Wednesday, May 9, 2018

7 Chairs That Are Perfect For Helping Teacher's Survive Long Days In The Classroom

First and foremost, we'd like to start off today's post with a big thank you to all the amazing teacher's out there. You guys deserve the world. This article is dedicated to all the hardworking teachers who do their absolute best to ensure our young minds are the best they can be. Today on the blog we'll be having a little fun and showcasing the 7 best chairs for those long days in the classroom. When the days are long and good posture is the furthest thing from your mind, these chairs will have you back!

Office Chairs for Teachers1.) Ambarella (The Bargain Buy)

The first chair you'll want to check out is the Ambarella from the iDesk seating collection. As we know the budget is tight, this chair is a must consider as it's available starting at just $250.00. The 401B Ambarella chair comes packed with user friendly adjustment features and a thick padded seat with a waterfall edge that encourages good blood flow. With a built in card that lists the chair adjustment features, you'll have no problem making adjustments on the fly!

Vion Task Chair2.) Vion (All About Performance)

Up next is the Vion upholstered task chair from Global. This 6331-0 model chair is equipped with a set of adjustable arms and an adjustable back that will help you sit with good posture throughout even the most task filled days in the classroom. The Vion is highly regarded as one of the most reliable seating solutions on the market today. It's built for commercial applications, backed by a factory warranty, and available in a wide range of attractive color options to enhance your learning environment.

Vivo Perch Stool3.) Vivo (Avoid Extended Sits)

If you're a teacher who spends a lot of time at the chalkboard, you might consider making the switch to a modern "perch stool" like the Vivo from OFM. They're affordable, ergonomically correct, and great for keeping your body moving. As you sit for long periods of time, fatigue sets in. With an active stool like the Vivo you can avoid the energy dips associated with extended sits by staying active while teaching your students.

Safco Locus Stool and Anti Fatigue Mat4.) Locus (The Modern Solution)

The Locus standing height stool attached to a anti fatigue mat is another hot option for the modern teacher looking to stay active. This versatile seating solution is packed with ergonomic qualities from top to bottom. The Locus standing height stool from the Safco Focal collection is all about keeping you performing at your best. Designed by Martin Keen, the Locus supports users up to 300 pounds and works great for individuals from 4'11" to 6'8" tall. The anti fatigue mat will help relieve stress on your feet and lower body versus having your feet on the floor while leaning on the stool seat.

Zenergy Ball Chair5.) Zenergy (Stay Active and Comfortable)

We're double dipping on Safco products and if you take the time to test the Zenergy ball chair you'll immediately know why. This thing is awesome! If you're a teacher (like most of us) who can't find the time to get to the gym and have a hard time staying active, the Zenergy swiveling ball chair from Safco is a must consider. This ergo inspired exercise chair can be inflated quickly and effectively with the included pump. The Zenergy will help keep your core muscles engaged when you swivel back and forth. When you bounce up and down you'll be getting a mini thigh workout. What could be better than a little incognito exercise while teaching? Just be forewarned, your students are going to want to try this thin!

Practical Office Chair for A Teacher6.) OTG2801 (Practical and Effective)

We wanted to include an all around office chair that was practical, well made, and ready for the demands of long days in the classroom. The OTG2801 model chair from Offices To Go is it! This mesh back seating solution is comfortable, versatile, affordable, and easy to use. Designed for commercial applications, the OTG2801 is built to last and adapt on the fly. It's perfect for long days in the classroom and won't overpower your space.

Concept 2.0 Task Stool7.) Concept 2.0 (Throw Out The Budget) 

We're wrapping things up with a bang. The Concept 2.0 ergonomic task stool is incredibly comfortable and nothing short of luxurious. Yes, it is a bit pricey at $592.00. That being said, it's perfect for the professor who demands support and an ergonomically correct sit that they can rely on. The Concept 2.0 comes with a set of adjustable arms, an adjustable foot ring, a waterfall seat, and so much more. The Concept 2.0 task stool was released just a couple of months ago. You'll likely be the first one on the block with this professional seating solution. If you're ready to throw out the budget in the name of comfort, this chair is the one to do it will. The Concept 2.0 is ready, willing, and able to defeat the toughest tasks you throw at it.

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