Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 Office Chair Alternatives To Consider In 2018

If you're traditional office chair isn't cutting it, you're in the right place. In truth, comfort is in the eye of the beholder and office chairs aren't a "one size fits all" solution to healthy computing. We all have different operational needs, and thanks to brands like Safco and Eurotech, thinking outside the box is easier than ever. If you're having a hard time achieving the support you need to work effectively, check out these traditional office chair alternatives in 2018.

1.) Focal Locus

Safco Focal Locus Leaning Chair with Anti Fatigue Mat

First up is the Focal Locus from Safco. Even at first glance this chair will have you doing double takes. This bold seating solution features a non-slip, easy to clean, contoured surface that's designed to reduce pressure points. The pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement and connects to an anti-fatigue mat that provides a more comfortable work experience. The FLT-1000 model Focal Locus from Safco supports leaning posture and encourages a hip to torso range of 130 to 135 degrees which reduces spinal pressure and the pressure on your connecting muscles when compared to simply standing to work.

2.) Nuvem

Eurotech Nuvem Recliner

If you find today's chair styles to be a bit boring, the Nuvem is definitely worth a look. This executive style recliner from Eurotech Seating is nothing short of cool. Rest assured, wow factor will not be hard to achieve with this luxurious chair and ottoman package. The Nuvem is available in a choice of black and white leather. An adjustable laptop tablet arm is standard that makes it easy to work while simultaneously kicking back. The integrated headrest is a nice touch that provides exceptional neck support. This traditional office chair alternative is an absolute winner.

3.) Up-Rite

MooreCo Up-Rite Ergonomic Stools

The 34796 model Up-Rite height adjustable sit to stand stool from MooreCo is versatile, durable, and effective. This chair alternative is perfect for training room, classroom, medical facility, and commercial applications. The rugged seat and frame are easy to clean and built for the demands of the modern workplace.

4.) Vivo

Vivo Leaning Stool

Perch stools are the latest ergonomic craze. They're intended for user with standing height office furniture and encourage continuous movement in the workplace. This year you'll see plenty of perch stools on the market, but out personal favorite is the 2800 model Vivo from OFM. It's available for just $156.99 in 5 attractive color options. The integrated rear handle makes the Vivo portable and great for workers on the go. The ability to tilt, rotate, and swivel 360 degrees makes for an awesome sitting experience that will reduce energy dips and improve posture.

5.) Zenergy

Inflatable Exercise Ball Office Chair

Last but not least is the Zenergy, another cool chair alternative from the team at Safco. The 4760 model Zenergy exercise ball chair from Safco swivels to encourage core muscle movement. If you're looking for ways to stay active, this is the perfect product for you. The Zenergy is comfortable and surprisingly practical. It's extremely well made compared to the other inflatable office chairs on the market. The Zenergy is available in a variety of attractive color options and includes a pump to help you achieve just the right amount of support.

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