Wednesday, May 16, 2018

10 Reasons We Love The Mayline Medina Collection

10 Reasons To Love Mayline Medina Office Furniture
The Mayline Medina collection took the furniture world by storm. This innovative line of desks, conference tables, reception stations and storage components makes it easy to create on-trend interiors without spending a fortune. With innovative finishes, modular components, and a limited lifetime warranty, this full service line is a must consider for furniture shoppers.

1.) Cool Finishes
Mayline Medina Furniture Finishes - Laminate Swatches

Medina offers desks, tables, and accessories in 5 attractive finish options. Our favorite is Gray Steel. This laminate woodgrain tone is a bit coastal and a lot cool! Other popular options include Textured Sea Salt and Mocha for contemporary office remodeling projects. A Mahogany laminate option is also available to help blend the line between traditional and modern.

2.) Value

In terms of price, Medina is hard to beat. This collection offers office desks starting at $359.99 and conference room tables under $600.00 that are sure to impress. Medina components are well made and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. If you're shopping for value, this collection is definitely a great option.

3.) Selection
Medina Office Furniture - Executive Interior - Gray Steel Finish

Like most Mayline furniture collections, Medina offers an excellent selection of products that will help you furnish interiors of any size. Those looking to avoid mix-matching pieces from a variety of brands will absolute love this full service line. It's got everything you need!

4.) Powered Tables

These days it's all about powering up the conference room, and with Medina you can do it on a budget. All of the tables from this best selling office furniture line are available with power and data modules that cost just $235.00. By industry standards, this is a bargain. Many of today's "top rated" conference tables have modules that are nearly a thousand bucks.

5). Large Reception Desks
Medina Reception Desk - Mocha Finish

The average guest reception station is 72" wide. Finding something bigger can be a difficult task if you don't know where to look. A custom guest reception desk will cost you a small fortune and desk that's too small won't do much for the appeal of your welcoming area. Medina has you covered. The reception desks from this line are 87 1/4" wide and feature beautiful glass transaction counters. If you need a little more space, L shaped variations like the MNRSLBF reception desk come standard with 48" wide returns.

6.) Fashionable Executive Workstations

Medina Office Desk - Mahogany Laminate
The Medina series offers more than 20 desk sets that are perfect for creating on-trend executive interiors in 2018 and beyond. Medina layouts are available in L shaped, U shaped, and hybrid configurations to meet your individual needs. We love the MNT39 U Shaped Medina desk in Gray Steel with a glass hutch and similar models as they offer plenty of wow factor and the quality craftsmanship to match.

7.) Modular Components

Modular components from the Medina series are sold individually for shoppers looking to build out their work spaces from the ground up. You can start with a stand alone Medina desk and then add surface extensions, matching storage cabinets, bookcases, and other accessories as your operational needs increase. This is a particularly good reason to love Medina if you're shopping for new office furniture on a budget.

8.) Factory Warranty

All Mayline Medina products are backed by Mayline's limited lifetime warranty. What's not to love?

9.) Simplicity
Medina Meeting Table - Sea Salt Finish

All too often we hear horror stories from shoppers who have had trouble selecting new office furniture. The Medina collection keeps things simple. The pre-configured desk sets from this line really make it easy to create fashionable interiors. The tables are a great way to create interactive meeting areas that encourage collaboration. With a wide selection, attractive finishes, and modular components, Medina is all about helping you craft an elite interior without a headache.

10.) In-Stock

Last but not least, Medina products are in stock and perfect for shoppers facing tight project deadlines. Medina orders typically leave the factory within just 2 days of purchase. If you're grand opening is right around the corner and you need to furniture, Medina has you covered. Due to the popularity of the collection, select items to go out of stock from time to time. While rare, it's still best to call your dealer before purchasing to double check. In most cases, Medina orders will ship right out.

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