Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Office Essentials: Conference Room Edition

Wondering what you'll need to create a cutting edge conference room that's built for streamlined efficiency? You're in the right place. Today in our new series 'Office Essentials' we'll highlight the products you'll need to do just that. From a stylish table to serve as the focal point of your space, to the little accessories that make the biggest difference, we've got your space planning needs covered.

1.) Stylish Table

Stylish Conference Table with White Legs

First things first, you'll want start your remodel by selecting a stylish conference table from a brand you can trust. Cherryman, Offices To Go, and Global all craft awesome tables that won't break the bank. When selecting a conference table for your business, be sure to properly measure your space first. Obtain the perimeter dimensions of your conference room and take note of all entry ways, windows, and power outlets that will affect the way your table is situated. As a good rule of thumb, you'll want to leave around 3' of perimeter space around your table at the bear minimum.

2.) Comfortable Chairs

Designer Conference Room Chair

Now it's time to talk about comfort! Sure style is important, but comfort reigns supreme. The good news is, you can most certainly have both. We recommend checking out the designer conference chairs from Woodstock Marketing. They offer a wide range of genuine leather and ventilated mesh back seating solutions that are perfect for your space. It's also worth mentioning that you don't want to purchase conference chairs that are too bulky. Shop for sleek seating solutions like the Ravi chair pictured above to maximize your available table space.

3.) Wall Cabinet

Conference Room Wall Cabinet for Storage

This one is pretty self explanatory. You're going to want to design a conference room that's well organized. To do it, you'll need a wall cabinet. Select a matching wall cabinet from the same collection as your conference table to create fluidity.

4.) Presentation Board

Presentation Board with Dry Erase Surface

If you select your office furniture from a full service collection like the Verde series from Cherryman, you'll be rewarded with the ability to accessorize your space with products designed to simultaneously improve your collaborative efforts. A wall mounted presentation board with a dry erase surface will come in handy during team strategizing sessions when the creative ideas are flowing.

5.) Lectern

Conference Room Lectern

At this point we've pretty much covered the main components you'll need for your project. That being said, if you want to take your space to the next level, consider integrating a lectern. They're great for presenters and guest speakers. Universal options like the 1050LT from Mayline will blend with just about any furniture finish you select.

6.) Power Modules

Conference Table Charging Station

If you've purchased a conference room table that doesn't have integrated power ports, you're in luck. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions are making it easy to improve conference room meetings with portable modules like the FlexCharge9. This handing universal conference table charging station with USB inputs and AC outlets is a must!

7.) Flat Screen

Flat Screen Conference Room TV

Last but not least, you should consider picking up a flat screen TV when it's on sale. Most of today's televisions have the ability to be linked to laptops. This will provide you with the ability to host multi-media presentations without the need for any overly bulky cart that has to squeak its way into your conference room every time you need to show a power point. It's also worth nothing that a flat screen will make your space look high tech, which is a good thing! Even if you're not showing a presentation, you can use your laptop to show a cool landscape portrait to make your interior feel upscale, open, and supremely impressive!

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