Thursday, November 30, 2017

The 5 Best Office Chairs Under $100.00

Discount Office ChairsFinding 5 reliable office chairs under $100.00 wasn't easy. That being said, we did our homework and sourced some really awesome seating solutions that should be considered by budgeting shoppers not looking to sacrifice comfort and appeal. These discount office chairs are perfect for a variety of applications, include free shipping, and provide the good looks needed to make your valued visitors think you spent far more than you really did!

Popular Mesh Chairs Under $100.00First up is the EEI-1246 model Entrada series chair from Modway. This modern mesh back computer chair is affordable, cool, and comfortable. At just $84.50 it's a must consider option for home office remodeling projects. The Entrada is also a great chair for conference room applications as it's not overly bulky and boats a ventilated mesh back that will keep your valued visitors sitting pretty during those extending meetings we all love.

Discount Office ChairAfter doing a little research we realized that we probably could of done an entire article on Flash Furniture office chairs under $100.00. That being said, the LF-W-118A-BK-GG is our favorite. Long model number aside, this is really a great chair for everyday tasking. With a breathable mesh back and thick padded seat, this popular office chair from Flash Furniture is a true bargain buy at $89.99.

Popular Office ChairsThe team at Boss office has made it their mission to make comfort affordable. The array of discount ergonomic chairs from this reputable brand should not be overlooked. If you're looking to buy a good office chair for under $100.00 we highly recommend their B305 model. It's one of the most affordable chairs with adjustable arms on the market today. The faux leather upholstery is easy to clean and the natural lumbar support provides a great sitting experience any user can depend on.

Brown Leather Office Chair Under $100.00Going for more of a traditional executive vibe? No problem! Check out the ESS-6020 from the OFM Essentials Seating collection. This brown leather office chair with a champagne colored frame is nothing short of impressive at just $96.99. The thick padded back and seat work together to create supple support. Finding a better chair at this price is easier said than done. The ESS-6020 is also available in a black and silver color combo.

Best Office Chair Under $100.00Last but certainly not least, allow us to introduce our favorite chair under $100.00. Coming in under budget by a single penny is the 10900B. This gray mesh back office chair from Offices To Go is very well made and perfectly suited for professional workplace applications. The 10900B is a favorite of designers and industry professionals alike. Those tasked with remodeling conference and boardroom environments on a tight budget can end their search here. Additionally, the 10900B is an awesome chair for the work floor, receptionist, and home office. This multi purpose mesh chair comes equipped with a pneumatic seat, molded arms, single position tilt lock mechanism with a tilt tension adjustment, scuff resistant base, and twin wheel casters. It passes the eye test, the sit test, and the budget test all at the same time.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Introducing The OFM Mesa Series Sit To Stand Workstation

OFM Mesa Sit To Stand Workstation
OFM never fails to push the limits of innovation. This year they've given us more new releases than any other brand. Today on the blog we're taking a look at one of our favorite new OFM products, the 66100 model Mesa sit to stand workstation. This height adjustable podium on wheels is ready to accommodate workers on the go. The 66100 is affordable, versatile, and downright cool. Prepare to be impressed!

Mobile Sit To Stand PodiumEven at first glance the 66100 Mesa workstation will wow you with it's attractive design. This handy workplace tool offers a modern look without being too over the top. As many of today's sit to stand products are a bit overkill in terms of style, the 66100 is practical and great for just about any environment you can think of.

Height Adjustable Laptop WorkstationIt's easy to picture the 66100 in small home office environments where space is at a premium. From apartments to dorm rooms, this laptop desk on wheels is sure to make its impression felt while simultaneously helping you commit to good ergonomic habits.

Adjustable Height Office ProductsSit to stand products like the 66100 are important because they reduce fatigue and improve posture. As sitting for long periods of time can be damaging to your health, committing to a healthy mix of sit-down and stand-up operating positions will help keep your muscles from cramping up and your good posture habits from slipping.

Rest assured, there's no shortage of sit to stand desktop attachments on the market. They're great, but unfortunately they can't be moved from space to space with ease. The 66100 Mesa series workstation eliminates this problem. Use this height adjustable product as a presentation podium in the boardroom, or as a unique table in the training room. The options are truly limitless.

The 66100 is available in a choice of 2 color options for just $195.99 and includes free shipping. This Mesa workstation is incredibly user friendly and offers a 14" travel range to accommodate your specific needs. The powder coated steel base and scratch resistant operating surface make for a durable product that's ready for the demands of the modern workplace. We give the 66100 a well deserved 5 out of 5 star rating. Pair this workstation with the 2800 model OFM Vivo series perch stool and you can really take your ergonomic capabilities to the next level!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Don't Be An Office Chair Profiler

How To Avoid Office Chair Profiling
When it comes to comfort, you can't judge a book by its cover. Don't assume that a chair is going to provide you with the support you need to make it throughout task filled work days just because it looks cool. When selecting your chair, do your homework to avoid being an office chair profiler.

Your search for a new office chair will likely begin online. That's perfectly fine. When shopping online, don't just look for cool modern chairs that are going to make a statement in the workplace. In most cases, these chairs offer aesthetic flair and typically lack in terms of overall quality and comfort.

You'll also notice that many of today's most cutting edge office chairs are too new to have reviews. If you're unfamiliar with top office seating brands and their background, be sure to contact dealers directly to address any questions you may have.

Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to avoid the assumption that a certain chair will be adequate for your personal needs. That being said, online reviews and product demonstration videos are very helpful. They'll also explain how chairs work to minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Rest assured, selecting a cool new office chair can quickly turn into a headache if the chair features can't be mastered quickly.

Office chair profilers typically rely on looks alone, when in the long run there's really no substitute for a good sit test. Sure you'll want to purchase a new office chair that looks great, but if it's not comfortable, what's the point?

Visit a local seating showroom in your area. You'll be rewarded with professional assistance and practical ergonomic chair suggestions that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed in the workplace when adjustments are needed.

Don't think for a second that you have to spend a fortune to get comfortable. Even if an office chair costs thousands of dollars, it doesn't mean it's right for you. This type of profiling typically leads to overspending and underwhelming results.

These days an investment of $200.00 to $300.00 will get you an absolutely fantastic office chair that's equipped with awesome ergonomic features. Looking for suggestions? No problem! We feel that the 10904B from Offices To Go is the best office chair under $200.00 and that the Eon from Cherryman is the best option under $300.00.

Research, test, and review. This three step process will help you avoid becoming an office chair profiler. To make a long story short, even the top rated office chair is only as good as its owner. Don't think that just because a chair looks cool or that you spent a lot of money that you'll in turn be comfortable. Take your time, consult with the professionals, and find the perfect chair for your specific operational needs and body type.

Monday, November 27, 2017

We've Got Desks & Chairs Under $100 For Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday 2017Here at we take pride in offering best selling office furniture and seating solutions at prices that can't be beat. This Cyber Monday we're getting into the holiday spirt by providing our valued shoppers with 10 desks and chairs available for less than $100.00. All of the Cyber Monday deals listed here can be enjoyed with free nationwide shipping. As an added bonus, please find our active coupon codes at the bottom of this post!

*All deals are first come first serve and while supplies last.

1.) Flash Furniture Clifton Computer Desk NAN-CLIFTON-BK-GG - $75.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cyber Monday Sale

2.) Flash Furniture Writing Desk NAN-JN-2811-GG - $99.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cyber Monday Desk

3.) OFM Essentials Floating Top Desk ESS-1000 - $99.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cyber Monday Deals

4.) Flash Furniture Essentials Writing Desk ESS-1002 - $99.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Desk

5.) Modway Bin Desk EEI-1327 - $94.00 + FREE Shipping!

Desk Under $100.00

6.) Modway Poise Chair EEI-1248 - $84.25 + FREE Shipping! (7 Colors)

Cyber Monday Office Chair

7.) Modway Entrada Chair EEI-1246 - $84.50 + FREE Shipping!

Office Chair Sale

8.) OFM Essentials Chair ESS-3040 - $85.99 + FREE Shipping!

Office Chair Under $100

9.) OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair ESS-3083 - $85.99 + FREE Shipping!

Gaming Office Chair

10.) OFM Essentials ESS-6020 Office Chair - $96.99 + FREE Shipping!

Brown Leather Office Chair

Active Coupon Codes For Cyber Monday 2017:

Code: SALE10
Enjoy 10% off + FREE shipping on select office chairs. (Woodstock Marketing, Eurotech, iDesk, Cherryman)

Code: SAVE50
Enjoy $50 off + FREE shipping on any order of $1500.00 or more.

Code: SAVE100
Enjoy $100 off + FREE shipping on any order of $3000.00 or more.

Code: SAVE200
Enjoy $200 off + FREE shipping on any order of $6000.00 or more.

*Quantity Discounts and Bulk Pricing Available. Call 800-867-1411 for Details!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enjoy These 10 Black Friday Deals from!

Black Friday Office Furniture Deals 2017
First and foremost, we hope you and your family have a fun and safe Thanksgiving. That being said, now it's time to talk deals. If you're looking to avoid camping out for a new desk or office chair this Black Friday, you're in the right place. Here you'll find 10 bargain buys from our top brands that can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. In addition to the specials listed here, please contact our team direct at 800-867-1411 for exclusive bulk discount pricing and be sure to take note of the active coupon codes at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Modway EEI-1325 Expound Desk - $98.75 + FREE Shipping! (4 Color Options!)

Black Friday Desk Sale

2.) Modway Turnabout Birch Writing Desk - $108.00 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Office Furniture Sale 2017

3.) Offices To Go SL-E Superior Laminate U Desk - $615.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Furniture Deals

4.) Offices To Go SL-L Corner Desk with Hutch - $789.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Desk

5.) Mayline Medina MNT34 Medina U Desk - $1359.99 + FREE Shipping!

Gray Office Desk

6.) Modway Ardor Mesh Chair EEI-1250 - $84.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Office Chair Sale

7.) OFM Essentials Series Mesh Chair ESS-3040 - $85.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Office Chair Deals

8.) Offices To Go Gray Mesh Chair 10900B - $99.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Office Chair

9.) Boss Contemporary Mesh Task Chair B6508 - $110.99 + FREE Shipping!

Contemporary Mesh Chair with Leather Trim

10.) Flash Furniture HL-0007T-GG Mesh Task Chair - $126.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Discounts

Active Coupon Codes:

Code: SALE10
Enjoy 10% off + FREE shipping on select office chairs. (Woodstock Marketing, Eurotech, iDesk, Cherryman)

Code: SAVE50
Enjoy $50 off + FREE shipping on any order of $1500.00 or more.

Code: SAVE100
Enjoy $100 off + FREE shipping on any order of $3000.00 or more.

Code: SAVE200
Enjoy $200 off + FREE shipping on any order of $6000.00 or more.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Enhance Your Office With A Colorful Chair

If you're tired of the same old black office chairs that do little to enhance your space and showcase your personal style, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we're ready to help you rock your remodel. Here we'll be highlighting 5 ultra cool chairs that will give your interior a major style infusion.

White Office ChairA colorful office chair will do wonders for your interior. That being said, you don't have to go over the top. Take white office chairs for example. They've been incredibly popular in 2017. A white office chair will blend well with just about any furniture finish you can think of. They'll make your work environment feel more open and classy. White office chairs like the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing are a must consider for executive office and conference room makeover projects.

Orange Office ChairPerhaps you're on the hunt for something a bit more bold? Check out this gray and orange office chair from the Eurotech Hawk collection. At just $202.50, this affordable modern office chair is hard to beat. If you're not feeling the orange and gray color combo but love the chair, it's also available in 4 other variations at the same price point.

Task Chair with A Blue SeatWho says you can't have a fashionable office chair that's also ergonomically correct? Certainly not us! Take one look at the 11685 task chair from Offices To Go with a Sapphire fabric seat and you'll no doubt be begging to give it a sit. This subtle chair with a black ventilated mesh back, adjustable arms, and a multi functional mechanism provides just the right amount of color and comfort without being too over the top.

Modern Office Chair In RedFor those looking to make a statement, there's no better option than red. Rest assured, a red office chair like the Novello from Global will get your workspace noticed. If you're ready to invest in a cool red chair for your space, be sure that your furniture isn't too over the top. We recommend selecting a dark finish option like Espresso or Black Cherry that will allow your new chair to serve as the focal point of your interior.

Bright Green Fabric Office ChairLet's be real. Not everyone can pull off a bright green office chair effectively. That being said, those with a little design ingenuity can really earn a ton of praise by utilizing a green chair correctly. Let's say you're an eco friendly business, green office chairs are certainly the way to go. They're vibrant, clean, and distinctively modern. Popular office chairs available in green fabric like the Protask from RFM Preferred Seating encourage good posture and the high end appeal needed to help you create fashion forward work environments. This ultra comfortable and straight to the point office chair is ready, willing, and able to encourage healthy operating in intensive work environments.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shop Smart: Fall Welcome Desk Deals 2017

Shop Smart For Office Furniture
The Fall season is rapidly coming to a close, but there's still great deals to be had. We've got high fashion welcome desks on sale with free shipping for a limited time from brands like Offices To Go, OFM, and Cherryman. These designer desks offer the trend setting appeal, operational versatility, and value needed to maximize your space. Enjoy!

Discount Reception DeskWe love to start off our 'Shop Smart' posts with products that prove you don't have to break the bank to create cool interiors. Take one look at the SL-O guest reception desk from Offices To Go with an Autumn Walnut finish and you'll quickly see what we mean. At just $619.99, this L shaped reception desk with a full sized storage pedestal is hard to beat. Four additional finish options are available.

Walnut Reception DeskThe curved reception desks from the OFM Marque collection have been a favorite of interior design teams and industry specialists for years. If you're looking to make your welcoming area look great from any angle while simultaneously creating unmatched modern vibes, check out the walnut finished 55290 model from this popular collection. This designer welcome desk for an office reception area is a great buy at $995.23 and accented by cool silver metal trim that will make your space pop.

Reversible Reception DeskYou'll also want to check out the Cherryman Industries AM-400N before the price goes up this winter. This L shaped reception desk with a glass transaction counter is available in 5 finishes for $1002.00. The AM-400N is reversible. This means you can configure it as a left or right handed unit to maximize your square footage. The 2 desk pedestals are a nice touch that add to the storage potential and value provided by this workstation.

Zira Reception DeskThe made to order office furniture from Global is worth the wait. Plan your reception area makeover project in advance so that you can purchase a welcome desk from this world renowned manufacturer. Guest reception desks from Global like Z2460RDB are available in more than 15 attractive finish options, including out personal favorite, Absolute Acajou starting at $934.99.

Cherry Reception DeskLast but not least, we've got a great find from Mayline. Even though this reputable brand is going through some growing pains due to a recent partnership with Safco, they've still maintained their commitment to quality and value. This Aberdeen series welcome desk with a glass transaction screen is really a great option for any business looking to save a few bucks on their remodel. For $678.99, this popular station can be sitting in your welcoming area. Matching Aberdeen components like returns, pedestals, wall cabinets, and overhead hutch units are also available to compliment this reception station.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6 All Purpose Office Chairs For The Modern Workplace

Improving productivity, comfort, and corporate appeal doesn't have to be a headache. In fact, you can tackle all 3 of these common goals by simply selecting an all purpose office chair from a brand like iDesk, Offices To Go, or OFM. These industry leaders specialize in the provision of fashionable ergonomic chairs for the modern workplace. Today on the blog we'll highlight 6 of our favorite do-it-all chairs available in 2017.

1.) Ambarella

All Purpose Task Chair

First up is the Ambarella from iDesk. This all purpose task chair with a breathable mesh back comes standard with a well padded seat that features a waterfall edge designed to relieve knee pressure. The Ambarella even boasts a built in guide for personal adjusting that helps to minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

2.) OTG2801

Everyday Office Chair

The Offices To Go model 2801 mesh back chair is perfect for the modern workplace. This do-it-all seating solution features user friendly paddle shift controls and a naturally contoured back that provides excellent lumbar support.

3.) Vion

Weight Sensing Office Chair

When it comes to ergonomic office seating, Global knows their stuff. This reputable brand manufacturers made to order office chairs that are built specifically for their users. While you'll be dealing with a 4 to 6 week lead time, popular Global office chairs like the Vion are definitely worth the wait. Our personal favorite is the 6331-8 model Vion office chair with a weight sensing mechanism that automatically responds to the user.

4.) Ovation

Modern Ergonomic Office Chair

The Ovation V series office seating series from SitWell packs a major ergonomic punch. This line of all purpose chairs for everyday use encourages healthy sitting habits and good posture. Ovation V series chairs like the OV-436-G come packed with lovable adjustment attributes that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

5.) Eon

In all honesty, we feel the 415W model Eon chair is the most well rounded chair on this list. Ask any industry specialist what's the best office chair under $300.00 and they'll likely bring up this professional mesh back seating solution from Cherryman. With multi functional arms, a seat slider, and modern appeal for days, the Eon is an absolute must consider in 2017 and beyond.

6.) iOO

Most Popular Office Chair of The Year

We've saved one of the most popular office chairs of the year for last. The iOO from Eurotech Seating isn't going to fit every budget. That being said, those who can swing the investment of $560.00 will be rewarded with a totally customizable sit from top to bottom. The iOO is ready, willing, and able to adjust in just about any way you can think of. The independent sections of the iOO chair were all carefully thought out. Each component of this chair is unique in its own way, yet they all work together in perfect harmony to provide exceptional comfort.