Wednesday, May 2, 2018

10 Reason To Love The Office To Go Superior Laminate Collection

10 Reasons To Love The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Series
Offices To Go specializes in the provision of high quality furniture and seating that doesn't cost a fortune. With such a low price point, we're regularly questioned about the components within their Superior Laminate Series. We're here to put these worries to rest. This full service line of executive workstations, conference tables, and modular storage components is an absolute winner.

1.) Quality

Offices To Go Open Concept Workstations - Superior Laminate Series
First and foremost, the components form the Superior Laminate collection are very well made. Offices To Go is the sister company of Global, one of the most respected furniture manufacturers on the planet. Global specializes in made to order furniture for large scale projects. The furniture from the Superior Laminate line is made to the same standards at a fraction of the cost.

2.) Value

When selecting new office furniture for your home or business, value should be at the top of your list of goals. The Superior Laminate collection has you covered. This line looks, feels, and performs like it costs three times as much as it does (and probably should). We're just hoping that OTG doesn't see this post and raise the prices...

Offices To Go Conference Furniture - Superior Laminate Series3.) Selection

The Superior Laminate line offers desk shells, universal returns, reception stations, conference tables, meeting tables, and so much more. If you can dream it, the Superior Laminate series can make it a reality.

4.) Modular

Offices To Go Desks and Workstations - Superior Laminate SeriesIt's always important to consider future growth when remodeling your office interiors. The modular components from the Superior Laminate collection make it easy to expand as your needs increase. The commercial office desks and workstations from this line are all available with a wide range of matching storage components and add-ons that have your future needs covered.

5.) Factory Warranty

The discount office furniture from the Superior Laminate series is backed by a 5 year warranty. The file drawers, locks, and moving parts from this popular line are backed by a 2 year warranty. Offices To Go believes in their product and they're willing to stand behind it.

6.) Fashionable Finishes

Offices To Go Furniture Finish Swatches - Superior Laminate SeriesInterior design teams and industry professionals love the superior laminate collection because of it's designer finishes. This line offers 4 attractive options that will help put a personal touch on your space. Traditional tones like cherry and mahogany are available in addition to modern options like espresso. The laminate finishes from this line are scratch and stain resistant.

7.) Simplicity

This line offers the ability to purchase components individually or as apart of pre-configured sets. The  executive desk configurations, conference room furniture sets, and guest reception stations from this line are really easy to purchase and help to simplify the office remodeling process.

8.) Ships Quick

Offices To Go Reception Furniture - Superior Laminate SeriesAre you in need of new furniture in a hurry? All of the products from the Superior Laminate Series are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. Regardless of order size, your products will typically leave the factory in less than 48 hours from the time you order.

9.) Eco Friendly

The furniture from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate series is Greenguard Certifited and in compliance with the stringent emission guidelines set out by the Greenguard Environmental Institute under the standards for low emitting products and materials.

10.) Seating To Match

Last but certainly not least, we love the Superior Laminate series because there's a ton of great chairs to match it! The simplicity and practicality of this line makes it easy to pair with mesh, leather, and upholstered seating solutions. An Offices To Go managers chair will make your new desk pop while keeping you comfortable. The professional conference room seating from this industry leader is also worth a look. You'll be at no shortage of options to compliment your new furniture. In the long run, purchasing all of your products from the same brand is just plain smart. It will help cut down on the number of shipments you need to receive before completing your project.

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