Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6 All Purpose Office Chairs For The Modern Workplace

Improving productivity, comfort, and corporate appeal doesn't have to be a headache. In fact, you can tackle all 3 of these common goals by simply selecting an all purpose office chair from a brand like iDesk, Offices To Go, or OFM. These industry leaders specialize in the provision of fashionable ergonomic chairs for the modern workplace. Today on the blog we'll highlight 6 of our favorite do-it-all chairs available in 2017.

1.) Ambarella

All Purpose Task Chair

First up is the Ambarella from iDesk. This all purpose task chair with a breathable mesh back comes standard with a well padded seat that features a waterfall edge designed to relieve knee pressure. The Ambarella even boasts a built in guide for personal adjusting that helps to minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

2.) OTG2801

Everyday Office Chair

The Offices To Go model 2801 mesh back chair is perfect for the modern workplace. This do-it-all seating solution features user friendly paddle shift controls and a naturally contoured back that provides excellent lumbar support.

3.) Vion

Weight Sensing Office Chair

When it comes to ergonomic office seating, Global knows their stuff. This reputable brand manufacturers made to order office chairs that are built specifically for their users. While you'll be dealing with a 4 to 6 week lead time, popular Global office chairs like the Vion are definitely worth the wait. Our personal favorite is the 6331-8 model Vion office chair with a weight sensing mechanism that automatically responds to the user.

4.) Ovation

Modern Ergonomic Office Chair

The Ovation V series office seating series from SitWell packs a major ergonomic punch. This line of all purpose chairs for everyday use encourages healthy sitting habits and good posture. Ovation V series chairs like the OV-436-G come packed with lovable adjustment attributes that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

5.) Eon

In all honesty, we feel the 415W model Eon chair is the most well rounded chair on this list. Ask any industry specialist what's the best office chair under $300.00 and they'll likely bring up this professional mesh back seating solution from Cherryman. With multi functional arms, a seat slider, and modern appeal for days, the Eon is an absolute must consider in 2017 and beyond.

6.) iOO

Most Popular Office Chair of The Year

We've saved one of the most popular office chairs of the year for last. The iOO from Eurotech Seating isn't going to fit every budget. That being said, those who can swing the investment of $560.00 will be rewarded with a totally customizable sit from top to bottom. The iOO is ready, willing, and able to adjust in just about any way you can think of. The independent sections of the iOO chair were all carefully thought out. Each component of this chair is unique in its own way, yet they all work together in perfect harmony to provide exceptional comfort.

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