Thursday, March 29, 2018

Design Ideas: Furniture Collections For Large Projects

If you're tackling a big makeover project, the average home office furniture collection isn't going to get the job done. You need a line of commercial desks, tables, and storage components to conduct a professional remodel that's up to date with today's standards. That's where we come in! Today in our 'Design Ideas' series we'll provide collection suggestions for success! These full service lines from brands like Global, OFM, and Bush are the best in the business.

Zira Office Furniture1.) Zira

First up is the Global Zira office furniture collection. In all honesty, it's our favorite line. Why you ask? One word... Versatility!  You can do it all with Zira. With modular desks, power ready conference room tables, reception stations, and unique storage components, Zira can be used to effectively outfit interiors of any size. Zira components are available in more than 20 finish options that will help distinguish your profession interiors. With Zira, your large scale makeover will be a breeze. You won't have to mix and match products from a variety of brands. Global also crafts some of the best seating solutions on the market!

OFM Rize Cubicles2.) Rize

Simplify your work floor remodeling project with the collaborative panel furniture from the OFM Rize collection. Believe it or not, this line of cubicles requires no tools for assembly. If you're looking to expedite your makeover, not spend a fortune, and create a really great looking space, Rize components are the way to go. They're typically in stock and leave the factory within just 2 days of order. Rize components can also be used to create guest welcoming desks for a cohesive look from the front of your business to the back.

Bush 400 Series3.) 400 Series

We can't say enough good things about the 400 series from Bush Business Furniture. This full service line offers height adjustable ergonomic desks, industrial flair, and the modular components to create multi user desks. As the sit to stand movement is in full swing, the adjustable writing desks from the 400 series have become incredibly popular. These stations encourage continuous movement while reducing strain and fatigue. As we sit for long periods of time, even the best posture habits suffer. With the 400 series you can fight back against extended sits in style!

Cherryman Amber Collaborative Work Floor Furniture4.) Amber

The Cherryman Industries Amber office furniture collection has been transformed from a cost effective line of desks to a full service line of work floor furniture and modular conference room tables. Just a couple of months ago, Cherryman introduced an all new Amber finish called Valley Gray that will do wonders for your project. This trendy tone paired with the affordable components from the Amber line will set you up for remodeling success.

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Components5.) Superior Laminate

Last but not least, the Superior Laminate collection from Offices To Go is perfect for large remodeling projects. This line of modular furniture is practical and budget friendly. OTG Superior Laminate desk configurations are available in 5 in-stock finishes. The pieces from this collection can also be purchased individually to create custom layouts for single and multi user applications. The Superior Laminate line is perhaps the best buy on the market today. This collection is well rounded, easy to spec, and a perfect option for rookie remodelers tackling larger jobs!

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