Thursday, February 8, 2018

Work Smart & Healthy With The Focal Locus From Safco

Safco Focal Locus Perch Stool
The team at Safco has made it their mission to craft cutting edge ergonomic seating solutions that improve posture, blood flow, and comfort in the workplace. This reputable manufacturer is a cut above the competition. Give their Focal Locus perch stool that attaches to an anti-fatigue mat a try and you'll quickly see what we mean. Today on the blog we'll showcase this innovative product and it's unrivaled benefits.
Ergonomic Leaning Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

First and foremost, the Focal Locus is really cool! Even from a distance you'll be doing double takes. Is it a chair? Is it a stool? Is it some kind of a spacecraft? This ergonomic seating solution is distinctively modern and equally beneficial.

Leaning Stool for A Stand Up DeskProducts this innovative must be tested in person to be fully appreciated. You're probably thinking this thing is a bit crazy and over the top. In all honesty, it's definitely unique. That being said, it's also pretty practical. With the popularity of standing height workstations at an all time high, perch stools like the Focal Locus are going to be a staple in professional settings.

Focal Locus Chair Seat and MechanismLet's get into the specifics, shall we? The Focal Locus features a non slip, easy to clean, contoured seat cushion which helps to reduce pressure points. The pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement wile the seat pan tilt up to 5 degrees to support hip flexibility.

Ergonomic Workstation with Standing Desk and Perch StoolThe Focal Locus supports leaning posture and encourages a hip to torso range of 130 to 135 degrees which provides less pressure on your spine and connecting muscles when compared to simply standing up to work.

An easy to adjust piston release handle can be used to raise and lower the seat to meet your specific operational needs. This perch stool that's connecting to an anti fatigue mat work to relieve stress on your feet and lower body versus having your feet on the floor while leaning.

Ergonomic Office Products That WorkDesigned by Martin Keen, the Focal Locus accommodates users between 4'11" and 6'8" and up to 300 pounds. The post folds for easy storage and integrated wheels in the base mat make for easy portability.

Why are ergonomic leaning stools like the Focal Locus important? In a nutshell, they relieve stress and encourage continuous movement in the workplace. As sitting for long periods of time can actually reduce your life span, it's important to stay active while computing. Simply sitting in an office chair for hours on end isn't healthy.

Safco Focal Locus ReviewThis Safco ergonomic seating solution works with just about any standing height surface you can think of. The Focal Locus can be taken on the go and used where you need it, when you need it. This high tech product is certainly ahead of it's time, but that's the way Safco likes it. They know that to truly improve posture, efficiency, and health in the workplace, you can't be scared to take chances.

After a thorough sit test, we feel the FLT-1000 Focal Locus ergonomic chair setup is an absolute winner. It's fashionable, beneficial, and surprisingly affordable. We were honestly expecting this thing to cost a thousand bucks. At $535.99 we feel it's a pretty good buy and a great alternative to traditional office chairs that lack the ability to provide support to users when working from the stand-up position.

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