Monday, March 19, 2018

Office Chair Review: Apollo II by Eurotech

Eurotech Chair Review
The team at Eurotech specializes in the provision of high quality office chairs that encourage good posture habits and healthy sitting. Their original Apollo seating collection took the industry by storm more than 7 years ago and remains an industry favorite for daily tasking and computing. This year Eurotech is building off the success with the Apollo II. This all new chair line is intended for top notch comfort throughout long term sits while looking great in the process. Today on the blog we'll look at the Apollo II and its exceptional features.

1.) Style

Eurotech Apollo II High Back Chair

The Apollo II chair isn't going to wow you with overly modern design characteristics. These practical office chairs are all about business. They'll help you make a professional statement without being too over the top and overpowering your accenting furniture. Apollo II chairs feature subtle contours that are more about user performance that chair appeal. Overall, the Apollo II probably isn't going to be your top choice if you're looking for a chair with flair. It is however a well rounded seating solution that looks good while outperforming those overly modern options you'll see flooding the market these days.

2.) Ergonomics

Eurotech Apollo II - Side View

Apollo II chairs come packed with ergonomic features that will help you make it through the toughest work days. The tilt tension control, center tilt, and tilt lock controls on the chair mechanism are easy to use and access underneath the thick padded seat. Our favorite feature is the adjustable lumbar pad. It provides controllable support that you'll surely appreciate. The list goes on and on!

Apollo II Chair Features:

Tilt Tension Control
Center Tilt
Tilt Lock
Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Height Adjustment
Seat Angle Adjustment
Forward Seat Tilt
Adjustable Lumbar Pad
2.8" Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
Height and Width Adjustable Arms

3.) Applications
Eurotech Apollo II Office Chair - Back View

The Apollo II chair is an excellent option for both home and professional workplace applications. This user friendly ergonomic chair can be mastered in under 30 mixtures and doesn't come with a hefty learning curve that will leave its user frustrated. These Eurotech office chairs are available in 2 back heights that can be effective for users of any size.

The Apollo II chair isn't rated for big and tall applications, but is a nice option for intensive work environments where extended sits are common. The adjustment capabilities of this chair make it very well rounded and extremely versatile. The only other place you probably won't see it is in the conference room as it has a larger frame.

4.) Price

Apollo II Mid Back Office Chair

The MFST5455 model Apollo II mid back office chair is available for just $265.00. The high back Apollo II chair is only ten bucks more. We recommend going with the high back if you're over 5' 5" tall as the price difference is minimal and it provides more upper back support.

5.) Rating

Apollo II Chair Rating

After a thorough review and rigorous sit test we feel the Apollo II chair has earned itself a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. This entry level mesh back chair performs well and provides exceptional value. We'd like to see the Apollo II line available in a few more color options. A polished base and optional headrest would also be nice additions. Overall this chair is a workhorse. The Apollo II will keep you sitting ergonomically correct throughout task filled days. The Apollo II is ready, willing, and able to have your back just like its predecessor. It's definitely one of the best chair at this price point and worth considering for any worker looking to get comfortable on a budget.

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