Thursday, February 22, 2018

Office Ergonomics 2018: 8 Products That Promote Activity In The Workplace

It's all about staying active in 2018. If you're looking to avoid extended sits that cause fatigue and poor blood flow, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 innovative products that encourage continuous movement in the workplace. These ergonomically correct components will keep your muscles working and your mind sharp. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

The Zenergy from Safco is a cool alternative to the traditional office chair. This inflatable ball chair will help keep your core muscles moving while computing at your desk. The Zenergy is available for $179.99 and includes a pump to help you customize your sit.

2.) Systematix Volante Attachment

Volante Sit To Stand Attachment

Transform your exiting desk into an active sit to stand workstation with the Volante from Systematix. This user friendly attachment works with almost any surface and even includes an adjustable keyboard platform.

3.) OFM Mesa Podium

OFM Mesa Podium

You'll love the Mesa podium from OFM. This user friendly product doubles as a height adjustable laptop desk. The 66100 model Mesa podium is great for conference room, classroom, and training environments. It's also a bargain buy at just $195.99.

4.) Mayline ML Workstation

Electric Height Adjustable Table

The ML furniture line from Mayline is perfect for collaborative work environments. If you're looking to kick those old school cubicles to the curb and promote active, energetic, and creative work habits, this is the line for you. ML Tables are available in a variety of size, shape, and finish options. These electric height adjustable tables are upscale and incredibly well made.

5.) Flash Furniture Laptop Desk

Height Adjustable Laptop Desk

Are you looking to stay active in your home office or in a small workspace? If so, we recommend the NAN-IP-10-GG height adjustable laptop desk from Flash Furniture. It's modern, fashionable, affordable, and very easy to use. This sit to stand desk will keep you moving while reducing the need for extended sits.

6.) Global Hand Crank Tables

Adjustable Hand Crank Table

There's nothing wrong with simple and effective! The hand crank tables from Global are practical, easy to use, and designed to keep you active in the workplace. These multi purpose tables are great for classroom, training, and even private office environments.

7.) Symmetry Sit To Stand Monitor Arm

Adjustable Computer Screen Mount

The sit to stand monitor arms and keyboard trays from the Symmetry Office Allure series work together to create active office interiors. With a dual screen Allure monitor arm like the ALLURE-2-SS you can reduce physical strain and visual fatigue while simultaneously cutting down on the time spend flipping back and forth between open browser windows.

8.) Safco Confluence Table

Safco Confluence Table

Last but certainly not least, we're wrapping up today's post with another awesome product from Safco. Admittedly, the FCT-94-A-S Confluence table is one of our team favorites here at These adjustable height conference tables are intended for stand up collaborating. Confluence tables are incredibly versatile and unique. If you're looking to promote activity and skip the purchase of a traditional conference room table that pretty much just sits there, check out the Confluence. You'll never turn back!

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