Monday, June 18, 2018

Sneak Peek: Summer Office Product Trends 2018

The days are getting hotter, just like the new product trends emerging in the office design world. With the summer right around the corner, we thought it would be fun and helpful to showcase a few of the most popular product genres we'll be seeing this season. From active seating to open concept cubicle alternatives, these workplace solutions will promote high end appeal and operational versatility.

1.) Active Seating

Ergonomic Perch Stool - Active Seating

In the ergonomic world, no product is gaining popularity faster than the perch stool. As a part of the active seating category, perch stools are rapidly becoming must haves. Workers who use height adjustable desks, tables, and workstations are loving active stools like the Vivo from OFM.

2.) Mobile Laptop Desks

Mobile Laptop Desk

Mobile laptop desks are becoming very popular for home and commercial applications. A mobile laptop desk will help you compute healthy and efficiently on the go. With a mobile laptop desk you can get the most out of your workspace and improve versatility. The 950 model from the Mayline Eastwinds collection is a great starter option if you're looking to hop on board with this trend.

3.) Height Adjustable Teaming Tables

electric teaming table

You've gotta appreciate the versatility of height adjustable office furniture. This summer we look forward to seeing more electric teaming tables that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing. The tables from Safco are among our favorites and more are on the way!

4.) Universal Power Modules

Bush USB Power Hub

Simple, effective, and affordable. Universal power modules are great for conference, training, lobby, break room, and any other space in need of a few USB and AC inputs. We love the FlexCharge9 from ESI and the AC99834BL USB Power Hub from Bush.

5.) Connectable Lounge Seating

Serpentine Seating Configuration

With connectable lounge seating you can make the most of your available square footage. The hottest modular lounge and lobby components on the market can be used for interiors of all sizes. Collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing show where this emerging genre is heading. The days of using old school sofa and chair layouts is coming to an end.

6.) Responsive Chairs

Responsive Office Chair

Tired of pulling levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit? A responsive office chair like the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating will help you operate at peak performance levels without the headache. Responsive chairs automatically adjust on the fly to match the curve of your spine to ensure proper support. They will soon be the industry standard.

7.) Open Concept Cubicle Alternatives

Open Concept Cubicle Alternatives

Last but not least, more open concept cubicle alternatives are on the way. Why you ask? They encourage collaboration and spark creativity while creating clean sight lines. With open concept benching systems and modular group workstations your employees can interact without the obstruction of high cubicle walls that do little more than reduce noise. Open concept lines to consider include SideBar II and Bungee from Global Total Office.

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