Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Office Design Ideas: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Square Footage

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Office Space
When remodeling your office interior, it's important to get the most out of your available square footage. If you're looking for ways to create a versatile and ergonomically correct space, you're in the right place. Today on 'Office Design Ideas' we'll showcase the products and design tips needed to maximize operational potential without making your space feel overcrowded.

1.) Properly Measure
Properly Measure Your Office Space

First things first, you need to properly measure your office interior. Those who rush this step typically fail to realize the full potential of their space. Start by obtaining a tape measurer, a pencil, a ruler, and a few sheets of paper. Next, run the tape measurer around the perimeter of your interior and draw out a rough sketch on paper with each wall labeled according to its length. Always double check your dimensions for accuracy. Those who take the time to tackle this essential step properly will be on the path the remodeling success.

Pro Tip: When sketching out your space, take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that will affect the way your office furniture is positioned when it arrives.

2.) Use Your Corners

Corner Desk with Hutch
All too often those who take on DIY remodels put too much emphasis on wow factor and not enough of practicality. We highly recommend making use of your corners. Instead of attempting to position a desk in the center of your space, consider using an L shaped or U shaped desk configuration that can be positioned in the corner of your office. This will leave you with an abundance of available square footage to work with for accents. When you position a desk in the center of your interior, you're then forced to squeeze everything in around it. This often results in cramped work environments.

Pro Tip: If you're planning to place a desk in the middle of your space, you can still make good use of your corners. Check out corner bookcases and cabinets from your furniture provider to generate additional storage without wasting a ton of wall space.

3.) Select The Right Office Chair

The days of using bulky executive style chairs are coming to an end. Quite simply, they just take up too much office space! While cushioning is important, adjustable attributes that encourage good posture are far superior.

Ergonomically Correct Task ChairRest assured, the biggest chair isn't always the best. Select an ergonomically correct task chair from a reputable brand that's primary focus is comfort. Doing so will ensure you're on your way to posture perfect operating without wasting a ton of available square footage.

Popular Seating Solutions:

  • Cherryman Eon Chair
  • Global Vion Chair
  • iDesk Oroblanco Chair

Pro Tip: Just because an office chair has a lot of padding, it doesn't make it ergonomically correct. If you can, test chairs in person. If you don't have a showroom in your area, make sure to check out reviews online. Don't rely on looks and style as a determining factor when choosing an office chair.

Modular Office Furniture4.) Use Modular Components

When selecting office furniture for your remodel, do your best to find modular office components that will allow you to get creative with your layout in order to maximize square footage. Modular lines from brands like Cherryman, Offices To Go, and Global offer individual components that can be purchased as needed over time.

You can also go with a modular furniture set to get you started. It will help to simplify the remodeling process. If you can't find just the right desk set for your space, consider piecing together your layout with the help of a furniture specialist.

Popular Modular Office Furniture Collections:

  • Cherryman Amber Collection
  • Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection
  • Global Zira Collection

Pro Tip: Modular office furniture will allow you to grow your desk configuration as needed over time. With modular components you're not strictly limited to what you originally purchased. If your operational needs increase, you can expand with more pieces as you see fit as opposed to purchasing a who new layout.

5.) Commit To Ergonomics

Ergonomic Sit To Stand Desk AttachmentLast but not least, you can get the most out of your interior by tackling your remodel with an ergonomic mindset. Sure aesthetic accents are cool, but before investing in wall art and area rugs, consider purchasing ergonomic office products designed to improve operational functionality and comfort.

Popular Ergonomic Office Products:

  • Sit To Stand Desktop Convertor
  • Dual Screen Monitor Mount
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray
  • Under Mount CPU Holder

The best part is, ergonomic products take up little to no floor space. Most of today's top ergonomic computer accessories attach directly to just about any desk or table.

Pro Tip: Not all ergonomic products are a must. We recommend incorporating 1 ergonomic product at a time to ensure you learn to use it properly before moving on to the next one. In the long run, ergonomic products are only as good as their owners.

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