Thursday, October 19, 2017

Battle Back Pain With Global Seating

Global Ergonomic ChairsIn our humble opinion, Global is the absolute best office chair manufacturer on the planet. Why you ask? Because their commitment to quality is second to none. Global takes pride in crafting the most comfortable seating solutions on the market. If you're looking to battle back pain in style, you're in the right place. Today we'll showcase the most elite ergonomic chairs from this respected brand.

Synopsis Office ChairAverage office chairs provide average comfort. If you want the absolute best for your back, consider investing in a high performance office chair like the Synopsis from Global. These designer task chairs are built to outwork and outlast competing models. Synopsis boasts an ergonomically contoured back that provides effective support in all the key areas. With multi functional mechanisms that are easy to use, these fashionable chairs are anything but ordinary.

Presidential Office ChairThe 2409 Concorde Presidential office chair from Global is truly top of the line. If it's luxury you're in search of, this is the seating solution for you. The 2409 is unlike anything on the market. Even though its been around for several years, it's still ahead of its time. With push button controls and body bolstering cushions, back pain won't know what hit it.

Weight Sensing Office ChairGlobal Vion chairs make it easy to compute in comfort. This line of ergonomically correct task chairs for everyday use is pretty extensive. The Vion series offers more than 20 models equipped with various mechanisms to accommodate the needs of any user. Rest assured, there's a Vion chair out there for you. On of our personal favorites is the 6331-8. It automatically senses the users weight and adjusts accordingly to encourage good posture.

Ergonomic Ribbed Back Office ChairRibbed back office chairs have been super popular in 2017. The only problem is, most of them are so sleek that they lack the padding needed to keep your back and butt properly supported throughout task filled days at the office. Thankfully, Global is a step ahead of the problem. Their Aspen multi purpose ergonomic seating collection provides exceptional comfort and the ribbed back characteristics you'll no doubt be loving when the time comes to remodel your conference room and executive interior.

Articulating Office Chair with Self Adjusting FeaturesIn all honesty, we could go on for days telling you about various chairs for Global. To speed things up, we'll just jump ahead to their most advanced collection. The self adjusting office chairs from the Global Arti collection are in a league of their own. They minimize the need for continuous lever pulling and tension knob twisting throughout the day. This articulating back task chair for an executive office, conference room, and work floor are incredibly innovative and equally user friendly. The Arti is available in a choice of open back, mesh back, and fully upholstered variations to meet your needs. If you're going for modern, the open back is the way to go. It's incredibly cool. That being said, we feel the 6673-2 fully upholstered Arti chair is the most comfortable.

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