Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Furniture Life: The Best of June 2018

The summer season kicked off in a major way. June has been hot and exciting in the office design world. From the new products released at NeoCon 50 to the collaborative trends that continue to emerge, there's no better time to remodel your commercial interiors. Today on the blog we'll catch you up with everything that happened this month.

Global Terina Height Adjustable Tables
NeoCon 50

June is all about NeoCon! As the premier convention for commercial furniture manufacturers, ergonomic enthusiasts and designers, NeoCon is where the latest and greatest products are released. This year manufacturers like Global raised the bar with fashionable new chairs like the Factor and height adjustable multi purpose tables like the Terina. Each year NeoCon gives us a glimpse of where the industry is heading, and 2018 was no exception.

Volante Sit To Stand AttachmentSit To Stand Is Here To Stay

The market is being flooded with sit to stand products that encourage continuous movement in the workplace. From desktop risers to electric desks that raise and lower at the push of a button, sit to stand furniture is changing the way we work and adapt to stay healthy. Innovative sit to stand products are coming out left and right. They're worth being excited about! If you're looking to make the switch to a sit to stand station, consider a high performance attachment like the Volante from Systematix available for just $299.99.

Vivo Perch Stool - Sit To Stand SeatingMore Perch Stools Are Coming

With the popularity of sit to stand furniture, we've seen a demand for more and more perch stools. As an alternative to traditional office chairs, perch stools make it easy to enjoy a bit more support while working at standing height surfaces. Popular options are on the way from brands like Safco and OFM that are portable and can be taken on the go from space to space.

gray office furnitureWhite vs. Gray

There's a battle going on in the world of furniture finishes. White and Gray laminates are squaring off to take the top spot in a world filled with overly redundant cherry and mahogany tones. In truth, you can't go wrong with either white or gray. That being said, gray is a bit more practical. Gray office furniture offers the perfect blend of coastal and contemporary elements to rock your interior. Check out lines like Studio C from Bush to see what we mean.

Bright Office Chairs Are Trending

bright green office chairThere's nothing wrong with classic black office chairs. They're timeless and never going out of style. That being said, the summer has brought a ton of cool color options that will help liven up your commercial interiors. Bright chair colors are a great way to make interiors pop without overpowering furniture. Reds, blues, and bright greens have all become go-to options for design teams looking to kick corporate appeal into overdrive. Check out the new 6942 Global Sora chair and the fashionable color options it's available in to see what we mean.

Collaborative Office FurnitureCollaboration Is Key

The buzzword of the year is "collaboration". At NeoCon 50 the word collaboration was thrown around more than the swag! Collaborative desking systems, tables, and workstations are taking the industry by storm. Businesses love the ability to strategize effectively and promote creativity. Do you remember when you got to work in groups back in grade school? Weren't you always excited? That's the same feeling you get when you break down the cubicle walls and start encouraging collaboration amongst employees. The good ideas will be flowing in no time. Collaborative furniture lines like e5 from Mayline offer everything you need to remodel your work floor. Powered conference tables from the Zira collection encourage collaboration and streamlined presentations. The options are truly limitless!

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