Thursday, May 3, 2018

Get Fit While You Sit With The Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Zenergy Exercise Ball Chair Review
The Zenergy ball chair is a unique seating solution from Safco that's more practical than you think. This inflatable office chair is designed to keep you moving while you work to avoid stagnant computing sessions. Just to clarify, this chair by itself isn't going to give you rock hard abs. The being said, it will help you stay fit while you sit!

Zenergy Swivel Ball ChairWho doesn't like the idea of working healthy? If for nothing else, the Zenergy ball chair is worth a try because it's fun and surprisingly beneficial. As you sit for long periods of time in traditional chairs, your posture habits can start to suffer. With the Zenergy your always moving and able to stay active while computing at your workstation.

Stay Fit With The Exercise Ball ChairIf you're looking to give your office a modern look, the Zenergy will definitely help. It's very cool to look at. The Zenergy is modern, without being too impractical. This unique seating solution will help you create a ton of wow factor while making a lasting impression on your visitors. Rest assured, just about anyone who enters your workspace and sees this ergonomically correct office chair is going to want to give it a try.

4750 Zenergy ChairThis exercise ball chair from Safco is available in two variations. The first is the 4750 model. This version of the Zenergy boasts a fixed base for stability and costs $179.99, or $189.99 if you want to go with the upgraded vinyl upholstery.

Our personal favorite Zenergy chair is the 4760 model. It's $199.99 and available in 5 color options. The 4760 Zenergy ball chair is our fav because it boasts a swiveling base that will help you engage your core muscles while sitting on it.

Inflatable Office Chair that SwivelsDesigned by Thomas Walser, Zenergy chairs feature 17.5" anti-burst exercise balls that encourage movement in the workplace while reducing fatigue. If you're wanting to move a bit more, simply let a little air out. If you're looking to create a firmer base to sit on, add a little air with the pump that's included.

Practical Exercise Ball Office ChairAs previously mentioned, the Zenergy isn't going to give you that beach body you've been looking for. It will however lay a foundation for a productive work day and help you maintain a fit lifestyle in the office. If you find it hard to make it to the gym every week, this chair isn't a substitution but it's certainly a nice asset to add to your health repertoire.

In the long run, the Zenergy makes sitting at your desk a fun and engaging experience. With the Zenergy you can help stay fit subconsciously while tackling your daily tasks. This exercise ball chair is a great buy and one of the best on the market.

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