Monday, January 29, 2018

Get On Board With 2018's Office Remodeling Trends

It's going to be an exciting year in the office design world thanks to industry leading brands like Safco, Global, and Modway. New remodeling trends are already emerging and reshaping professional interiors as we speak. Today on the blog we'll cover the hottest new products, design trends, and makeover ideas needed to refine your work environments and improve productivity.

1.) Gray Wood

Gray Office Furniture

No remodeling trend is hotter than that of gray wood in the workplace. Gray office desks, conference room tables, and reception stations provide ample wow factor and the design characteristics needed to earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. We recommend the gray wood office furniture from Mayline collections like Medina and Sterling. They're hard to beat in terms of quality, style, and value.

2.) Standing Height Conference Tables

Standing Height Conference Table with Power

To be clear, just about anything standing height is going to be hot in 2018. That being said, a conference table with a standing height surface will do wonders for your business. Brands like Safco and OFM are at the forefront of this movement. Their standing height tables encourage continuous muscle movement and reduce energy dips that come from sitting through long meetings. The 9016 model Endure standing height collaborative table with surface level power and swivel out seats is our personal favorite. Additional sizes are available that can even be used in cafe and bistro settings! We also really like the Focal Confluence tables from Safco.

3.) Perch Stools

Ergonomic Perch Stool

If you're planning to work at a standing height surface, you'll likely want to check out the all new Perch stools available in 2018. Take one look at the Safco Mobis ergonomic perch stool FFS-1000 and you'll quickly see what we mean. This portable stool that improves blood flow and posture can be used by any worker on the go that's looking to get a little extra support. Perch stools are compact, affordable, and incredibly beneficial. Alternative options including the Vivo stool from OFM.

4.) Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century Modern Office Furniture

The mid century modern office furniture and seating movement is in full swing. Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing are paving the way with innovative home office desks and sleek office chairs that won't break the bank. Mid century office chairs have become particularly popular for executive office and conference room remodeling projects. The Hendrix and Joplin chairs from Woodstock are definitely worth a look. If you're looking for upscale mid century modern furniture, check out the luxurious components from the Global Corby series.

5.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby Seating and Accent Tables

The ability to create unique seating configurations and step outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair layouts is too pass up. With modular lobby seating and accent tables you can really think outside the box to get the most out of your available square footage. Check out the all new Jefferson line from Woodstock Marketing to see what we mean. You can simply your remodel with the preconfigured Dream packages from this hot collection.

6.) Universal Power Modules

Universal Clamp On Power Module

You no longer have to purchase all new furniture to power up your office interiors. Thanks to brands like MooreCo, ESI, and Systematix you can enjoy the benefits of surface level USB and HDMI inputs on a budget. Universal power modules are a huge hit in conference room environments as they make it easy to streamline meetings. Additionally, power modules that clamp on to the side of work surfaces (like the FlexCharge4) should also be budgeted for when remodeling your interiors.

7.) Ergonomic Ball Chairs

Exercise Ball Chair That Swivels

Last but not least, more ergonomic ball chairs are on the way. An exercise ball chair that swivels like the 4760 Zenergy from Safco will keep you moving in the workplace. They're available in cool color options that will help you make a statement without being too over the top. Ball chairs are becoming more practical in 2018 and less of a novelty. We highly recommend checking one out. You'll be exercising throughout the day with minimal strain. It's a cool alternative to the traditional office chair.

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