Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Make Corporate Appeal A Priority In 2018

How To Improve Corporate Appeal In 2018
Who doesn't like the idea of revamped office interiors that are up to date with the latest trends? Rest assured, if you're not working towards improving corporate appeal, the competition is. Industry leading brands are paving the way with innovative workplace products that encourage collaboration and comfort while simultaneously kicking appeal into overdrive. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the design tips, trends, and products needed to help you make corporate appeal a priority in 2018.

1.) Assess Your Interiors

First things first, you need to assess the current state of your professional interiors. This doesn't have to be a headache. Simply walk through your office environments and take notes on each space. Grade each interior based on how often it's used and how dated the furnishings are. As remodeling all of your office interiors probably isn't realistic, you need to prioritize which ones are in most need of a facelift.

This is the order in which we'd recommend tackling your office remodeling projects...

  1. Lobby: It's where first impressions are made!
  2. Work Floor: It's the main area of your business and likely the most in need of updating.
  3. Conference Room: Most conference rooms are dated and in need of power-ready components that streamline activities.
  4. Private Offices: Attractive private offices make for a pleasant visitor experience and a professional atmosphere.
  5. Break Room: While seldom visited by guests, a well designed break room will make your employees feel at home, comfortable, and collaborative.

2.) Know What's Out

It's important to know which trends are fading in 2018. You certainly don't want to spend a bunch of money creating outdated work environments. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Here's 7 trends to avoid when remodeling your interiors...

  1. Black Office Chairs: They'll always have a place, but bright colors are taking over.
  2. Fixed Leg Tables: Mobile office tables with flip tops are the way to go.
  3. Traditional Sofas & Lounge Chairs: Modular seating makes it easier to improve corporate appeal and maximize square footage.
  4. Traditional Conference Tables: Powered tables are the new industry standard and the only way to go.
  5. Bulky Office Chairs: They take up too much space. Sleek, European style ergonomic chairs are the way of the future.
  6. Cherry, Maple, and Mahogany Finishes: This year traditional tones have become a bit dated. Hot new options are available that we'll cover in a bit.
  7. Cubicles: They're bulky and create impaired site lines. Open concept group desking configurations are the preferred option.

3.) Research The Trends

You can't improve corporate appeal in 2018 if you don't research the latest trends. This year brands like Global, Woodstock Marketing, and OFM are raising the bar with innovative components designed to not only improve the look of your interiors, but also the operational effectiveness. Check out these awesome trends that are sure to be hot this year and beyond.

  1. Collaborative Benching: If you're looking for cubicle alternatives in 2018, collaborative benching is the way to go. 
  2. Gray Office Furniture: Gray is the new black! Best selling office furniture collections like Medina from Mayline and Zira from Global offer fashionable gray finishes that are a must consider.
  3. Smart Chairs: The days of pulling knobs and levers to achieve the perfect sit are coming to an end. This year ergonomic office chairs that automatically react to user movements are becoming the standard.
  4. Modular Waiting Room Furniture: Connectable waiting room chairs and matching tables are the latest craze. They make it easy to get creative with your layout. We highly recommend the Jefferson collection from Woodstock Marketing.
  5. Mid Century Chairs & Desks: The mid century movement is in full swing. Fashionable mid century desk and chair combinations from brands like Modway are sure to be hot in 2018.

4.) Source The Products

Don't get tricked into purchasing cheap knock off products that aren't ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Invest in office furniture that's built to last from a brand you can trust. Here's a list of reliable manufacturers that craft everything you need to create out of this world appeal...

  1. Global
  2. Mayline
  3. Offices To Go
  4. OFM
  5. Cherryman Industries
  6. HON
  7. Herman Miller

5.) Don't Forget About Comfort

In the long run, corporate appeal is important but comfort reigns supreme. The good new is, you can have both. Don't be fooled into believing that style comes at the sacrifice of comfort. This simply isn't the case. When remodeling your interiors, emphasize the importance of ergonomics in the workplace to encourage healthy operating habits. Here's a list of helpful ergonomic office products to consider for your projects...

  1. Sit To Stand Surface Convertor: The hottest product of the year! Sit to stand convertors encourage continuous movement in the workplace and improve posture.
  2. Dual Screen Monitor Mounts: A dual screen mount will reduce visual and physical strain while creating an abundance of usable desk surface space.
  3. Articulating Keyboard Tray: Reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and encourage healthy typing angles with a reliable keyboard tray from a brand like ESI, Systematix, or Symmetry Office.
  4. CPU Holder: Simple but effective! CPU holders are affordable and very handy. They create more usable leg space and prevent unnecessary trips underneath the desk to route wires and charge devices. 

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