Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter Office Design Trends 2018

Even though the year is winding to a close, there's still a ton of cool office design trends shaking up professional interiors across the country. From open concept workstations to articulating office chairs, these remodeling ideas are ready to make your work environments more stylish, productive, and efficient. Today on the blog we'll take a look at current trends trends that you'll want to familiarize yourself with before tackling office renovations.

1.) Open Concept Workstations

Open Concept Office Furniture

No trend is currently hotter than that of open concept workstations. The ability to make interiors feel larger and more visitor friendly is simply too much for businesses to pass up. While cubicles will always have their place, those looking for alternatives to traditional panel furniture systems are turning to open concept office furniture lines like SideBar from Global.

2.) Powered Lounge Furniture

Powered Lounge Furniture

It's time to start modernizing the guest experience. With powered lounge furniture you can do just that. Brands like Woodstock Marketing are taking this trend to new heights with collections like Jefferson. This line of connectable lounge chairs and powered accent tables is a sight for sore eyes. We fully expect powered lounge furniture to take over the market in 2018.

3.) Light Wood Finishes

Light Wood Office Furniture

Finish trends change from season to season. In 2017 we saw dark tones like Mocha steal the show, and then lighter gray and even white finishes take over this winter. New finish options like Autumn Walnut are also worth a look. This light woodgrain tone available on the components from the OTG Superior Laminate Collection is an absolute winner. In the long run, furniture finishes are a personal choice. Go with what showcases your personal style as finish trends will always be evolving.

4.) Bright Upholsteries

Colorful Office Chairs

Tired of traditional black office chairs that do little more than blend in with your surrounding furniture? So are shoppers! This winter bright upholsteries are waking up boring interiors. Cool tones like lime green, red, and even orange are taking over the seating world. These days a colorful office chair is almost expected. Brands like Global, Offices To Go, Eurotech, and Woodstock Marketing are all offering bright chairs to make work environments pop.

5.) Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

You've gotta accent those office walls to get the most out of your design project. In the long run, attention to detail is key. Using metal wall art will help you create a modern-industry vibe that's hard to top. Look for this trend to continue blossoming in 2018. Wondering where to find cool metal wall art? Try checking out flea markets, swap meets, and thrift stores in your area. Unique pieces are widely available!

6.) Sit To Stand Attachments

Sit To Stand Ergonomic Workstation

From trend to industry standard! Sit to stand desktop attachments are in high demand. As sitting for extending computing sessions can cause even the best posture habits to suffer, it's smart to spend a little time working while standing unless you've got the time to take a short break once ever hour. A sit to stand ergonomic attachment will help you work healthy, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. We recommend popular options like the Volante from Systematix.

7.) Articulating Office Chairs

Articulating Office Chair That Self Adjusts

Last but not least, office chairs that require manual adjusting are being kicked to the curb this winter. Shoppers are making the switch to articulating options that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. An articulating office chair like the Arti from Global will encourage good posture and health operating habits without the need for constant lever pulling and second guessing. If you're looking for a simplified sit and top notch comfort, an articulating office chair is the way to go.

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