Friday, May 25, 2018

Functional Furniture: Electric Desks, Powered Conference Tables, and More!

Today in our 'Functional Furniture' series we'll be showcasing awesome desks, powered conference tables, and modular seating solutions that encourage collaboration and healthy operating habits in the workplace. These cutting edge products make it easy to boost productivity levels and look good doing it. If you're looking to keep your professional interiors on the cutting edge, this post is a must read.

Electric Sit To Stand Executive Desk Set - Bush Studio CThe Bush Studio C office furniture collection offers contemporary sit to stand desks that pair with matching storage components to create ergonomically correct executive layouts that are up to date with the latest trends. Popular Studio C office desk configurations like the STC016 are available in a choice of white and storm gray finishes that will make your interior pop. These electric desks make it easy to transition between sitting and standing throughout the work day to reduce fatigue and improve posture.

Sit To Stand Office Furniture Set - Executive Interior - Mayline SterlingElectric desks will help you stay active in the workplace. This is important because siting for long periods of time can actually shorten your lifespan! If you're not loving the desktop risers available in 2018,  you can keep things a bit more incognito with a sit to stand office furniture set from the Mayline Sterling Collection. Popular layouts like the STL37H2 are now available with height adjustable returns that raise and lower at the push of a button to encourage muscle movement and activity.

powered conference tale with standing surface - OFM endure tableOnce you've created an executive office with functional furniture, point your attention towards the conference room. With a powered table you can improve presentations and streamline activities. We absolutely love the powered tables with standing height surfaces and swivel out seats from the OFM Endure Collection. There's 4 stocked sizes available in multiple surface and seat finish combinations. An OFM Endure powered table with dry erase top like the 9008 model will totally refine your meeting area.

powered conference table - global zira seriesThe Global Zira series is our favorite line of traditional conference tables with powered options. We love Zira tables and their ability to be customized with USB, HDMI, and other advanced inputs to meet the needs of any situation. If your operational needs change, simply switch out the telecom ports. Zira tables are available in 15 finish options and more than 20 sizes.

electric teaming tableTeaming tables are becoming incredibly popular in 2018. This emerging genre offers exceptional versatility. In our humble opinion, the best teaming tables are the height adjustable models from Safco. Their 2544 model 72" teaming table with a height adjustable top can be used effectively in meeting areas, training rooms, and anywhere people gather to discuss ideas and get creative.

mobis sit to stand active stoolThere's a lot to love about height adjustable office furniture. That being said, a little butt support goes a long way. When tasking at standing height surfaces, sit to stand active stools have become an awesome way to work upright for longer. They'll keep your muscles moving to avoid inactivity and they're also super affordable. Check out the Vivo from OFM and Mobis from Safco.

modular lobby seating configuration - Woodstock Jefferson SeriesLast but not least, modular seating configurations are dominating lobby makeover projects in 2018. Why you ask? Functionality! Modular seating makes it easy to maximize square footage and think outside the box. With a sofa and lounge chair configuration, you're pretty much locked into seating a limited number of guests. With modular lobby seating from a collection like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing you can grow and expand your layout to curve around the natural elements of your space. Modular lobby seating is the future!

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