Monday, December 4, 2017

Global Luray Chairs Are Elegant And Comfortable!

Global Luray SeatingLet us start by saying that the team at Global never fails to impress. Each time we have an opportunity to review one of their chairs, we jump at it. Over the last few days, we've been checking out the new models from their Luray collection. True to form, these fashionable chairs left our team in awe. Today on the blog we'll report our findings. Enjoy!

Luxurious Office ChairThe Luray chair is a pleasure to look at. It falls squarely inline with today's most popular office seating trends. When you first look at a Luray chair you'll notice the contoured back with a ribbed stitching pattern. This helps to create a modern vibe without being too over the top.

Lurary chairs taper towards the top of the back to avoid restricting upper body movement. From afar this looks to be just another great aesthetic characteristic, but once seated you'll appreciate its functionality.

If you find yourself moving around the office in your chair, the Luray back is a plus. We first saw this contoured trend hit the scene with Global's Spree chair and we're glad to see them continue it.

Red Leather Office ChairThe Luray seating collection from Global passes the style test with flying colors. With the bar set high, we eagerly began checking out the cushions, mechanisms, and adjustment capabilities. Our first and only real critique of the Luray is that it doesn't come with adjustable arms. These days, most of the top ergonomic chairs found on the market boast 6-way arms that make it easy to find correct and healthy computing positions. All things considered, the arms found on Luray chair sale still adequate.

Those looking for a chair with tons of mechanism features, control levers, and independently adjusting sections will probably be served with a chair from a Global collection like Arti or G20. The Luray is meant to be elegant, straight forward, and classy. These chairs are comfortable without the need for a ton of tweaking. They minimize the ergonomic learning curve by providing exceptional back support right out of the box.

Global Luray Office ChairWhen seated in a Luray office chair you'll notice the waterfall seat edge. It helps to relieve knee pressure when working and improve blood flow. You'll also be rewarded with a choice of 2 mechanism options that are both very user friendly. To make a long story short, these luxurious office chairs from Global can be mastered in less than 10 minutes.

Luray chairs are available in a choice of three back heights. We fully prefer the high back variation, but if you're looking to use these chairs in your conference room, there's nothing wrong with the mid backs. They're more affordable.

Best Selling Office ChairWith an array of fabric and leather textile options available, Luray chairs can be used to blend in or make a statement. If you're tired of traditional patterns and leather tones, Global has your back. Interior design teams will love this line!

In terms of price, Luray chairs are definitely a bit more expensive than the common seating solutions found on the market today. The 6462-4 mid back Luray chair with fabric upholstery is the most affordable option from this new line at $443.99. The most high end leather office chair from the Luray series is available for $764.99.

Overall, the chairs from the Luray collection are fantastic. They're suited for upscale office interiors and provide excellent support without the need for a ton of adjustment bells and whistles. These chairs are direct, to-the-point, and clean. They'll do wonders for any executive office or professional boardroom in need of a style infusion. While a bit pricey, those who can swing the investment will be highly rewarded.

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