Monday, June 25, 2018

Design & Decor: Collaboration Is All The Rage!

Collaborative Office FurnitureOffice design trends come and go with the season. That being said, the demand for collaborative workplace solutions is at an all time high. This is one trend that's reshaping commercial interiors across the country and it's not going anywhere. Collaborative furniture is rapidly becoming the industry standard. If you want your business to keep up with the competition, it's a must consider.

High wall cubicle systems make employees feel closed off from one another. They're great for noise reduction but do little to encourage interaction. Open concept benching is the solution. A modular benching system will help you create clean sight lines. Employees will be able to interact and talk with one another without totally sacrificing privacy.

Collaborative Conference TableBenching systems are all about improve collaboration without decreasing productivity. Brands like Global are paving the way with popular furniture lines like SideBar II. This collection makes it easy to think outside the realm of traditional cubicle systems and into the future of collaborative working.

Do you remember when you got to work in groups back in grade school? Weren't you always a bit more excited? The same holds true in the workplace. When working in groups, productivity levels actually increase because good ideas can get passed around. When your interacting, you're active! Staying active will keep you engaged in your work and performing at a high level.

Collaborative tables like those from the OFM Endure collection will help you take your commercial interiors to the next level. With standing height surfaces, integrated power modules, and swivel out seats, this line is all about staying ahead of the curve and making it easy for workers to adapt on the fly.

height adjustable conference tableCombining sit to stand capabilities with your collaborative furniture is just plain smart! A height adjustable conference table like the Confluence from Safco will make it easy for you and your coworkers to stay active throughout strategizing sessions. They'll help you design work environments with an eye on the future.

Interior design teams and businesses across the country are working hard to create collaborative interiors that are up to date with the latest trends. Providing your employees with the furniture and tools needed to collaborate effectively is a must. The good new is, with all the awesome new products hitting the market, it's easier than ever. From powered tables to perch stools, the options are soon to be limitless.

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