Tuesday, December 12, 2017

5 Brands That Reshaped The Workplace In 2017

The workplace is always evolving. Thanks to the innovative products from brands like OFM, Global, and ESI, it's easy to work smarter and more productively than ever. These highly respected manufacturers have made it their mission to promote healthy operating habits in the workplace while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive.

1.) OFM

OFM Office Furniture

What a year its been for OFM. New products like the Vivo perch stool, Mesa sit to stand podium, and other ergonomic gems were hard to miss. Their new Essentials line offers incredibly affordable office chairs that have proven once and for all that you don't have to break the bank to work comfortably.

2.) Global

Global Office Furniture and Seating

The team at Global specializes in the provision of custom office furniture and chairs that are a favorite of large scale remodeling projects. Global's power ready conference room tables and open concept benching lines make it easy to boost creativity in the workplace. New Global office chair lines like Spritz and Novello are nothing short of cutting edge while table lines like Kadin offer mid century vibes that are sure to earn your interiors the compliments they deserve.

3.) ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Just recently ESI was acquired by Fellowes. In all honesty, we're not sure what's going to happen when them in the future. That being said, 2017 was an incredible year for this popular ergonomic brand. ESI released all new products like the S2S sit to stand desktop attachment that encourage continuous movement in the workplace and reduce fatigue. They further reshaped the workplace with their universal FlexCharge modules that provide surface level power on a budget.

4.) Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock Marketing 2017

Woodstock Marketing took 2017 by storm with their Jefferson collection. This line of connectable lounge chairs and powered accent tables is ready, willing, and able to reshape any corporate waiting area. Jefferson Dream configurations simplify the remodeling process and make it easy to think outside the realm of traditional sofa layouts that do little to distinguish interiors.

5.) Offices To Go

Offices To Go Furniture and Seating

The ability to provide businesses with affordable office furniture and seating is what keeps Offices To Go atop the sales charts year after year. In 2017 this industry giant released an all new Autumn Walnut finish option that's available on the components from their Superior Laminate Line. This full service collection of executive workstations, conference room tables, and reception stations is the perfect option for any business looking to revive their interiors without overextending. In addition, OTG provides absolutely awesome chairs, most of which are available for under $200.00 that come fully loaded with the user friendly ergonomic features needed to encourage healthy computing habits. Offices To Go furniture and seating is subtle, practical, and built to last.

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