Monday, October 9, 2017

Boardroom 101: Avoid Bulky Seating

European Boardroom Chair
The days of using bulky executive style chairs in the boardroom are coming to an end. As square footage and operational space are more important than ever, you'll want to be very careful when selecting boardroom chairs for your business. Sure executive style chairs are cool, but they take up a ton of usable space and limit seating potential. Today on 'Boardroom 101' we'll showcase sleek European style boardroom chairs that provide comfortable and effective alternatives to the overstuffed executive style chairs of the past. Enjoy!

Sleek Boardroom ChairThis year interior design teams, industry professionals, and shoppers are loving the ribbed back look. This popular style of boardroom chair will help you maximize table space while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. For this reason, designer ribbed back chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing are a must consider. This mid century modern boardroom chair boasts genuine leather seating surfaces available in 5 quick shipping color options.

White Boardroom ChairIf you're looking for something sleek that still offers exceptional padding to accommodate your valued visitors during extended meetings, check out the 11730B from Offices To Go. This ribbed back boardroom chair is affordable, comfortable, and very well made.

Modway Tempo ChairAnother problem with overstuffed executive chairs is that they're expensive. If you like the idea of saving a few bucks while improving boardroom functionality, check out a cost effective chair like the Tempo from Modway. The EEI-1026 model Tempo office chair boasts a fashionable ribbed back and polished accents that are sure to wow your clients.

Europa Boardroom ChairThe bulky boardroom seating alternatives are aplenty in 2017. That's why you need to be on the look out for cheap imitations that aren't built to last. A popular chair like the Europa from Eurotech will put those worries to rest. This designer boardroom chair with European design characteristics is sleek, comfortable, and cool. The Europa is bold, but won't overpower your furniture like most of the overstuffed executive chairs out there on the market.

Novello ChairPerhaps you're not looking for leather at all. We get it, and thankfully Global does too. Take one look at their all new Novello multi purpose chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This cutting edge solution will give you a great idea as to where the seating world is headed. The 6400 Novello chair features an easy to clean poly back, well padded fabric seat, and much more. This totally customizable chair makes it easy to personalize any interior.

Mayline Valore ChairThe TSH3 model Valore chair from Mayline is an excellent option to consider for your boardroom. It won't restrict your seating potential. This breathable mesh back boardroom chair is available in a variety of attractive color combinations and boasts an elegant 5 star base with polished chrome finish. The Valore seating collection even offers popular models that can be used in your training room to create fluidity throughout your professional work environments.

Multi Purpose Office ChairLast but not least, we've got a bulky seating alternative for ergonomic enthusiasts. The Ambarella chair from iDesk is an absolute winner. While multi functional chairs have traditionally been a bit pricey for conference and boardroom applications, the Ambarella is changing the game. At just $247.80, this ergonomically correct office chair is a must consider. It saves space, looks great, and minimizes the ergonomic learning curve. This best selling chair from iDesk comes equipped with a built in guide for personal adjusting located underneath the seat. When guests arrive in your boardroom they can quickly access the card to educate themselves on the Ambarella's adjustment features. Your valued visitors will be sitting posture perfect in no time throughout even the most extended group strategizing sessions.

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