Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Office Advice: 7 Ways To Prepare For 2018

Ways To Prepare For 2018
The new year is right around the corner. With Christmas behind us, it's time to start shifting focus towards 2018 by establishing productivity minded goals and purging your workspace of unnecessary documents. That's where we come in! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll provide you with 7 ways to get prepare for 2018.

1.) Create Goals

First things first, you've got to formulate a good plan of attack. Take a few minutes this week to write down goals for the new year and ideas on how to be become a better worker in 2018. Perhaps you want to become more productive. Maybe you'd like to be more collaborative with your coworkers. List your goals and at least 3 ways to work towards them in the first quarter of the new year. You can set as many or as few goals as you like, just don't breeze into the new year without a plan for success.

2.) Get Organized

Now let's talk about organization. To be at your best, you can't be working with busting file drawers and a discombobulated workspace. Before the new year kicks off, purge out your old file cabinet drawers and professional dispose of unnecessary documents. Next you'll want to go through your desk drawers to remove any loose paperclips, post it notes, and clutter that's formed.

3.) Clean Up

If you don't have a cleaning crew, the odds are it's been a while since you've run a vacuum around the office. Pick a slow day with your coworkers (or even a Saturday afternoon) to dedicate some time for office cleaning. Order a few pizzas and make a little party out of it. Bust out the windex and turn on some tunes. Your collaborative office interiors and private work spaces will be looking better than ever and ready for 2018 in no time.

4.) Delete Unnecessary Digital Files

It's important and equally smart to delete old digital files each year. If you don't need them, don't keep them. First and foremost, you'll be clearing up space on your hard drive. Additionally, if your system is attacked confidential information will be at less of a risk.

5.) Create A Posture Chart

This little tip will help you become a better worker in the new year. Studies have shown that a posture  chart placed within eyesight of your computer screen will keep tips fresh in your mind. When tips are fresh in your mind, you'll put them to use and eventually commit them to memory. Awesome charts can be printed online for free. Search for one, print it out, and post it up. You can have this done in less than 5 minutes, so why not give it a try?

6.) Assess Your Ergonomic Needs

If you've spent most of the year ignoring your personal ergonomic needs, it's time to stop procrastinating. Assess areas of office discomfort and ways you can improve. Here's a couple of quick examples...

  • If you're limited on available desk surface space and it's making you feel cramped when working, you can quickly solve this problem with a keyboard tray that attaches underneath the desk surface or even a monitor arm. While creating additional space they'll also encourage good ergonomic computing habits.
  • If you're having a hard time taking breaks throughout the day to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow, you can solve this problem with a height adjustable desktop attachment that makes for easy transitioning between sit-down and stand-up operating positions.

7.) Set A Budget

Last but certainly not least, we know you've got office remodeling goals for 2018. Who doesn't? It's important to create a budget with your team that doesn't leave your business over extended. Make a list of the office remodeling projects you'd like to tackle and rank them in terms of importance. Do a little research on the items that will be required to complete the projects and you'll then be able to set a budget. Budgeting isn't always fun, but it's definitely a must. The start of the year is the perfect time to tackle this task as it will help you be more focused and practical with corporate funds.

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