Friday, December 15, 2017

Have Yourself An Ergonomic Christmas!

There's no better time of year to get comfortable and productive. Sure your mind is focused on family, gifts, and cooking tasty meals, but that's no excuse to let your good work habits slip. If you're looking to survive the holidays in an ergonomically correct fashion, today's post is for you. Here we'll be showcasing awesome office chairs, sit to stand attachments, and accessories designed to help you be at your best.

Best Office Chair Under $350Treat yourself to an ergonomic office chair that has your back in mind this Christmas. The 6321-0 model Vion chair from Global is ready, willing, and able to help you sit posture perfect through task filled work days. In fact, this the best office chair under $350.00 in our opinion. The 6321-0 comes packed with adjustable attributes and a ventilated mesh back that will keep you feeling light and airy in the workplace.

Ergonomic FootrestOnce you've laid the foundation for a comfortable work day with a high quality chair, it's time to start accessorizing your workstation. We recommend starting from the ground up with an ergonomic foot rest. Popular options like the FR-1 from Symmetry Office reduce stress and encourage healthy feet placement. Ergonomic foot rests like this one are great for the 5th percentile female that find office chair adjustments inadequate for their body type. At just $62.99, this little product also makes a great gift idea.

Ergonomic Keyboard TrayComputing with your keyboard sitting atop the desk surface isn't smart. It wastes a lot of available space and the angle at which your typing is unhealthy. Making the switch to an ergonomic keyboard tray this Christmas is a great idea. You'll instantly recapture a ton of space while encouraging healthy typing angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This year popular ergonomic keyboard trays can be purchased for less than $200.00.

Ergonomic Screen MountMuch like a keyboard tray, an articulating monitor arm will help you increase usable desk space. Simply working with your computer attached to the factory base just isn't cutting it these days. Workers looking to reduce visual strain, cut down on the time spent flipping between tabs, and improve adjustment capabilities are making the switch to dual screen setups designed to take productivity levels to the next level.

Volante Sit To Stand AttachmentSitting for long periods of time is hard to avoid. As your day is likely filled with important tasks, taking a short break once per hour isn't always practical. To remedy this common problem without sacrificing productivity, brands like Systematix have introduced sit to stand desk surface attachments that are a must consider. Units like the Volante make it easy to transition between sit down and stand up operating positions to improve posture and reduce fatigue. The Volante works with practically any surface and even features a built in keyboard platform. This handy ergonomic tool is an absolute bargain buy at just $299.99 that will totally transform your work day.

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