Friday, February 16, 2018

Functional Furniture: Multi Purpose Office Tables

Are you tired of furniture that just sits around and doesn't do anything special? You're not alone. Businesses across the country can rest assured that today's top furniture brands have your needs in mind. These days office furniture is expected to improve versatility, encourage collaboration, and much more. Today in our 'Functional Furniture' series we'll highlight multi purpose office tables that do just that!

Focal Collision Table by SafcoCheck out the 2253CTMK Safco Focal Series Collision table that includes Mogo leaning stools. This sweet little bundle is all about ergonomically correct collaboration. The Focal Collision table from Safco boasts a spacious 38" diameter operating surface that's 40.25" off the ground. This means you can stand or lean to work and avoid this health risks associated from extended meetings in the seated position. The Mogo stools included in this bundle are of particular note as the provide exceptional support and the ergonomic benefits needed to keep you and your fellow workers operating at peak performance levels.

Height Adjustable Conference TableYou'll also want to consider the Safco Confluence table for your conference and boardroom meetings. This height adjustable multi purpose table features a boat shaped top that's available in 5 finish options. Our personal favorite is the white dry erase surface as it's great for taking notes. This collaborative table is great for small groups and offers a cool modern look that's sure to impress. Two sizes are available.

Standing Height Table with PowerSafco isn't the only brand crafting ultra cool multi purpose office tables in 2018. The team at OFM is rocking interiors across the country with the tables from their Endure collection. Popular options like the 9008 model feature standing height surfaces, swivel out stools, and surface level power inputs. Talk about attention to detail! These heavy duty tables are perfect for bistro, conference room, training, and even classroom applications.

Multi Purpose Stack TableThe all new polypropylene tables from the Global Duet series are versatile, affordable, and practical. This line of multi purpose tables can be effectively used in a variety of applications from the training room to the classroom. Duet tables are available in a variety of attractive color options. They can be stacked up to 20 high on an optional dolly to make transporting them from space to space a breeze.

Coffee Table That Holds MagazinesThe Modway EEI-2091 model Polaris table is a cool option for your waiting room. This popular coffee table doubles as a handy magazine rack to create modern vibes and improved functionality. The Polaris collection also includes a matching side table that can also store reading material in your lobby, lounge, or waiting room.

Coffee Table with USB InputsWe're loving the all new multi purpose tables from the Woodstock Marketing Jefferson Series. They're modular, contemporary, and ready to improve the guest experience. Jefferson tables are available in 3 shapes that can be used with the matching seating from this collection to create awesome layouts for guests that maximize square footage. As an added bonus, Jefferson lobby tables boast powered tops with pop up AC and USB inputs.

Mayline Even Series Work TableLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the multi purpose tables from the Mayline Even collection. This line of modular furniture is rapidly becoming a go to option for design teams and businesses looking to create open concept office interiors that encourage collaboration. Even series work tables make it easy to accommodate groups of any size. These easy to spec tables are a nice alternative to traditional cubicle systems that make workers feel closed off from one another. From the training room to the work floor, this new line excels and performs extremely well.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Introducing The OFM Edge Series!

OFM Edge Series
The team at OFM is at it again. This industry leader takes pride in crafting fashionable furniture and seating solutions that competing brands can only hope to imitate. Take one look at their all new Edge collection and you'll see what we mean. The desks, tables, and stools from this line are guaranteed to help you create awesome interiors that are up to date with the latest trends.

OFM Edge Desk Surface and LegEven at first glance the Edge collection impresses. It's hard not to love the blend of retro-industrial vibes the furniture and seating from this hot new line has to offer. Edge desk and table surfaces are constructed of solid elm wood and stained a stunning walnut tone.

If you're looking for furniture that's built to last and withstand the rigors of the modern workplace, the desks and tables from the Edge series are definitely worth serious consideration. The 10 gauge steel legs with an antique brown finish perfectly display the attention to detail OFM takes when designing their products. Needless to say, Edge products are pretty hard to wear out!

Industrial Conference TableAs modern office furniture trends come and go, the timeless look of industrial furniture remains a staple. In fact, many design teams will tell you that retro-industrial furniture is the preferred choice for remodeling projects in 2018. With components from the Edge collection you can ensure clean, classy, and on-trend interiors.

Industrial Writing DeskThe 33362 model desk from the Edge series boasts a 63" wide surface that pairs with heavy duty legs that pair with a full steel frame structure and support. Yea... this thing is stable! The Edge desk is an excellent option for designers, architects, and any worker who primarily uses a laptop. This industrial writing desk is a real head turner and a great buy at $433.99.

The backless stools from the Edge collection offer an exceptional combination of durability and appeal. While they look fixed, the stool seats are actually height adjustable. A choice fo 30" and 24" variations are available to meet your dining and bar height seating needs.

Elm Wood Conference Table with Metal LegsLast but not least, we wanted to wrap up this feature-post on the Edge series by telling you a little bit about our favorite product from this line. The Edge series 33378 model conference room table is an absolute winner in the workplace and breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly similar table styles. At just $527.99, this cool new table is also an absolute bargain. With a 2" thick operating surface, the 33378 table looks and feels like it should be 3 times the price. Put this table in your meeting area and then sit back and let the compliments roll in!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 Office Chair Alternatives To Consider In 2018

If you're traditional office chair isn't cutting it, you're in the right place. In truth, comfort is in the eye of the beholder and office chairs aren't a "one size fits all" solution to healthy computing. We all have different operational needs, and thanks to brands like Safco and Eurotech, thinking outside the box is easier than ever. If you're having a hard time achieving the support you need to work effectively, check out these traditional office chair alternatives in 2018.

1.) Focal Locus

Safco Focal Locus Leaning Chair with Anti Fatigue Mat

First up is the Focal Locus from Safco. Even at first glance this chair will have you doing double takes. This bold seating solution features a non-slip, easy to clean, contoured surface that's designed to reduce pressure points. The pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement and connects to an anti-fatigue mat that provides a more comfortable work experience. The FLT-1000 model Focal Locus from Safco supports leaning posture and encourages a hip to torso range of 130 to 135 degrees which reduces spinal pressure and the pressure on your connecting muscles when compared to simply standing to work.

2.) Nuvem

Eurotech Nuvem Recliner

If you find today's chair styles to be a bit boring, the Nuvem is definitely worth a look. This executive style recliner from Eurotech Seating is nothing short of cool. Rest assured, wow factor will not be hard to achieve with this luxurious chair and ottoman package. The Nuvem is available in a choice of black and white leather. An adjustable laptop tablet arm is standard that makes it easy to work while simultaneously kicking back. The integrated headrest is a nice touch that provides exceptional neck support. This traditional office chair alternative is an absolute winner.

3.) Up-Rite

MooreCo Up-Rite Ergonomic Stools

The 34796 model Up-Rite height adjustable sit to stand stool from MooreCo is versatile, durable, and effective. This chair alternative is perfect for training room, classroom, medical facility, and commercial applications. The rugged seat and frame are easy to clean and built for the demands of the modern workplace.

4.) Vivo

Vivo Leaning Stool

Perch stools are the latest ergonomic craze. They're intended for user with standing height office furniture and encourage continuous movement in the workplace. This year you'll see plenty of perch stools on the market, but out personal favorite is the 2800 model Vivo from OFM. It's available for just $156.99 in 5 attractive color options. The integrated rear handle makes the Vivo portable and great for workers on the go. The ability to tilt, rotate, and swivel 360 degrees makes for an awesome sitting experience that will reduce energy dips and improve posture.

5.) Zenergy

Inflatable Exercise Ball Office Chair

Last but not least is the Zenergy, another cool chair alternative from the team at Safco. The 4760 model Zenergy exercise ball chair from Safco swivels to encourage core muscle movement. If you're looking for ways to stay active, this is the perfect product for you. The Zenergy is comfortable and surprisingly practical. It's extremely well made compared to the other inflatable office chairs on the market. The Zenergy is available in a variety of attractive color options and includes a pump to help you achieve just the right amount of support.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Coming Soon: Global Zook Tables

Global Zook CollectionThere's exciting things happening in the furniture world. In just a few short weeks, the all new Zook collection from Global will be available nationally. This full service line of collaborative office furniture promotes interaction, creativity, and so much more. Today on the blog we'll give you sneak peek of the Zook line and the attributes that are poised to make it one of the best new collections of 2018.

Global Zook TablesGlobal designed the Zook table series to adapt to the physical demands of today's active learning environments. Take one look at them and you'll instantly be impressed. Zook series collaborative office tables are modern and practical. They're ready to make a professional statement without being too over the top.

The all new Zook collection is going to offer an array of stand alone tables in various shapes and sizes. These modular office tables can be used to create group configurations that maximize interaction without sacrificing operational versatility and functionality.

Collaborative Training Room
Global says that the new Zook line will lay the foundation for the modern classroom. We couldn't agree more. If you're tired seeing the same old student desks and want to think outside the box, Zook is the perfect collection for your educational facility.

Zook tables are going to be available individually, or as apart of larger configurations that simplify the remodeling process. The muti purpose tables from this line will be offered in more than 20 designer finish options.

These cutting edge Global office tables will also be an excellent option for professional training room use. Zook tables can be outfitted with powered bases that help to streamline activities and won't leave users searching for wall outlets during important strategizing sessions.

Modern Classroom Furniture
There's really nothing to critique about this new line of collaborative office furniture. Global has really outdone themselves with the Zook line. All of the models from this collection will be competitively priced and made to order. If you're loving the look of Zook tables, prepare in advance as they'll take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to manufacturer. These aren't just sitting in boxes in a warehouse. All Global products are extremely well made and built to last.

It just goest to show, not all furniture is created equal. Wether you're looking to design a collaborative training room or looking to create a modernized classroom, Zook has you're operational needs covered.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Office Desk Sale 2018

Valentine's Day Office Furniture Sale
Valentine's Day is just about here and we're feeling the love. This week we'll be offering exclusive deals on new standing desks, executive workstations, and cool computer desks from our favorite brands. Here you'll find best selling office desks designed to improve operational efficiency and corporate appeal for sale at up to 50% off retail. As an added bonus, we're offering free shipping on all orders with no purchase minimums.

1.) Safco Verve Standing Desk 1959 - $349.99 + FREE Shipping!
Discount Ergonomic Furniture

2.) Safco Focal Sphere Adjustable Standing Desk LET-1000 - $1211.99 + FREE Shipping!

Best Standing Desk

3.) Safco Xpressions Standing Desk 1941TG - $299.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Standing Height Computer Desk

Discount Desk

5.) OFM Edge Vintage Writing Desk 33362 - $433.99 + FREE Shipping!

Vintage Desk

Adjustable Height Laptop Desk

7.) Mayline Medina Executive Desk Set MNT41 - $1512.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Medina Office Furniture

8.) Global Genoa Desk and Credenza Set GEN501 - $894.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global Genoa Furniture

9.) Global Adaptabilities U-Desk ADP506R -  $1172.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global Adaptabilities Desk

10.) Global StreamLINE Executive Desk STM504R - $2010.99 + FREE Shipping!

StreamLINE Desk

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Friday, February 9, 2018

February Finds: New Products from OFM, Safco, and Offices To Go!

It's shaping up to be an awesome month in the world of furniture and seating. Brands like OFM, Safco, and Offices To Go are paving the way with products designed to improve corporate appeal and operational versatility. In this edition of 'February Finds' we'll showcase the cool new desks, tables, and chairs from these industry leaders. Prepare to be impressed!

Retro Writing DeskThe all new Edge collection from OFM is poised for success in 2018. This line of industrial office furniture with retro flair offers mid century vibes and high quality components designed to last a lifetime. The 33362 model Edge vintage writing desk with metal legs features a solid elm wood surface that's stained a dark walnut tone that offers timeless appeal. This professional grade desk is perfect for home and business laptop users in need of an office style infusion.

You'll also want to check out the ergonomic ball chairs and perch stools from the team at Safco. They're incredibly versatile and equally stylish. A Safco ball chair will help you stay active while computing at your desk. Our personal favorite is the 4760 model from the Zenergy line as it swivel to encourage core muscle movement. This inflatable chair is available in a choice of 5 attractive color options, including black vinyl for $199.99. However, the operational benefits gained are priceless!

Mogo Leaning StoolIn addition to their ball chairs, Safco is rocking the workplace in February and beyond with ergonomic perch stools like the Mogo. This portable seat with a post leg can be used both indoors and out. The Mogo is great for workers on the go and is intended for use at standing height surfaces. At just $125.99, it's an absolute bargain buy.

Offices To Go Chairs 2018We're loving the new lineup of office chairs from Offices To Go. They're comfortable, affordable, and stylish. One of our team favorites is the 11920B. This user friendly mesh back task chair for everyday computing is being introduced at just $170.99 for a limited time. The 11920B packs a major ergonomic punch with its adjustable arms, tilter mechanism, ventilated back, and natural contours.

Upscale Office ChairGoing for more of an upscale look? Check out the 11325B! This executive mesh chair with an adjustable lumbar support is nothing short of luxurious. The best part is, it's also affordable. At just $234.99, the 11325B is not only the chair of the month, it's an early candidate to take our "Chair of The Year" award!

Indiana Furniture Toby StoolWe're super excited to announce that we've officially added Indiana Furniture to our list of available brands. While their furniture is made to order and won't be found on our site, we did add their quick ship Eden and Toby. The Eden chair is a high end option for executive interiors while the Toby is perfectly suited for collaborative interiors like the conference room and training area. We love the Toby chair as it's easy to clean, durable, and available in 3 color options. The Toby line also offers bar height and counter height stools that can be used in break room, bistro, and cafe areas.

Empress Tufted Fabric SofaLast but not least, we're wrapping up this edition of February Finds with a bang. Take one look at all the new sofas we've added from Modway and you'll see what we mean. If you love the look of tufted furniture (and who doesn't), then check out a mid century modern sofa from Modway like the Empress. Available in fabric, leather, and sectional variations, the Empress is ready to impress! Modway's array of designer sofas also includes upscale options for high end home living room and office waiting area applications. With more than 40 new options to choose from, meeting your specific decor needs is a breeze. You'll also want to check out the complimenting accent tables from this reputable brand.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Work Smart & Healthy With The Focal Locus From Safco

Safco Focal Locus Perch Stool
The team at Safco has made it their mission to craft cutting edge ergonomic seating solutions that improve posture, blood flow, and comfort in the workplace. This reputable manufacturer is a cut above the competition. Give their Focal Locus perch stool that attaches to an anti-fatigue mat a try and you'll quickly see what we mean. Today on the blog we'll showcase this innovative product and it's unrivaled benefits.
Ergonomic Leaning Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

First and foremost, the Focal Locus is really cool! Even from a distance you'll be doing double takes. Is it a chair? Is it a stool? Is it some kind of a spacecraft? This ergonomic seating solution is distinctively modern and equally beneficial.

Leaning Stool for A Stand Up DeskProducts this innovative must be tested in person to be fully appreciated. You're probably thinking this thing is a bit crazy and over the top. In all honesty, it's definitely unique. That being said, it's also pretty practical. With the popularity of standing height workstations at an all time high, perch stools like the Focal Locus are going to be a staple in professional settings.

Focal Locus Chair Seat and MechanismLet's get into the specifics, shall we? The Focal Locus features a non slip, easy to clean, contoured seat cushion which helps to reduce pressure points. The pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement wile the seat pan tilt up to 5 degrees to support hip flexibility.

Ergonomic Workstation with Standing Desk and Perch StoolThe Focal Locus supports leaning posture and encourages a hip to torso range of 130 to 135 degrees which provides less pressure on your spine and connecting muscles when compared to simply standing up to work.

An easy to adjust piston release handle can be used to raise and lower the seat to meet your specific operational needs. This perch stool that's connecting to an anti fatigue mat work to relieve stress on your feet and lower body versus having your feet on the floor while leaning.

Ergonomic Office Products That WorkDesigned by Martin Keen, the Focal Locus accommodates users between 4'11" and 6'8" and up to 300 pounds. The post folds for easy storage and integrated wheels in the base mat make for easy portability.

Why are ergonomic leaning stools like the Focal Locus important? In a nutshell, they relieve stress and encourage continuous movement in the workplace. As sitting for long periods of time can actually reduce your life span, it's important to stay active while computing. Simply sitting in an office chair for hours on end isn't healthy.

Safco Focal Locus ReviewThis Safco ergonomic seating solution works with just about any standing height surface you can think of. The Focal Locus can be taken on the go and used where you need it, when you need it. This high tech product is certainly ahead of it's time, but that's the way Safco likes it. They know that to truly improve posture, efficiency, and health in the workplace, you can't be scared to take chances.

After a thorough sit test, we feel the FLT-1000 Focal Locus ergonomic chair setup is an absolute winner. It's fashionable, beneficial, and surprisingly affordable. We were honestly expecting this thing to cost a thousand bucks. At $535.99 we feel it's a pretty good buy and a great alternative to traditional office chairs that lack the ability to provide support to users when working from the stand-up position.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Offices To Go 11920B Chair Is A Hit!

Offices To Go 11920B Chair Review
When it comes to professional office seating, Offices To Go knows their stuff. This respected manufacturer has made it their mission to improve comfort without breaking the budget in 2018. This years lineup of chairs includes 13 new models, one of which has become an instant favorite. The 11920B is a must consider for any shopper looking to improve posture without breaking the bank.

Popular Office ChairThe first thing you'll notice about the 11920B chair from OTG is the ventilated mesh back. Horizontal rows of mesh work together to create a distinctive modern look that's ready to earn any workspace the compliments it deserves. The mesh will also help keep users cool while computing.

Practical Mesh Back Task ChairThis modern office chair is fashionable while remaining practical. The 11920B offers the well rounded characteristics and everyday good looks needed to make a statement without overpowering surrounding office furniture.

Comfort is most certainly in the eye of the beholder. That being said, we absolutely love the support provided by this new Offices To Go mesh chair. The 11920B boasts ergonomically correct contours that provide exceptional lumbar support without the need for adjusting.

11920B Chair - Rear ViewAdjustable chair arms are pretty common these days, and the 11920B has a set of its own. What's uncommon is the combination of a waterfall seat, tilter mechanism with single position tilt lock, and a tilt tension adjustment knob for just $170.99.

11920B Chair - Side ViewNeedless to say, this practical office chair for everyday computing is an absolute value buy. The 11920B is supremely versatile and a great choice for just about any application you can throw at it. In the conference room, this chair is an affordable option that will keep you visitors comfortable. On the work floor and in private interiors, the 11920B serves as a fashionable piece that's ready for all day tasking.

Additional features that standout include the twin wheel carpet casters for ease of mobility, as well as the pneumatic seat height adjustment and high rise base. In all honestly, the 11920B mesh back swivel chair is the total package of value, style, and comfort.

11920B Chair RatingWe feel comfortable giving this new Offices To Go mesh back managers chair a 4 out of 5 star rating. We'd like to see a few more color options, but it's really not that big of a deal as black is never going out of style! After an in-depth sit test we came away very impressed and feel confident telling you that the 11920B is going to be a huge hit in 2018 and beyond.