Thursday, March 8, 2018

Featured Product: Offices To Go 11340B Nesting Chair

Offices To Go 2018
The new lineup of office chairs from Offices To Go is taking 2018 by storm. One of our favorite new seating solutions from this industry leading brand is the 11340B nesting chair. This multi purpose chair offers exceptional versatility and operational functionality. Today we'll showcase the 11340B of the blog and the attributes that make it a winner. Enjoy!

11340B nesting chairFirst and foremost, the 11340B chair is practical. It gets the job done without the need for over-the-top modern flair. This well rounded office chair is built to provide a reliable sitting experience without overpowering your complimenting furniture.

practical office chairIf you're looking for a statement piece, this probably ins't your best bet. That being said, if you want a chair that's got a professional look and won't let you down, the 11340B has you covered.

Once seated in this multi purpose chair you'll immediately notice the thick padded seat. It's a breath of fresh air in a world filled with plastic nesting chairs that are difficult to use throughout extended gatherings due to a lack of support.

best training room chairThe 11340B is equipped with black polypropylene arms and a breathable mesh back that's designed to prevent overheating. The black painted steel frame ensures long term durability while the swiveling carpet casters make for smooth operation.

At just $165.99, the 11340B is hard to beat. We think it's the best nesting chair on the market at this price point. As you'll likely be purchasing multiple nesting chairs to complete your project, it's nice to know you can maximize the budget without sacrificing comfort and quality.

flip seat office chairIn terms of applications, the 11340B can pretty much do it all. This chair is a must consider for professional training room design projects as it saves space, looks great, and provides a reliable sit. Likewise, the 11340B is a great fit for classrooms and other group environments where space is at a premium.

We give this new Offices To Go nesting chair 4.5 out of 5 stars. Our only deduction came because of a lack of color options. While you can't go wrong with a black on black color scheme, it's still nice to have options like most of the other OTG chairs.

OTG 11340B chair ratingOverall, this is a fantastic new chair that's really versatile and easy to use. The 11340B is also one of the most comfortable nesting chairs we've ever had the pleasure of testing. If you need multi purpose office seating for an upcoming makeover, the 11340B has got you back on a budget.

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