Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Coming Soon: Valley Gray Amber Furniture from Cherryman

Cherryman Amber Valley Gray
The team at Cherryman is jumping on board with the hottest trend in the furniture world. The component from their best selling Amber collection will now be available in a fashionable Valley Gray finish option that will help you create upscale modern vibes throughout your professional business interiors.

Amber Valley Gray DeskFirst and foremost, the Amber collection is perfect for any office remodeling project stuck dealing with a strict budget. This line of affordable furniture is very well made, in-stock, and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Amber proves that you don't have to break the bank to create fashionable interiors.

The Amber collection offers an array of freestanding desks that are perfect for the executive office. When paired with modular returns, credenzas, and hutch units, attractive U shaped configurations can be created that will do wonders for both corporate appeal and organizing potential.

Cherryman Amber Furniture In Valley Gray
Amber also provides businesses with the ability to create collaborative workstations that encourage creativity. If you're tired of traditional high wall cubicle systems that make you and your employees feel closed off from one another, the modular components from Amber are a must consider.

Gray U Shaped Reception Desk For 2 PeopleStart impressing your guests the moment they walk in the door with an Amber reception desk in Valley Gray. They're available in rectangular, L shaped, and U shaped variations. The U shaped Amber reception desks are ideal for multi user applications. All of the attractive reception station from this popular collection are offered with a choice of a glass transaction counter.

Gray Conference Room TableThe conference tables from the Cherryman Amber series are incredibly versatile. They're available in a variety of sizes and feature racetrack style surfaces. Amber conference room tables are also expandable. This means they can be effectively utilized to meet the needs of any gathering sessions.

The all new Valley Gray finish available on the components within the Cherryman Amber series will be an instant favorite in 2017 and beyond. It's safe to say, gray is the new black!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Get On Board With 2018's Office Remodeling Trends

It's going to be an exciting year in the office design world thanks to industry leading brands like Safco, Global, and Modway. New remodeling trends are already emerging and reshaping professional interiors as we speak. Today on the blog we'll cover the hottest new products, design trends, and makeover ideas needed to refine your work environments and improve productivity.

1.) Gray Wood

Gray Office Furniture

No remodeling trend is hotter than that of gray wood in the workplace. Gray office desks, conference room tables, and reception stations provide ample wow factor and the design characteristics needed to earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. We recommend the gray wood office furniture from Mayline collections like Medina and Sterling. They're hard to beat in terms of quality, style, and value.

2.) Standing Height Conference Tables

Standing Height Conference Table with Power

To be clear, just about anything standing height is going to be hot in 2018. That being said, a conference table with a standing height surface will do wonders for your business. Brands like Safco and OFM are at the forefront of this movement. Their standing height tables encourage continuous muscle movement and reduce energy dips that come from sitting through long meetings. The 9016 model Endure standing height collaborative table with surface level power and swivel out seats is our personal favorite. Additional sizes are available that can even be used in cafe and bistro settings! We also really like the Focal Confluence tables from Safco.

3.) Perch Stools

Ergonomic Perch Stool

If you're planning to work at a standing height surface, you'll likely want to check out the all new Perch stools available in 2018. Take one look at the Safco Mobis ergonomic perch stool FFS-1000 and you'll quickly see what we mean. This portable stool that improves blood flow and posture can be used by any worker on the go that's looking to get a little extra support. Perch stools are compact, affordable, and incredibly beneficial. Alternative options including the Vivo stool from OFM.

4.) Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century Modern Office Furniture

The mid century modern office furniture and seating movement is in full swing. Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing are paving the way with innovative home office desks and sleek office chairs that won't break the bank. Mid century office chairs have become particularly popular for executive office and conference room remodeling projects. The Hendrix and Joplin chairs from Woodstock are definitely worth a look. If you're looking for upscale mid century modern furniture, check out the luxurious components from the Global Corby series.

5.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby Seating and Accent Tables

The ability to create unique seating configurations and step outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair layouts is too pass up. With modular lobby seating and accent tables you can really think outside the box to get the most out of your available square footage. Check out the all new Jefferson line from Woodstock Marketing to see what we mean. You can simply your remodel with the preconfigured Dream packages from this hot collection.

6.) Universal Power Modules

Universal Clamp On Power Module

You no longer have to purchase all new furniture to power up your office interiors. Thanks to brands like MooreCo, ESI, and Systematix you can enjoy the benefits of surface level USB and HDMI inputs on a budget. Universal power modules are a huge hit in conference room environments as they make it easy to streamline meetings. Additionally, power modules that clamp on to the side of work surfaces (like the FlexCharge4) should also be budgeted for when remodeling your interiors.

7.) Ergonomic Ball Chairs

Exercise Ball Chair That Swivels

Last but not least, more ergonomic ball chairs are on the way. An exercise ball chair that swivels like the 4760 Zenergy from Safco will keep you moving in the workplace. They're available in cool color options that will help you make a statement without being too over the top. Ball chairs are becoming more practical in 2018 and less of a novelty. We highly recommend checking one out. You'll be exercising throughout the day with minimal strain. It's a cool alternative to the traditional office chair.

Friday, January 26, 2018

What's New? Cutting Edge Ergonomic Seating from Safco!

Safco Ergonomic SeatingWhen it comes to comfort, Safco knows their stuff. This year Safco is paving the way for improved posture and simultaneously reducing fatigue with their innovative seating solutions. Today on the blog we'll take a look at hot new chairs like the Zenergy and Locus that encourage muscle movement and look good doing it.

Zenergy Inflatable Ball ChairFirst up is the Zenergy ball chair from Safco. This bold and modern chair must be tried in person to be fully appreciated. As ball chairs go, this one is definitely our fav. The 4750 model Zenergy chair is available in a choice of 5 color options and includes a pump to help you achieve the perfect sit. Designed by Thomas Walser, the Zenergy is great for private office interiors and collaborative work environments like the conference room.

Focal Locus Anti Fatigue Mat and Ergonomic StoolIt doesn't get much cooler than the FLT-1000 model Focal Locus chair. This ergonomic standing height stool attached to an anti fatigue mat is a beneficial workplace tool that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. The Locus is easy to use, mobile, and body conscious. The pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement while the easy to adjust piston release handle raises and lowers the seat as needed to accommodate its user.

Mogo Perch StoolEnjoy ergonomic health benefits on the go with the Focal Mogo portable ergonomic perch stool from Safco. This collapsible seating solution can be used both indoors and out. The FKS-1000 Mogo is available in 2 color options for just $125.99. Talk about value!

Mobis Perch StoolThe Safco FFS-1000 model Mobis perch stool is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 300 pounds. This backless ergonomic stool with an ellipse base and contoured seat is intended to reduce stress in the workplace while simultaneously boosting office appeal.

Safco Twixt StoolLast but certainly not least is the 3001 model Twixt active seating desk height stool that's available in your choice of 5 color options (including black vinyl) for just $189.99. This adjustable height stool boasts a flexible ring under the base that allows the user to adjust the angle of their sit for an active operating experience. The built in handle located underneath the seat makes for easy portability. This modern ergonomic office stool is perfect for group work areas where larger office chairs just won't cut it.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gray Desks, Chairs, And Tables Are Hot!

Gray Furniture Finish
Brands like Mayline, Woodstock Marketing, and OFM are paving the way in 2018 with gray office furniture. This year gray desks, office chairs, and tables are poised for success. As shoppers look for ways to avoid traditional upholstery and finish trends, gray is rapidly becoming the go to solution. Today on the blog we'll showcase our favorite gray pieces on the market. Enjoy!

Gray Executive FurnitureThe gray office desks from the Mayline Sterling collection are nothing short of impressive. They're ideal for executive interiors and provide exceptional appeal that's sure to earn an abundance of compliments. Textured Driftwood desks from the Sterling series are enhanced with opaque acrylic accents that will help to keep your space up to date with the latest trends.

Gray Conference FurnitureYou'll also want to check out the gray conference room tables and reception stations from the Mayline Medina series. As one of the most cost effective modern furniture collections on the market, Medina is reshaping interiors across the country. This industry favorite line is versatile, unique and supremely fashionable. Medina conference tables are available with surfaces level power modules while the reception stations from this collection feature silver and glass trim that's hard to miss!

Gray Home Computer DeskMayline isn't the only manufacturer making their mark with gray furniture. The team at OFM is jumping on board with affordable gray computer desks that really provide exceptional value. A cool home computer desk like the ESS-1000 from the Essentials collection will rock your office for just $99.99. What a deal!

Gray Office ChairIf you're not looking to purchase all new office furniture, you can still jump on board with the gray movement. A chair like the ESS-2085 from OFM will do the trick for just $132.99. This gray home office chair is modern, attractive and surprisingly comfortable.

Gray Conference ChairWe also love the gray leather office chairs from Woodstock Marketing seating collections like Hendrix and Joplin. They're very well made, luxurious, and inspired by legendary rock stars. What could be cooler? Woodstock chairs are perfect for conference room and executive office seating needs.

Absolute AcajouLast but not least, if you're looking for gray office furniture and for your business, Global offers the largest selection. They've introduced trendy gray finish options like Absolute Acajou that are rocking the design world. Available on lines like Zira, Princeton, Swap, and Bungee, this gray finish can be used in any space imaginable.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Office Chair Review: 11325B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go 11325B Chair Review
This year the team at Offices To Go is raising the bar with more than 10 new chairs designed to promote high end comfort and healthy computing habits in the workplace. Out of all the new models, the 11325B is our favorite. This ergonomically correct chair is ready, willing, and able to help you make it through task filled work days in style.

Best Offices Chairs 2018Offices To Go Chairs 2018We had the opportunity to review the 11325B chair this week. Needless to say, we were very impressed. This chair really has it all. First and foremost, the 11325B looks great from every angle. This fashionable chair is modern while remaining practical. It manages to create a cutting edge look without being too over the top.

The 11325B model Offices To Go ergonomic office chair boasts a ventilated mesh back that's slightly contoured to avoid restricting upper body movement without sacrificing shoulder support. The high back design is great for taller chair operators while the black fabric seat is well cushioned and provides a great sitting experience.

Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar SupportOnce seated in this chair you'll be quickly saying WOW! The 11325B is comfortable right out of the box. This easy to use mesh back chair comes equipped with controls that can be quickly accessed underneath the chair seat without overly straining to activate them. The synchro-tilt mechanism with tilt tension and tilt lock attributes make finding healthy computing positions a breeze.

Ergonomically Correct Offices To Go Mesh Back ChairThere's no shortage of good office chairs on the market. What sets them apart is attention to detail. When reviewing the 11325B we were constantly impressed with little features that put it in a league of its own. The arched base with a polished aluminum finish, the adjustable lumbar support, and the multi functional arms with polyurethane pads work together to create the best everyday computer chair of the year thus far.

In terms of price, the 11325B is an absolute bargain buy. At just $234.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better office chair at even twice the price. While we'd like to see a few cool color options available, this practical mesh back chair with modern flair is still a real value.

11325B Chair RatingThe 11325B chair from Offices To Go really made a lasting impression on our team. It's attractive, comfortable, easy to use, and value priced. We feel it has earned itself a 4.5 out of 5 start rating. The 11325B can be effectively used to improve posture and appeal in just about any setting you can think of. This chair is poised to be a best seller in 2018.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

7 Ergonomic Pointers To Keep In Mind In 2018

Ergonomic Pointers For 2018It's going to be a great year in the world of office ergonomics. Industry leading brands are hard at work crafting innovative products designed to encourage good posture habits, constant movement in the workplace, and improved blood flow. Rest assured, operating at peak performance levels will be easier than ever in 2018. That being said, there's 7 key pointers you need to follow for success.

1.) Work Smarter, Not Harder

Universal Power ModuleDo you find yourself grinding through long work days? Are you feeling stressed due to a long list of tasks never seem to end? You're not alone. The good new is, ergonomic products can help you work smarter and not harder in 2018.

This year it's all about streamlining productivity with the integration of user friendly products like surface level power modules. Units like the FlexCharge4 from ESI make it easy  to charge devices and route wires without the need to venture underneath you desk. Power modules will also be a big hit in conference and training room environments as they'll streamline meetings and improve collaboration.

Ergonomically Correct Office Chair2.) The Office Chair Is Only As Good As Its Owner

Even the top rated office chair won't keep you comfortable if you don't learn to use it correctly. If you've purchased a new chair for your home or business workspace, get the most out of your investment by learning to master its features. Memorize the functions that each of the levers located underneath you chair perform. If you have trouble remembering them, label them!

All too often, workers purchase high end chairs expecting them to solve their comfort related issues right out of the box. This simply isn't the case. While auto-responding office chairs are available, you still need to understand the core principles of a healthy sit.

3.) Expensive Doesn't Mean Better

Cutting Edge Ergonomic WorkstationIn the world of office ergonomics, expensive doesn't mean better. Spending thousands on ergonomic accessories won't necessarily make you a more efficient worker. What will make a difference is a strategic grouping of products tailored towards your specific needs.

Before purchasing an array of ergonomic components for your office or home workspace, do your research. These days you really can't be too careful. There's tons of products out there claiming to provide the latest and greatest ways to compute healthy. This is why product reviews and demo videos are a must. In most cases you'll really only need a good chair, dual screen monitor arm, and articulating keyboard tray to lay the foundation for ergonomically correct computing. Additionally accessories can be added on as needed after that.

4.) Good Posture Starts With Good Habits

Office Chair Posture Tips
If you work to form good ergonomic habits in 2018, your posture should definitely improve. We recommend starting with a posture chart. They can be printed for free online. We provided a good one here, but you'll probably need to blow it up a bit. Once printed, post it within eyesight of your computer screen. This way they'll stay fresh in your mind throughout the day. Before you know it, you'll be sitting correctly.

Basic Posture Tips:

  • Keep Back In Contact With Chair At All Times When Seated
  • Keep Feet Placed Flat On The Floor And Facing Forward
  • Don't Perch Your Feet On The Base of The Office Chair
  • Raise Your Computer Screens To Eye Level To Avoid Looking Down
  • Sit Upright With Your Shoulders Back
  • Don't Hunch Forward and Over Your Keyboard Tray When Typing

Safco Focal Locus Standing Height Seat with Anti Fatigue Mat5.) Keep It Moving

You'll hear a lot about constant movement in the workplace this year. As sitting for long periods of time can cause fatigue, unnecessary muscle strain, and even pain, it's important to stay active in the workplace. In 2018, sit to stand products are becoming a workplace staple. Desktop convertors and perch stools are definitely the most popular. They improve blood flow and posture while encouraging muscle movement while working. If you can't find the time to take a short 5 to 10 minute break once per hour, sit to stand office products are definitely worth a look!

6.) Not All Ergonomic Products Are A Must

You don't need every little gadget and gizmo on the market. Certain products might work for one person, while others may not as we don't all have the same operational issues. Consulting with your physician and an ergonomic product specialists will help you dial in your personal workspace. Avoiding the purchase of unnecessary products will also save you money. Below we've provided a list of today's most popular ergo products and a brief description of their benefits.

  • Monitor Arm: Increases usable desk space and reduces visual strain.
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray: Encourages healthy computing angles and creates usable surface space.
  • Sit To Stand Desktop Convertor: Eliminates the need for extended sits, reduces fatigue, improves posture, and encourages continuous movement.
  • CPU Holder: Makes the CPU more accessible and creates additional leg space underneath the desk.
  • Foot Rest: Encourages good sitting habits and reduces strain.
  • Perch Stool: Makes it easy to work longer at a standing height desk by providing additional support.

Stay Positive In 20187.) Stay Positive

The most important pointer we can give you is to stay positive. Finding out what works for you can take a little bit of time. Don't get frustrated! The process requires commitment, but the end results are priceless. The truth is, if you want to get comfortable and become more productive, you can. Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to try new things. Complacency and procrastination are your worst enemies. Stay positive and don't give up. Posture perfect operating, efficient computing, and healthy habits are right around the corner.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Coming Soon: New Mesh Chairs From OTG

Offices To Go Chairs 2018
The team at Offices To Go is kicking off 2018 with a bang. As their sister company Global says goodbye to more than 20 seating lines, OTG is rocking the new year with a variety of awesome new mesh chairs to consider for your home and professional office interiors. Today on the blog we'll take a look at 5 of our favs. Enjoy!

Offices To Go 11325BFirst up is the 11325B. This high back mesh office chair is modern, comfortable, and ergonomically correct. The 11352B is perfectly suited for executive interiors, work floor tasking, and at home computing. It will be available for around $250.00 and equipped with standard features that include a vertically adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arms, and user friendly tilt mechanism.

OTG12110B Office ChairThe all new 12110B model Offices To Go ergonomic chair combines a ventilated mesh back and black luxhide seat. This luxurious, affordable, and comfortable seating solution boasts a lower back section for lumbar support that will immediately catch your eye. While stylish, it's also beneficial. The 12110B is an awesome option for workers who can't find time to take regular breaks and require top of the line comfort.

Offices To Go OTG12112B Mesh ChairOffices To Go's commitment to style and comfort is unmatched as evidenced by new chairs like the 12112B. This ventilated tasker boasts an ergonomically contoured back designed to avoid restricting upper body movement when computing from the seated position. The 12112B model is modern yet practical. This everyday computer chair with adjustable arms and a multi functional mechanism is an all around workhorse.

New Office Chairs 2018We are really excited you the 11920B. This uniquely modern mesh chair is a cost effective head turner that's ready, willing, and able to serve as a statement piece in your workspace without being too over the top. We expect this new chair to be available for around $200.00 and incorporate many of the same great ergonomic features found on best selling office seating solutions priced nearly three times as high.

Multi Purpose Nesting ChairLast but certainly not least, the team at Offices To Go is also bringing us new training room chairs for 2018. Their all new 11340B and 11341B models are a must consider. These multi purpose nesting chairs are extremely versatile and surprisingly comfortable. Most light use training room chairs lack support. That's simply not the case with these new chairs from OTG. The 11340B is our personal favorite as it comes standard with fixed arms. Both of the new training chairs will be available for sale in less than a week and ready to ship immediately. These chairs are bargain buys that will help you maximize square footage, encourage collaboration, and so much more.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's New? More Cool Chairs From Modway!

Modway Chairs
The team at Modway is poised for success in 2018. This reputable furniture and seating manufacturer takes pride in crafting trendy components for home and business interiors alike. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the cool new chairs Modway has to offer. These high fashion accent chairs and loungers are sure to become statement pieces in your projects.

Modway Kaddur ChairLet's kick things off with a bang, shall we? The Kaddur fiberglass lounge chair from Modway is nothing short of bold. This 70's style egg chair is available in a choice of 4 quick shipping color options that compliment the white frame. The EEI-110 Kaddur chair is an excellent choice for man caves, home lounge areas, and any other interior in need of a style infusion.

Modway Slingy ChairClean, contemporary, and cool. The Modway Slingy chair has it all. Which vinyl seating surfaces and a metal frame, the EEI-563 model Slingy chair can be effectively used in home, waiting room, and lobby environments. The Slingy isn't bulky, so it makes a great accent chair.

Contemporary Rocking ChairUp next is the Modway Rocker chair. If you're looking for a combination of contemporary and traditional vibes, this unique chair has you covered. The EEI-147 Rocker series contemporary rocking chair is surprisingly comfortable and very easy to clean. While you probably won't see this chair utilized in many office settings, it's really a cool option for the home.

Charles Pony Hide ChairThe EEI-633 Charles collection pony hide chair is the definition of a statement pice. If you're having a hard time distinguishing your interiors from the competition, the EEI-633 chair has your back. It's easy to picture the Charles chair in a swanky executive office or even in a contemporary waiting room.

Modway Slope ChairThis year, tufted chairs are going to be incredibly popular. Thanks to brands like Modway and chairs like the Slope, the tufted movement isn't going anywhere. The Slop chair blends modern and traditional vibes with its metal base and unique contours. The Slop chair is super comfortable and equally refined.

Modway Release ChairLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the Modway Release Chair. Talk about cool! This statement piece is a real head turner that still remains practical. If you're looking to modernize your office interior or home living space in 2018, the Release chair is a must see. This bonded leather lounger with a silver metal base will no doubt earn your space the compliments it deserves. When paired with matching accent tables, lighting, and area rugs from Modway you'll be well on your way to creating an interior that looks like it was remodeling by a high end designer.