Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Finds: The Best New Products From Our Favorite Brands

It's our last edition of 'February Finds' for 2018 and we're wrapping things up with a bang. Today we'll be showcasing the coolest new products that hit the market this month from industry innovators like OFM, Modway, and Eurotech Seating. The chairs, tables, and ergonomic products showcased here are designed to encourage healthy operating habits and trend setting appeal. Enjoy!

Sit To Stand Office Desk AttachmentNobody gave us more new products in February than OFM. This highly respected brand takes pride in crafting unique chairs, tables, and ergonomic accessories that make it easy to stay active in the workplace. Take one look at their all new ESS-5136 desktop riser and you'll quickly see what we mean. This sit to stand attachment with an integrated keyboard platform is an absolute bargain at just $219.99.

OFM Mesh Guest ChairWe also added a variety of cool new guest chairs from OFM this month. Our favorite was the 424 model. This ventilated guest reception chair is available in 4 seat color options for just $110.99. It's safe to say that outfitting your waiting room with these attractive mesh chairs will leave you with budget to spare.

Rustic Conference TableThe all new desks, tables, and stools from the OFM Edge collection are a big hit. This line of industrial furniture offers the perfect amount of retro flair. The 33378 model Edge series vintage conference room table with metal legs is the perfect option for any business looking to skip today's modern trends in exchange for timeless appeal.

Mid Century Modern SectionalThis month we added more than 40 sofas and sectionals from Modway that are perfect for home living room and office waiting area makeover projects. A mid century modern sofa from Modway like the Engage will give your space a unique look without being impractical. This tufted sectional offers plenty of seating area and raised wood legs that make it easy to clean under. Lots of awesome color options are available.

Distressed 8x10 Area RugYou'll no doubt want to pair your Modway sofa with cool accent tables and an area rug to make your space pop. As of right now our team is in the process of loading them all. We recommend checking out popular options like R-1023B-810 Darja. This distressed 8x10 area rug will perfectly compliment your waiting room furniture. More than 30 additional options will be available in the coming days.

Eurotech Kinetic ChairThe team at Eurotech raised the bar in February with an array of cool new office chairs. We're absolutely loving the Kinetic. It's sleek, contemporary, and perfect for conference room remodeling projects. The Kinetic chair is available in 2 vinyl and mesh variations. At just $202.50 the Kinetic chair is a great buy.

Eurotech Faze ChairIf you're looking for ways to make a guest reception area better in 2018, check out the Eurotech Faze series. This line of stackable side chairs offers easy to clean surfaces, durable metal frames, and cool color options. Faze chairs are sold in affordable 2 packs for added value and reduced shipping costs.

Safco Standing DeskNo article on the coolest products of February would be complete without showcasing some of the ultra cool height adjustable office furniture from Safco. Their ergonomically correct desks from the Focal collection make it easy to stay active in the workplace. The Focal Locus standing tilt top desk encourages continuous muscle movement and reduces the need for extended sits that can cause health issues. The FSD-5000 desk pairs perfectly with active seating from Safco like the Twixt perch stool.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Office Remodeling 2018: Coastal, Mid Century, and Ergonomic Themes are Trending!

Before kicking off a full scale office remodeling project, it's helpful to know what products and design themes are trending. That being said, this year it's all about coastal, mid century, and ergonomic interiors with an open concept feel. Wondering how to design a space of your own that's up to date with the latest trends? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll highlight cool interiors and the fashionable products used to create them. Enjoy!

Coastal Executive Office InteriorCheck out this coastal office interior that was created with textured driftwood furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection. It's light, open, and upscale! The desk utilized in this workspace is a STL10. It features a rear wall credenza that's accented with an overhead hutch that's hard to miss. The opaque acrylic accents add to the coastal vibe without being too over the top. This executive interior captures the coastal feel without looking to beachy or like a home office.

Coastal Home OfficeIf you're looking to create a coastal home workspace, check out the writing desks from Modway. The Tinker is our personal favorite. It's spacious and luxurious. At $858.50 it's a good buy that will serve as the foundation of your coastal design theme. The Tinker desk is available in natural and walnut finish options that pair well with beach-tones like light blue, yellow, and green.

Design Tip: When creating coastal office interiors, there's no substitute for natural light! Opening up your blinds will make your space feel more alive and vibrant. You'll also want to consider accenting your space with unique coastal treasures from the shops around your beach. You can find new pieces online from major retailers, but the one-of-a-kind items sourced locally will really pull your space together.

Mid Century Waiting Room LayoutWe really love the mid century office furniture that's hitting the market these days. From chairs to desks, the mid century movement is in full swing. Take a look at this guest lounge area furnished with modular seating from the Woodstock Marketing Jefferson collection. Talk about style! This space offers the perfect blend of comfort, wow factor, and mid century flair. The curved layout of burgundy fabric chairs pairs perfectly with the circular coffee table with a white marble top. The table itself is the real surprise as the surface features pop-up power inputs and USB ports.

Mid Century Modern Home OfficeCreating a mid century home office is easier than ever. Again you'll want to turn to Modway for your furniture needs. They've really cornered the market with their designer desks and chairs. The space you're seeing here boasts their EEI-1188 Warp desk that we just can't get enough of. It's unique curves offer distinctive mid century vibes that will earn your space compliments from every guest who enters it.

DIY Mid Century WorkspaceDesign Tip: You can also go the DIY route if you're loving the mid century modern look. Awesome desks, wall art, and lighting fixtures can all be found at local thrift stores and antique markets on a budget. Swap meets and flea markets are also worth a look. With a little patience and some dedication you can put together a really well rounded space with a personalized touch!

Ergonomically Correct Interior with Standing Desk and Perch StoolNo trend is currently hotter than ergonomically correct office interiors. Why you ask? They're about far more than just good looks! A revamped workspace designed with ergonomic components will encourage creativity, healthy computing, and good posture. The space pictured on the left is a great example. It's equipped with height adjustable desks and perch stools with anti-fatigue mats from Safco.

Ergonomic Conference RoomYou don't have to commit to an overly modern look to create an ergonomically correct office interior in 2018. With the standing height tables from the OFM Endure collection you can blend the best of modern ergonomics and industrial appeal. These well rounded tables boast swivel out seats and powered surfaces that eliminate the need for outlet hunting in every environment from the conference room to the coffee shop.

Design Tip: When it comes to creating an ergonomic office interior, the difference is in the details. As not all products are a must, be tactful in selecting accessories that work in harmony together. For example; monitor arms pair well with articulating keyboard trays and height adjustable desks pair well with perch stools.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Furniture Life: The Best of February 2018

We're nearing the end of another exciting month in the world of office furniture and seating. Brands like Offices To Go, Modway, and OFM paved the way innovative new products that are poised for success in professional work environments. New design trends have started to emerge and a variety of hot new products are soon to be available from brands like Cherryman Industries. In this edition of 'Furniture Life' we'll take a look at the best February had to offer while providing a glimpse of what's to come in the coming months. Enjoy!

New Chairs from Offices To Go

New Offices To Go Chairs 2018

The team at Offices To Go kicked off February with 13 new office chairs. This reputable brand has yet again raised the bar with cost effective ergonomic chairs for managerial, tasking, and training room applications. Popular new OTG chairs like the 11325B are a must consider in 2018!

Fashionable Sectionals from Modway

Tufted Sectional with Mid Century Modern Style

We've added more than 50 new Modway products this month. Our favorites are definitely the sectionals from collections like Empress and Engage. They're mid century modern, comfortable, and surprisingly cost effective. Rest assured, a Modway sectional sofa will do wonders for home living room and office waiting area appeal.

Retro-Industrial Furniture from OFM, Inc.

Retro Conference Table

This month OFM introduced their all new Edge collection. This line of retro-industrial stools, desks, and tables is like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly similar furniture styles. In years passed you'd have to spend a fortune to acquire retro-industrial furniture. Thanks to OFM, you can now enjoy vintage vibes on a budget.

Economical Sit To Stand Attachments from Flash Furniture

Desk Attachment For Sit To Stand Transitioning

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of sit to stand operating in the workplace. Flash Furniture has introduced a new line of surface attachments that make transitioning between sit-down and stand-up computing positions affordable and easy. Units are available in 2 sizes and a choice of white or black.

Indiana Furniture Now Available at

Luxurious Executive Office Chair

We're proud to announce that we've added Indiana Furniture to our repertoire of available brands. This manufacturer specializes in the provision of custom office desks and conference tables so you won't see a ton of their components listed on our site. That being said, we've taken the liberty to add their in-stock chairs from the Eden and Toby lines.

Awesome Ergonomic Products from Safco

Height Adjustable Teaming Table

It's been a long time since we've added products from Safco. We've been catching up in February! We highly recommend checking out their all new exercise ball chairs, height adjustable conference room tables, and perch stools. Safco is ahead of the curve when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace. Their products are extremely well made, ship quick, and provide unrivaled health benefits.

Valley Gray Finish from Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Amber Valley Gray Desk

Last but not least, we'll leave you with a glimpse of what's to come in March! With their 3.5% price increase behind them, Cherryman is looking to the future with an all new finish option available on the components from the Amber collection in 2018. The Valley Gray laminate will help you create modern office interiors with coastal flair. Prepare to be impressed!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Desk Deals: Ergonomic Workstations Under $350.00

Do you like the idea of improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and better posture? If so, you're in the right place. You might be thinking that a new ergonomic workstation will cost you a fortune. We're here to tell you, it doesn't have to. Today on the blog we'll highlight some of the hottest ergonomic desks and sit to stand workstations on the market that are currently available in 2018 for less than $350.00. Prepare to be impressed!

Safco Verve DeskComing in first on our list of ergonomic workstations under $500.00 is the Verve from Safco. This height adjustable desk encourages sit to stand transitioning without breaking the bank. The Verve encourages more muscle movement throughout the day in or to create more active interiors. At just $349.99, this station is hard to beat.

ESS-5136 Desktop Attachment by OFMUp next is the all new ESS-5136 model Essentials attachment from OFM. This desktop riser works with nearly any desk surface. The ESS-5136 will convert your traditional desktop into an ergonomically correct sit to stand workstation that improves posture and reduces energy dips. The ESS-5136 is one of the most affordable surface convertors on the market at just $219.99.

Volante Sit To Stand WorkstationThe Volante sit to stand workstation from Systematix is also a must consider. This professional desktop riser is available now for $299.99 in your choice of white or black. With an integrated keyboard tray, the Volante promotes sit to stand operating and healthy typing angles that reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sit To Stand Laptop DeskMoving right along, allow us to introduce the NAN-IP-10-GG sit to stand laptop desk from Flash Furniture. This home workstation is easy to use, modern, and budget friendly. With an attractive mahogany laminate operating surface and silver frame, this height adjustable desk priced at $175.99 is the true definition of a bargain buy.

Standing Height Computer DeskWe can't say enough good things about the 1941TG Xpressions stand-up desk from Safco. Even at first glance, this attractive workstation priced at $299.99 will wow you. Upon closer inspection you'll be impressed by the glass operating surface, noise free footrest bar, and so much more. You can even take notes on the desk surface and back panel with a dry erase marker!

Mesa Height Adjustable WorkstationThe team at OFM never fails to impress. They've made it their mission to improve the workplace in 2018 with their array of new ergonomic products. Feast your eyes on the 66100 Mesa series workstation and you'll quickly see what we mean. This simple yet modern ergonomic station is incredibly easy to use and perfect for a variety of applications. At just $195.99, this Mesa desk is a must consider for apartment, dorm room, and small office applications. The 66100 also doubles as a height adjustable podium that can be utilized in professional conference room, training, and boardroom settings. Talk about versatility!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Office Ergonomics 2018: 8 Products That Promote Activity In The Workplace

It's all about staying active in 2018. If you're looking to avoid extended sits that cause fatigue and poor blood flow, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 innovative products that encourage continuous movement in the workplace. These ergonomically correct components will keep your muscles working and your mind sharp. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

The Zenergy from Safco is a cool alternative to the traditional office chair. This inflatable ball chair will help keep your core muscles moving while computing at your desk. The Zenergy is available for $179.99 and includes a pump to help you customize your sit.

2.) Systematix Volante Attachment

Volante Sit To Stand Attachment

Transform your exiting desk into an active sit to stand workstation with the Volante from Systematix. This user friendly attachment works with almost any surface and even includes an adjustable keyboard platform.

3.) OFM Mesa Podium

OFM Mesa Podium

You'll love the Mesa podium from OFM. This user friendly product doubles as a height adjustable laptop desk. The 66100 model Mesa podium is great for conference room, classroom, and training environments. It's also a bargain buy at just $195.99.

4.) Mayline ML Workstation

Electric Height Adjustable Table

The ML furniture line from Mayline is perfect for collaborative work environments. If you're looking to kick those old school cubicles to the curb and promote active, energetic, and creative work habits, this is the line for you. ML Tables are available in a variety of size, shape, and finish options. These electric height adjustable tables are upscale and incredibly well made.

5.) Flash Furniture Laptop Desk

Height Adjustable Laptop Desk

Are you looking to stay active in your home office or in a small workspace? If so, we recommend the NAN-IP-10-GG height adjustable laptop desk from Flash Furniture. It's modern, fashionable, affordable, and very easy to use. This sit to stand desk will keep you moving while reducing the need for extended sits.

6.) Global Hand Crank Tables

Adjustable Hand Crank Table

There's nothing wrong with simple and effective! The hand crank tables from Global are practical, easy to use, and designed to keep you active in the workplace. These multi purpose tables are great for classroom, training, and even private office environments.

7.) Symmetry Sit To Stand Monitor Arm

Adjustable Computer Screen Mount

The sit to stand monitor arms and keyboard trays from the Symmetry Office Allure series work together to create active office interiors. With a dual screen Allure monitor arm like the ALLURE-2-SS you can reduce physical strain and visual fatigue while simultaneously cutting down on the time spend flipping back and forth between open browser windows.

8.) Safco Confluence Table

Safco Confluence Table

Last but certainly not least, we're wrapping up today's post with another awesome product from Safco. Admittedly, the FCT-94-A-S Confluence table is one of our team favorites here at These adjustable height conference tables are intended for stand up collaborating. Confluence tables are incredibly versatile and unique. If you're looking to promote activity and skip the purchase of a traditional conference room table that pretty much just sits there, check out the Confluence. You'll never turn back!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How To Spot A High Quality Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you on the hunt for a new office chair? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to spot quality seating solutions and avoid the buyers remorse associated with spending money on a chair that's not built to last. In the long run, your ergonomic chair should be looked at as an investment in personal comfort. Familiarizing yourself with the key elements found on quality chairs will help you make an educated purchase.

1.) Mechanism Controls

Office Chair Mechanism With Paddle Controls

First things first, check out mechanism. It's office chair brain. About 90% of the chairs functions will be controlled by the levers located on the mechanism. These days, basic office chairs will typically feature a single lever that controls the chair height. More advanced ergonomic seating solutions will offer an array of paddle shift levers that control tilt angle, seat depth, height, and much more. In a nutshell, the more levers you see, the more features the chair will have.

*Today's most high end office chairs often feature enclosed mechanisms. This type of "smart chair" is designed to automatically respond to user movements to provide a comfortable sit without the need for adjusting.

2.) Metal Components

Metal Office Chair Components

Plastic office chairs are okay for the home office. That being said, chairs with metal components are far more durable and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. While you'll find plastic pieces on nearly any office chair, look for as many metal parts as possible. High quality chairs typically feature steel or aluminum bases, back supports, and arms.

3.) High Rise Base

High Quality Office Chair Base

Basic chairs will typically feature black nylon bases. It's basically plastic that will wear out over time.  Nylon bases are perfectly fine for light use applications, but quality chairs will feature arched metal 5 star bases. They're pretty easy to spot as most of them will be polished and shiny.

4.) Waterfall Seat

Waterfall Office Chair Seat Edge

This feature is a bit harder to spot. Most chairs will feature a curved seat that's well padded to provide the user with a comfortable sit. Today's best chairs are being constructed the same way, except for one little attribute you need to be on the look out for. The waterfall seat edge is essentially a curved front that relieves knee pressure. It's not a total game changer in terms of comfort, but it is a pretty standard feature found on today's best office chairs (and not on those that are cheaply made) that you should be aware of.

5.) Contoured Back

Contoured Office Chair Back

Curved or contoured chair backs are a nice feature that should not be overlooked. The curve of a chair back will determine how and where support is generated during your sit. Today's high quality office chairs feature contoured backs that provide exceptional lumbar support. Due to the wide selection of chairs with different back curves, it's important to sit in as many as possible to determine what type of contour works best.

*Most top of the line office chairs will come standard with an adjustable lumbar support that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

6.) Adjustable Arms

Adjustable Office Chair Arms

Here's another easy spot that you need to be aware of! Adjustable chair arms typically feature a T-shaped design. They're the preferred choice for tasking and all day applications. Office chairs with fixed arms are typically used in conference room settings. With adjustable arms you'll be able to compute healthy and improve posture while reducing fatigue.

*Adjustable chair arms are pretty standard these days. Most chair arms simply raise and lower. High end adjustable task seating solutions feature multi functional arms that can be widened. They also boast pivoting arm caps. Be on the look out for these awesome features to help improve your sitting experience. They're a nice touch!

7.) Quality Casters

Dual Wheel Office Chair Casters

Make sure to check out the wheels on any office chair you're considering. You'll want to select a chair  that has dual wheel casters. Cheap casters are a mobility killer! Dual wheel casters for carpet and hardwood floors are available to ensure long term durability and a smooth operating experience.

8.) Durable Upholstery

Oroblanco Chair

A chair with cheap upholstery will be quickly worn out with everyday use. Alternatively, chairs with high quality fabric, mesh, and leather surfaces are built to last. This is where product reviews come in very handy. If you can't find an office chair showroom in your area, be sure to read reviews at trusted dealer sites. You can also watch demo videos on YouTube. If you're unsure about the quality of the chair upholstery, contact your chair provider directly. They'll be able to tell you what grade the upholstery is. The higher the grade, the more durable it is as upholsteries are rated by the amount of "double-rubs" they can withstand.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

5 Ways To Improve Your Learning Enviornments In 2018

If you want the best for your young minds, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 5 innovative ways to take your learning environments to the next level in 2018. From comfortable ergonomic chairs to magnetic marker boards, the helpful product suggestions showcased here are a must consider.

1.) Versatile Chairs

Classroom Chair with A Tablet Arm

First things first, your students are going to spend a lot of time sitting in their chairs when reading, taking tests, and tasking throughout the day. For this reason, it's important to provide them with comfortable seating that's easy to use. We recommend modern chairs specifically designed for classroom environments like those from the OFM Stars Foresee Collection. They come equipped with storage baskets underneath the seats that will keep your aisles organized. Stars Foresee chairs are also available with adjustable tablet arms that feature optional cupholders for improved versatility. The easy to clean seats and backs make for long term durability and good-looking learning interiors that spark creativity.

2.) Height Adjustable Workstations

Height Adjustable Workstation

Rest assured, you don't want your students sitting all day long. This causes good posture habits to suffer. Sitting for extended periods of time causes fatigue and poor blood flow. We recommend improving your classroom, library, and group work environments with height adjustable workstations. They'll encourage continuous movement and healthy habits that will pay dividends in the future. Popular height adjustable desks like the Verve and Sphere from Safco are a must consider. They're easy to use, affordable, and supremely beneficial.

3.) Collaborative Tables

Collaborative Classroom Table Configuration

Studies have shown that most students learn better when working in groups. If you're looking to encourage creativity and collaboration, Zook tables from Global are the way to go. These innovative multi purpose tables are available with surface level power inputs and in more than 20 finish options. With Zook tables, the configuration possibilities are practically limitless. They'll allow you and your students to think outside the box and form smart layouts that keep the good ideas flowing.

4.) Portable Power Modules

Power Module with USB Ports

These days it's all about tablets, laptops, and devices that improve the learning experience. With the demand for powered products comes an increased need for accessible outlets. If you're tired of your students converging around space wall outlets, invest in a portable power module like the FlexCharge9 from ESI Ergonomic Solutions. At just $175.00, this awesome classroom add-on is a must have. The FlexCharge9 boasts 5 AC inputs and 4 USB ports.

5.) Magnetic Marker Boards

Magnetic Marker Board

Last but not least, it's time to think outside the realm of traditional chalk boards. In truth, they've become a bit old school. This year you can modernize your learning environments with magnetic marker boards. They'll improve presentations while eliminating those screeching chalk sounds that make the hairs on your neck stand up. All jokes aside, magnetic marker boards a great for pretty much any space you can think of. The marker boards on wheels from brands like MooreCo and Global are incredibly versatile and great alternative to the traditional green chalk board that doesn't little more than take up valuable wall space.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Functional Furniture: Multi Purpose Office Tables

Are you tired of furniture that just sits around and doesn't do anything special? You're not alone. Businesses across the country can rest assured that today's top furniture brands have your needs in mind. These days office furniture is expected to improve versatility, encourage collaboration, and much more. Today in our 'Functional Furniture' series we'll highlight multi purpose office tables that do just that!

Focal Collision Table by SafcoCheck out the 2253CTMK Safco Focal Series Collision table that includes Mogo leaning stools. This sweet little bundle is all about ergonomically correct collaboration. The Focal Collision table from Safco boasts a spacious 38" diameter operating surface that's 40.25" off the ground. This means you can stand or lean to work and avoid this health risks associated from extended meetings in the seated position. The Mogo stools included in this bundle are of particular note as the provide exceptional support and the ergonomic benefits needed to keep you and your fellow workers operating at peak performance levels.

Height Adjustable Conference TableYou'll also want to consider the Safco Confluence table for your conference and boardroom meetings. This height adjustable multi purpose table features a boat shaped top that's available in 5 finish options. Our personal favorite is the white dry erase surface as it's great for taking notes. This collaborative table is great for small groups and offers a cool modern look that's sure to impress. Two sizes are available.

Standing Height Table with PowerSafco isn't the only brand crafting ultra cool multi purpose office tables in 2018. The team at OFM is rocking interiors across the country with the tables from their Endure collection. Popular options like the 9008 model feature standing height surfaces, swivel out stools, and surface level power inputs. Talk about attention to detail! These heavy duty tables are perfect for bistro, conference room, training, and even classroom applications.

Multi Purpose Stack TableThe all new polypropylene tables from the Global Duet series are versatile, affordable, and practical. This line of multi purpose tables can be effectively used in a variety of applications from the training room to the classroom. Duet tables are available in a variety of attractive color options. They can be stacked up to 20 high on an optional dolly to make transporting them from space to space a breeze.

Coffee Table That Holds MagazinesThe Modway EEI-2091 model Polaris table is a cool option for your waiting room. This popular coffee table doubles as a handy magazine rack to create modern vibes and improved functionality. The Polaris collection also includes a matching side table that can also store reading material in your lobby, lounge, or waiting room.

Coffee Table with USB InputsWe're loving the all new multi purpose tables from the Woodstock Marketing Jefferson Series. They're modular, contemporary, and ready to improve the guest experience. Jefferson tables are available in 3 shapes that can be used with the matching seating from this collection to create awesome layouts for guests that maximize square footage. As an added bonus, Jefferson lobby tables boast powered tops with pop up AC and USB inputs.

Mayline Even Series Work TableLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the multi purpose tables from the Mayline Even collection. This line of modular furniture is rapidly becoming a go to option for design teams and businesses looking to create open concept office interiors that encourage collaboration. Even series work tables make it easy to accommodate groups of any size. These easy to spec tables are a nice alternative to traditional cubicle systems that make workers feel closed off from one another. From the training room to the work floor, this new line excels and performs extremely well.