Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What's New? Moon Foresee Chairs from OFM!

OFM Moon Foresee ChairsIt's important for us to kick off today's post by telling you just how committed to innovation OFM is. They've released more new products this year than any of our other brands. This industry leader takes pride in crafting elite products for the home, business, and classroom that competitors can only hope to imitate. OFM regularly sets new trends in motion that reshape the workplace and make it easy to kick productivity levels into overdrive. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the all new multi purpose Foresee chairs from their Moon collection. Prepare to be impressed!

Multi Purpose Classroom ChairFirst and foremost, Moon Foresee chairs are really cool looking. Even from a distance they'll catch your eye. This is typically the case for OFM products. Foresee chairs are distinctively modern without being impractical. They're great for making an impression without being too over the top.

Foresee Tablet ChairMost importantly, Foresee chairs are comfortable. With ventilated mesh backs you don't have to worry about moisture build up and overheating when working. The natural contour of the back and seat work together to provide great lumbar support and an ergonomically correct sitting experience you can rely on.

Another feature that really stands out on these popular office chairs is the basket located under the seat. This is typically an option from most brands, but it's a standard attribute on all of the models from the Foresee collection. It's a nice touch that really comes in handy and provides personal storage space for any user.

Foresee Chair with Fabric SeatForesee multi purpose office chairs can be used effectively in a variety of settings. That being said, they're best suited for classroom and training seating needs. Foresee chairs are available in mesh, vinyl, and plastic seat variations to meet your specific needs. Personally we prefer the plastic seat models as they're very durable and easy to clean.

In terms of price, Foresee chairs provide exceptional value. All of the models from this popular OFM office seating collection are available for around $300.00 and ship for free.

If you really want to take your school and training room interiors to the next level, the tablet arm chairs from the Foresee line are the way to go. They come with integrated cupholders and spacious writing surfaces that come in really handy.

Need to know more? No problem. Foresee chairs support users up to 300 pounds. The triple curve seat design provides excellent support while the 360 degree swivel function makes it easy to move around with minimal effort. A silver powder coated paint finish is also standard that provides a nice modern look that's also durable.

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