Friday, April 27, 2018

These Days It's All About Staying Active In The Workplace!

These days it's all about staying active around the office. Extended sits have become such a problem that they're being commonly referred to as "the new smoking". When you sit for long periods of time, fatigue sets in. When this happens, productivity levels suffer and so does you posture! That's why it's important to keep moving throughout your day.

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? It's true! You need to make a habit of taking at least one 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Even if your workstation is equipped with the coolest ergonomic products available, you need to walk around a bit to get the blood flowing.

Ways To Stay Active At Work
When you walk away from your desk, your staying active. Go grab a drink of water and get some fresh air. Doing so will help you return to your workspace refreshed and ready to maintain high productivity levels.

Having the right combination of ergonomic products present at your desk is also very important. The modern office is constantly evolving and innovative components are being introduced regularly that will help you stay active while boosting operational efficiency and reducing physical strain.

These days nearly every office chair on the market is being referred to as "ergonomically correct" in one way or another. That said, not all of them will keep you active throughout task filled work days. This year, active sit to stand seating has become extremely popular. Perch stools like the Vivo from OFM and Twixt from Safco are popular options that won't break the bank.

The best way to stay active in the workplace with with height adjustable office furniture like desktop risers and electric sit to stand tables. Desktop risers are far less expensive so we'll start there! Essentially you'll place the riser atop your existing desk surface to turn it into a versatile sit to stand workstation. The Volante from Systematix is our personal favorite, but you might also consider the S2S from ESI, or even the VariDesk.

If you really want to adjust on the fly to stay active, an electric desk with push button controls is the way to go. Popular options like those from the Bush Move 80 series are very user friendly and match a wide range of components to help you create full scale furniture layouts.

We know that staying active will help you reduce energy dips and fight the mid-day lulls you're likely accustomed too. What you might not know, is that staying active will actually make you happier at work! If you find yourself feeling groggy, the odds are you've been pretty bored and that's no fun at all. When you stay active you'll be able to keep the creative energy flowing and improve your mood.

Taking short breaks and using the right combination of active products in the workplace will improve your health and productivity. If you want to become the best version of yourself, jump on board this movement. Staying active in the workplace is no longer a trend, it's the standard!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Create Group Workstations With The Bush Easy Office Collection

Bush Easy Office Furniture
With a name like Easy Office, you should immediately expect remodeling simplicity. That's just what this Bush Furniture collection provides. The Easy Office series offers modular components that make creating group workstations a breeze. This line of open concept panel furniture is a favorite of growing businesses and will help you modernize your work floor on a budget. Today on the blog we'll highlight the configurations, features, and benefits this popular series has to offer.

Individual CubicleTraditional cubicles are a being kicked to the curb in exchange for open concept furniture systems that provide just the right amount of privacy without sacrificing collaborative efforts. The Easy Office collection helps to encourage interaction between employees while simultaneously reducing noise.

Collaborative WorkstationAll Bush Easy Office cubicle configurations feature thermally fused laminate work surfaces that fend of scratches and stains. These innovative cubicles are built to last and they're ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Bush Easy Office ComponentsMetal framed headboard panels are 1" thick and veered in attractive two-tone fabric upholsteries that will help add to the modern vibes you're no doubt looking to generate with your remodel.

Bush Easy Office FeaturesThe Easy Office collection doesn't give you a ton of colors and finishes to choose from, and that's a good thing! If you've ever tackled a full scale remodel, you know that unlimited options can become very frustrating.

No matter the size of your project, the Easy Office collection has your back. You can use a single user L shaped cubicle desk like the EOD360SMR to maximize operating space, or go with a larger layout for multiple users like the EOD660MR.

We love that the Easy Office collection can be used think outside the box without making remodeling difficult. This full scale line offers integrated wire management, locking mobile file cabinets that fit underneath desk surfaces, and so much more.
4 Person Workstation

If you're looking to create cluster desks and group workstations, the Easy Office collection is a great entry level option that won't break your budget. Individual cubicles are available starting at $463.99 and can be expanded on to meet your specific needs.

As an added bonus, the group workstations from the Bush Easy Office collection are available with professional installation at the time of delivery. This further improves your ability to kick back and relax when your furniture arrives. With Easy Office, there's no need to store products in your hallways or warehouse. Your new stations can be up and running quickly in less than a day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring Favs: Modern Executive Stations You'll Love This Season

The Spring season is in full swing and our top rated brands are hard at work crafting innovative workplace solutions that boost corporate appeal and encourage collaboration. Today on the blog we'll be kicking off our 'Spring Favs' series with fashionable workstations that are perfect for upscale executive interiors. Rest assured, one of these desk configurations will earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Modern Ergonomic DeskFirst up is the Bush 400S189 from the 400 Series. This ergonomic executive desk with a height adjustable return encourages constant movement and reduces the need for extended sits. The 400S189 is available in 3 attractive finishes that pair with silver metal accents to create a modern-industrial look.

Modern Furniture SetThe Medina office furniture collection is no newcomer. That being said, it's still enjoying it's reign at the top of sales charts thanks to innovative finishes and affordable components. This 3 piece office furniture set from the Medina series includes a 72" desk that pairs with a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet and 2 quarter round bookcases. It's the perfect starter configuration for any shopper looking to create modern vibes.

OFM Fulcrum DeskThe hottest new office furniture collection of the Spring season is the Fulcrum series from OFM. This full service line of modular components makes it easy to design a modern executive office space that's up to date with the current trends. With designer finish options like White, you'll be well on your way to a cutting edge interior.

Cherryman Jade DeskWhen it comes to fashionable office furniture, Cherryman know their stuff. The executive workstations from the Jade collection provide unrivaled value and a blend of modern-traditional flair. With metal accented components, Jade desk layouts like this JA-156N are sure to be hot in this Spring of 2018. Jade stations are a bit pricey, but they're extremely well made and you definitely get what you pay for with this popular collection.

Modway Sector DeskShoppers on the hunt for a modern home office desk will love the Sector workstation from Modway. The EEI-1183 Sector writing desk is contemporary, on-trend, and value priced at just $323.25. This white home office desk with metal X-shaped legs will earn your interior the compliments it deserves and then some.

Global Zira DeskLast but not least, we're loving the commercial grade furniture from the Global Zira series this Spring. Global Zira desk configurations are incredibly versatile. You can use the interchangeable components from this line to fully maximize your swore footage. If you're ready to think outside the box with your interior, Zira is the perfect option. You can even use Zira to create multi user workstations, collaborative desks, and powered conference rooms that streamline productivity and encourage creativity.

Monday, April 23, 2018

2018's Best Ergonomic Task Stools

With the popularity of standing height desks and tables, ergonomic task stools are enjoying a renewed sense of self. This year brands like Eurotech and Global are paving the way with adjustable stools that will help you stay active and posture perfect throughout busy work days. Today on the blog we'll show you a few of the most popular models on the market. Prepare to be impressed!

Ergonomic Task StoolFirst up is the all new Concept 2.0 extended height stool from Eurotech. This awesome seating solution with a ventilated mesh back comes standard with a waterfall seat that improves blood flow, as well as a set of adjustable arms. The CONC2.0DSWB is an excellent option for both home and professional applications as it's very easy to use.

Spritz Drafting StoolSimple, stylish, and effective. The Global Spritz task stool is an absolute winner. This practical stool with a foot ring and fixed arms provides a reliable sit when you need it. The 6768-6 Spritz stool is great for drafting and design work. Matching ergonomic office chairs are available from this popular new collection from Global that will help you create cohesive vibes throughout your complimenting work environments.

Global Novello StoolGlobal's new Novello office seating collection designed by Alessandro Piretti also offers a variety of task stools to consider for your ergonomic needs. Our personal favorite is the 6412 Novello stool as it comes with a fully upholstered seat and back. You might also consider checking out the 6410 as it comes standard with a high impact plastic back that's very durable and easy to clean.

OFM Vivo StoolSeveral of the newest task stools on the market are being referred to as "perch stools". Take a look at the Vivo from OFM and you'll see what we mean. This portable sit to stand stool provides a reliable sit for workers on the go. The 2800 model Vivo stool is an awesome option for standing height computer desks. At just $169.99, it's a true value buy.

Standing Height Stool with Anti Fatigue MatWhen it comes to ergonomic computing, Safco has your back. Their Focal series offers some of the absolute best products of 2018. The Locus standing height stool with anti fatigue mat is perfect for perching and staying active. The FLT-1000 pairs well with the FSD-5000 standing desk and will help you create a cutting edge ergonomic interior.

RFM R1-33 Task StoolThe R1-33 task stool from RFM is another excellent option to consider in 2018. This height adjustable stool with a foot ring is user friendly, comfortable, and extremely well made. RFM takes pride in crafting commercial quality ergonomic chairs that won't let you down and the R1-33 is no exception.

Modway Edge StoolYou can purchase an ergonomic task stool on a budget from Modway. This reputable brand offers awesome seating solutions that won't break the bank and don't lack in terms of quality. Our favorite Modway task stool is the EEI-211 model from their Edge series. This mesh stool with a footing boasts an easy to clean vinyl seat that's great for artists. The flip up arms are a nice touch that make for extra elbow room when needed. At just $158.99 you'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded task stool at even twice the price.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Office Chair Review: CH57515K by Bush

Bush Office Chair Review
Bush office chairs are practical, comfortable, and affordable. Just recently we had the opportunity to review their popular CH57515K multifunction task chair and we came away very impressed. This everyday chair isn't going to wow you with over the top modern characteristics. It is however going to have you sitting correctly and with good posture in a hurry. Today on the blog we'll tell you about the features and benefits of this popular office chair and why you should consider it for your professional interiors.

CH57515K Office Chair ReviewYou have to be careful when selecting an office chair these days. Nearly every seating solution on the market claims to be "ergonomically correct" in one way or another. Rest assured, this deluxe task chair from Bush is ready for the demands of the modern workplace. The CH57515K is all about performance.

Bush Office Chair FeaturesOnce seated in this well rounded office chair you'll immediately enjoy the thick padded seat and contour of the back. If there's one word to describe this Bush office chair, it's "supportive". The common chairs on the market today simply lack the quality and features needed to help you make it through long work days.

In terms of style, this high performance ergonomic chair is pretty straightforward. The CH57515K isn't going to make much of statement. It will however blend in with its surroundings, and it won't overpower your furniture. This chair is intended for good posture, not cutting edge appeal. If you're looking for a fancy modern office chair, this probably isn't your best bet. Alternatively, if you're looking for a chair that's ready to work, you can't go wrong with this popular seating solution from Bush.

Ergonomic Chair Controls
Versatility is another word that comes to mind when we think about this chair. The CH57515K can be used effectively in a variety of common applications. The user friendly controls located underneath the seat make it easy for just about any user to achieve their desired operating height, angle, and recline rate. This office chair is an excellent option for executive interiors and even the home. We feel the CH57515K is best suited for the work floor where adjustments need to happen quickly and effectively. The only places you really won't want to use this chair are the conference room, classroom, and training room.

The CH57515K chair is available for $287.99. After a thorough review and sit test we feel it's definitely one of the top 10 best office chairs under the three hundred dollar price point. This Bush swivel chair has earned itself a 4 out of 5 star rating from our team. We'd like to see a few more color options, but that's really our only critique. If you're looking for practicality and support, you can't go wrong with this seating solution. It will provide you with a reliable sit that you won't soon forget.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

7 Office Chair Styles Trending This Spring

Finding the right office chair is very important. You'll be sitting in your new chair everyday to complete tasks, and when your not you'll want it to help enhance your space. Finding a chair that combines comfort and style is where we come in. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing 7 popular options that are trending this season. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Practical

Performance Task ChairFirst up is the CH57515K professional task chair from Bush Business Furniture. It looks pretty straight forward right? It is! This practical office chair is all about looking good and outperforming its  competing models. The CH57515K is ready to adjust at a moments notice to ensure good posture with it's array of features that include a multifunction mechanism, adjustable arms, and much more. Practical task chairs like this one from Bush are sure to be hot this season as they've got a little something for everybody and they're intended for everyday use.

2.) Euro-Sleek

Eurotech Kinetic ChairUp next is the Kinetic chair from Eurotech. This all mesh office chair style will be popular for conference room remodeling projects throughout the Spring season and beyond. The Kinetic chair offers a fluid structure that helps to maximize available table space without sacrificing user comfort.

3.) Plastic

Safco Sassy ChairThe Safco Sassy series managers chair and other plastic office seating solutions with be hot this Spring. The 4182 Sassy chair is easy to clean and surprisingly comfortable. Plastic office chairs have become very popular as they're more durable than mesh and built to last. Another good point to consider is that without upholstered surfaces, the price point comes down. In most cases, plastic office chairs are a great buy.

4.) Executive Tasker

Offices To Go 11325B ChairWe can't get enough fo the Offices To Go 11325B chair. At just $234.99, it's easy to see why we're predicting it to be a best seller this season. The 11325B is supremely stylish with a mesh back, upholstered seat, and polished accents. This executive style task chair is modern yet practical, and that's a recipe for success!

5.) Ribbed

Ribbed Back Office ChairRibbed back office chairs are incredibly popular. They'll continue their reign in the Spring. New ribbed back chairs like the ESS-6095 from the OFM Essentials Collection will help you create on-trend office interiors on a budget. This sleek new office chair with Euro flair is available in your choice of black or ivory for just $129.99. We think it's the best ribbed back office chair buy of 2018.

6.) Flip Seat Nester

Flip Seat Nesting ChairFlip seat nesting chairs are awesome! We particularly love them for classroom and professional training applications. With a flip seat nesting chair like the Spritz from Global you'll be able to get the most out of your space. When paired with modular furniture, the configuration possibilities are endless. When not in use, nesting chairs like the 6764FC can be staged horizontally along perimeter walls to avoid taking up valuable floor space.

7.) Mid Century Chic

Modway Stride ChairThe mid century modern movement is in full swing! If you're loving the look, chairs like the EEI-2120 from Modway will certainly strike your fancy. This high back executive office chair is perfect for home and business use. The EEI-2120 Stride office chair 4 color options that ship within just 2 days of order. At just $252.99 it's a great buy that will do wonders for interior appeal. Most of the mid century style chairs on the market aren't going to overwhelm you with advanced ergonomic features. That being said, the Stride is very easy to use and provides a comfortable sit and user friendly controls.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Industry Favs: Rumba Tables by Safco

Safco Rumba Series Review
The multi purpose tables from the Safco Rumba collection are perfect for training and classroom use. These collaborative tables make it easy to get creative and maximize available square footage. Today in our 'Industry Favs' series we'll check out the popular tables from the Rumba collection and the user friendly features that make them great.

Safco Rumba TableFirst and foremost, Rumba tables look great! They're modern without being over the top and very practical. A set of Safco Rumba tables will improve corporate appeal without overpowering your accenting pieces.

Collaborative Training Table ConfigurationRumba training room tables boast fold down tops that make it easy to move them in groups and stage them along office walls when not in use. These nesting tables for corporate training and classroom applications provide exceptional versatility.

With Rumba you can configure multiple surface shapes to create a collaborative conference room table with modular capabilities, our classroom style layouts with rows of tables. The options are limitless!

Commercial Nesting TablesIntegrated cable management channels, 1" thick high pressure laminate tops with 3mm vinyl t-modl edging and dual wheel casters that lock make for an exceptional product line that's unrivaled by market competition. Attention to detail is what the team at Safco is all about and these multi purpose folding tables prove it.

Modular Conference TableSubtle touches make for outstanding office products. Rumba tables are available in 3 frame finishes that boast matching modesty panels. All models are available with ganging connectors to help you create stable layouts.

Looking to power up your collaborative office interior without spending a fortune? Safco has you covered. Rumba tables are available with optional clamp on modules that make it easy to streamline operations and group gatherings.

In the long run, not all commercial training room furniture is created equal. The tables from the Rumba series are a cut above. These tables are GSA approved, affordable, effective, and built for the demands of the modern workplace.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Office Design 2018: Go Industrial With Metal Components

The industrial office furniture movement is in full swing. This booming trend is reshaping professional interiors across the country with furniture that's built to last. Metal office components including the tables, desks, and accessories from reputable brands will help you achieve this look without sacrificing quality. Today on the blog, we'll get you up to date on this new office design trend by showcasing some of the coolest metal furnishings on the market for your work environments. Prepare to be impressed!

OFM Endure TableOFM Endure tables helped set the industrial furniture movement in motion. These well rounded tables offer the perfect blend of retro and contemporary vibes. An OFM Endure collaborative table like the 9008 model will help you power up any interior with surface level USB inputs. These standing height tables with heavy duty metal legs also boast swivel out seats that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing.

Curva ChairChairs with metal components will also help you create industrially inspired interiors. Take look at the Curva from iDesk to see what we mean. These top of the line office chairs with brushed aluminum frames and a titanium finish are truly elite. Popular options like the CUR105 are a bit pricey, but supremely stylish and equally comfortable.

Jade DeskCherryman specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture that will help refine your professional interiors. Their Jade series office desk configurations are a favorite of design teams and industry professionals. With a blend of wood and metal accents, Jade workstations are very appealing. The modesty panels, hutch door trim, and handle pulls work cohesively to ensure your keying in on all of 2018's trends.

Adjacent DeskMoving right along, allow us to introduce the EEI-2047 Adjacent desk from Modway. This home writing desk will immediately catch your eye with its polished chrome legs and abundance of contemporary flair. This fashionable workstation keys in on the industrial movement without needed an old-school look to do it.

Safco Confluence TableThere's lots of great ergonomic tables available in 2018, but the Confluence from the Safco Focal series is our favorite. This standing height conference table with an adjustable base will help keep your meeting guests active while simultaneously tapping into the modern-industrial movement.

Metal office accessories will help pull your industrial vibe together. If you're also wanting to improve the rate at which you compute, a dual screen monitor arm is the way to go. We love the AC99832-03 from Bush. This black metal attachment will help you create more usable desk space while providing you with the ability to minimize visual strain.

Global Kadin TableIf you're limited on space it's no biggie. A metal meeting table from the Global Kadin collection will help you create on-trend interiors with just the right amount of flair. The LKD4242 Kadin table with a 42" square top and fashionable metal legs is ready, willing, and able to rock your remodel.

Mayline BenchingOpen concept benching is the way of the future. As traditional cubicle systems are being kicked to the curb as they make work environments feel overcrowded, collaborate lines like WorkTables from Mayline are becoming more and more popular. This line of modular tables can used effectively for projects of any size to spark creativity and modernize interiors.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Conference Room Comfort: 2018's Best Chairs

The importance of workplace comfort cannot be understated. In the conference room, you'll need ergonomically correct seating to keep your valued visitors operating at their best. If your chairs are uncomfortable, it will be hard to keep your guests engaged in your meetings and the information your providing. Today in our 'Conference Room Comfort' series we'll showcase a variety of designer chairs that are up for the job!

iDesk Ambarella Office ChairTraditional fixed-arm conference room chairs will always have their place. They're effective and typically affordable. That being said, this year conference room chairs with adjustable arms have become more popular as they provide guests with the ability to customize their sit to improve comfort. The Ambarella office chair from iDesk is the perfect option. It's sleek, highly adjustable, and a great buy for the conference room at just $256.00.

iDesk Curva ChairIf you are going to go with traditional fixed arm-chairs, make sure they have reliable mechanisms that control height and the rate of recline. A popular option like the CUR111 Curva chair will do the trick. We won't kid you, this chair is pricey. At $584.00 it's one of the most upscale and well made conference chairs on the market. The Curva is specifically intended for high end interiors.

Mesh Conerence ChairWhile it may not have all the bells and whistles that the Curva has, the all new Kinetic chair from Eurotech Seating is a great buy that offers the same sleek design characteristics for just $202.50. The MT301A model Kinetic chair boasts breathable mesh surfaces that will keep you well supported while preventing overheating.

Novello Office ChairMoving right along, allow us to introduce the Novello chair from Global. This series offers a variety of plastic, fully upholstered, and armless models to choose from. Our personal favorite is the 6400 as it's got a little bit of everything. Designed by Alessandro Piretti, the Novello is ready to make a professional statement with its contemporary vibes. The waterfall seat edge, contoured back, and arms work together to provide a wonderful option for professional meeting area seating needs.

Memory Foam Conference ChairThe Hendrix chair from Woodstock Marketing has been on the market for a few years now. It's still a best seller. Its ability to stand the test of time tells us that the Hendrix is on-trend, supremely comfortable, and a must consider. This mid century modern high back office chair with a memory foam seat and back is just fashionable isn't going anywhere!

Adjustable Conference ChairThe all new Offices To Go 11920B mesh chair is a great ergo-minded buy for your conference room. At just $170.99, it's price point is hard to beat. This ventilated chair with adjustable arms will help your guests get posture perfect in a flash. In the conference room, visitors don't have a ton of time to master their chair. This means your seating needs to be simple and effective. That's where the 11920B excels. This practical office chair is a winner! Mid back and armless variations are also available.