Wednesday, October 4, 2017

iDesk Chairs Provide Comfort, Appeal, and Value!

iDesk Office Chairs
iDesk, the sister company of Cherryman Industries has really started to make a name for themselves. This innovative seating manufacturer has crafted some of the hottest chairs to hit the market in years. iDesk office chairs like the Ambarella, Oroblanco, and Curva are incredibly versatile, stylish, and supremely comfortable. Today on the blog we'll showcase our favorite new chairs from iDesk and their respective benefits.

iDesk Ambarella Office ChairIt all started with the Ambarella. This value priced ergonomic office chair comes packed with user friendly adjustment features and the everyday good looks needed to impress in any setting. The Ambarella task chair even boasts a built in guide for personal adjusting that's located underneath the seat. If you have a hard time remembering what your chair levers actually do, the guide found on the Ambarella chair will really come in handy.

Oroblanco Office ChairThe Oroblanco seating collection took the office chair world by storm. These fashionable ergo chairs are supremely comfortable, very easy to use, and sure to earn an abundance of compliments in private office, training room, and reception areas. The 402W model Oroblanco really put the collection on the map. With it's stylish charcoal mesh back and white frame accents, this well round ergo chair set new industry trends in motion.

Oroblanco Side ChairIn addition to the 402W, the Oroblanco collection offers stylish side chairs and training room chairs like the 403W. Both fixed legs and mobile variations are available to meet your specific operational needs. Oroblanco chairs come standard with black or charcoal gray seats. Additional color options are available starting at $40.00, but the price price still includes the standard seat as a back up! Essentially you get two seats for forty bucks. That's pretty awesome!

Curva Office ChairNow it's time to show you something a little more luxurious. If you want the absolute best for your executive office and conference room, look no further than the iDesk Curva chair. Available in both high and mid back variations, Curva chairs extremely supportive and equally classy. Our personal favorite is the CUR105. This high back executive chair with a leather headrest boasts a brushed metal frame and contoured design that's ready to make your interior pop.

Curva Lounge ChairIt's also worth mentioning that the Curva collection also includes two really cool lounge chairs. The CUR120 and CUR124 models from this popular line are intended for upscale interiors. They're not cheap, but those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with impactful seating that can most certainly serve as the focal point of any interior.

iDesk Muse ChairsiDesk continues to pump out innovative new seating solutions. Additionally lines like Pommerac and Muse have really shown the benefits of thinking outside the box. In a world filled with similar chair styles that do little to distinguish interiors from one another, iDesk is reaping the rewards of originality.

In the coming months, iDesk will be releasing collaborative office furniture to match their chairs. We couldn't be more excited. With conference tables and multi user workstations on the way, competitors better step it up if they hope to compete with this emerging brand.

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