Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Office Remodeling 2018: Coastal, Mid Century, and Ergonomic Themes are Trending!

Before kicking off a full scale office remodeling project, it's helpful to know what products and design themes are trending. That being said, this year it's all about coastal, mid century, and ergonomic interiors with an open concept feel. Wondering how to design a space of your own that's up to date with the latest trends? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll highlight cool interiors and the fashionable products used to create them. Enjoy!

Coastal Executive Office InteriorCheck out this coastal office interior that was created with textured driftwood furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection. It's light, open, and upscale! The desk utilized in this workspace is a STL10. It features a rear wall credenza that's accented with an overhead hutch that's hard to miss. The opaque acrylic accents add to the coastal vibe without being too over the top. This executive interior captures the coastal feel without looking to beachy or like a home office.

Coastal Home OfficeIf you're looking to create a coastal home workspace, check out the writing desks from Modway. The Tinker is our personal favorite. It's spacious and luxurious. At $858.50 it's a good buy that will serve as the foundation of your coastal design theme. The Tinker desk is available in natural and walnut finish options that pair well with beach-tones like light blue, yellow, and green.

Design Tip: When creating coastal office interiors, there's no substitute for natural light! Opening up your blinds will make your space feel more alive and vibrant. You'll also want to consider accenting your space with unique coastal treasures from the shops around your beach. You can find new pieces online from major retailers, but the one-of-a-kind items sourced locally will really pull your space together.

Mid Century Waiting Room LayoutWe really love the mid century office furniture that's hitting the market these days. From chairs to desks, the mid century movement is in full swing. Take a look at this guest lounge area furnished with modular seating from the Woodstock Marketing Jefferson collection. Talk about style! This space offers the perfect blend of comfort, wow factor, and mid century flair. The curved layout of burgundy fabric chairs pairs perfectly with the circular coffee table with a white marble top. The table itself is the real surprise as the surface features pop-up power inputs and USB ports.

Mid Century Modern Home OfficeCreating a mid century home office is easier than ever. Again you'll want to turn to Modway for your furniture needs. They've really cornered the market with their designer desks and chairs. The space you're seeing here boasts their EEI-1188 Warp desk that we just can't get enough of. It's unique curves offer distinctive mid century vibes that will earn your space compliments from every guest who enters it.

DIY Mid Century WorkspaceDesign Tip: You can also go the DIY route if you're loving the mid century modern look. Awesome desks, wall art, and lighting fixtures can all be found at local thrift stores and antique markets on a budget. Swap meets and flea markets are also worth a look. With a little patience and some dedication you can put together a really well rounded space with a personalized touch!

Ergonomically Correct Interior with Standing Desk and Perch StoolNo trend is currently hotter than ergonomically correct office interiors. Why you ask? They're about far more than just good looks! A revamped workspace designed with ergonomic components will encourage creativity, healthy computing, and good posture. The space pictured on the left is a great example. It's equipped with height adjustable desks and perch stools with anti-fatigue mats from Safco.

Ergonomic Conference RoomYou don't have to commit to an overly modern look to create an ergonomically correct office interior in 2018. With the standing height tables from the OFM Endure collection you can blend the best of modern ergonomics and industrial appeal. These well rounded tables boast swivel out seats and powered surfaces that eliminate the need for outlet hunting in every environment from the conference room to the coffee shop.

Design Tip: When it comes to creating an ergonomic office interior, the difference is in the details. As not all products are a must, be tactful in selecting accessories that work in harmony together. For example; monitor arms pair well with articulating keyboard trays and height adjustable desks pair well with perch stools.

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