference room, and work floor. Their commitment to quality and comfort is second to none. Today on 'Product Showcase' we'll take a look at 5 of the hottest Luxhide chairs from this industry leader. Enjoy!

Luxhide Executive ChairLet's kick things off with one of the newest Luxhide chairs from Offices To Go, shall we? The 11858B is an absolute winner in the workplace. This high back executive chair with segmented cushions provides support in all the right places. The 11858B is backed with fashionable attributes that includes padded loop arms and a polished chrome base.

White Conference Room ChairUp next we've got a popular option for your conference room. The Offices To Go 11730B ribbed back office chair falls right inline with today's hottest seating trends. This sleek office chair with European flair is ready, willing, and able to help you maximize the seating potential around your conference room table without sacrificing comfort. While most of the ribbed back chairs for the conference room lack adequate padding, the 11730B will keep your guests sitting pretty during extended strategizing sessions.

Executive Leather Task ChairThe Offices To Go 2913 model multi functional task chair packs a major ergonomic punch. This user friendly high back chair is durable, easy to clean, and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. The 2913 chair comes equipped with an infinite seat lock, forward tilt control, adjustable arms, seat slider, and much more. If you're on the hunt for a popular executive style office chair that will allow you to customize your sit, look no further than the 2913 from OTG.

Mesh Office Chair with Leather Seat and Back TrimAre you having trouble deciding between mesh and leather office chairs? No you don't have to. With the 11692B model office chair from OTG you can have the best of both worlds. This high back mesh executive chair with leather trim boasts a ventilated structure to keep you cool in addition to the upscale vibes provided by traditional leather seating solutions.

White Luxhide Office ChairAll Luxhide office chairs from OTG are available in a variety of attractive color options that are durable and easy to clean. Those in search of quality on a budget will love contemporary Luxhide chairs like the 2787. In attractive tones line white, this bold multi purpose chair is ready to serve as the focal point of any interior. In the conference room, the 2787 model chair shines with its upper back contours and padded arms. At $255.99 this high fashionable chair is an absolute bargain buy. You'll be hard pressed to find an all around chair that's better than the 2787 model from Offices To Go at even twice the price. It's designer chairs like this that show you don't have to break the bank to enjoy top notch comfort and cutting edge good looks.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Enjoy The All Around Versatility Of The Eurotech Tetra Chair

Eurotech Tetra Chair Review
The ergonomic office chairs from Eurotech Seating promote good posture, healthy computing habits, and operational versatility. This industry leader has made it their mission to combine support and appeal with their best selling chairs. Today on the blog we'll take a look at one of their most popular options, the Tetra.

Top Rated Computer ChairIf you're looking for a do-it-all computer chair that won't let you down. The Tetra has you back. This ventilated mesh back chair offers a fashionable look that's not too over the top. The Tetra will make a statement without overpowering your furniture. More importantly, it will keep you comfortable.

This popular office chair is great for home and business tasking. With a set of adjustable arms, you'll be able to compute at correct angles that provide excellent wrist support and reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Popular Ergonomic ChairThe Tetra chair comes packed with top notch ergonomic attributes. The tilt tension control, swivel-tilt, tilt lock, and synchro tilt features combine to create a user friendly chair that's ready for the demands of the modern work day. This reliable desk chair is practical and user friendly. 

Once seated in the Tetra chair you'll quickly notice that the seat features a waterfall edge. This is designed to relieve knee pressure and avoid restricting blood flow. While simple, it's the little things like this that make the Tetra a cut above most everyday office chairs on the market.

Are you looking to get comfortable without breaking the bank? Once again, the Tetra has you covered. At just $177.50 it's an absolute bargain buy. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all-around chair for less than two hundred bucks.

Eurotech Tetra Chair RatingAfter a sit test and full evaluation, we feel the Tetra chair deserves a 4 out of 5 start rating. It's attractive without being too bold. It's comfortable without being too difficult to use. The Tetra is well rounded and suitable for a variety of applications. You can use this ergonomically correct mesh chair in home, conference room, and private office settings effectively.