Friday, July 13, 2018

10 Reasons We Love The Studio C Collection From Bush

bush studio c office furniture
Bush crafts elite office furniture designed to enhance commercial interiors and boost productivity. Take one look at the workstations from their Studio C collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This full service line is a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals. Today on the blog we'll highlight 10 reasons why this collection is an favorite!

1.) Cool Finishes

bush studio c furniture finish samples
First and foremost, we all love furniture that looks good. If a desk collection isn't fashionable, the odds are you won't consider it for your space. The Studio C furniture collection from Bush is up to date with the latest trends and offers 2 attractive finish options that will do wonders for your commercial interiors.

2.) Value

It's easy to find cool furniture with an unlimited budget. That being said, shoppers looking to save a few bucks will have less options to consider. Thankfully, the Bush Studio C collection provides exceptional value. The stand alone bow front desks from the Studio C collection are available starting at just $269.99.

bush studio c desk3.) Selection

No matter your individual needs or space requirements, the Bush Studio C collection has a desk configuration for you. With stand alone desks, L shaped desks, and U shaped workstations, Studio C is perfect for executive office remodeling projects and creating collaborative furniture layouts for multiple users.

4.) Large Executive Workstations

We absolutely love the large U-Shaped workstations from the Bush Studio C Collection. They offer ample surface space and the modular storage components needed to keep you well organized. A Studio C desk will help you operate at peak performance levels and look good doing it.

Studio C height adjustable desk configuration5). Height Adjustable Desks
These days it's all about working healthy! If you don't like the idea of integrating one of those bulky sit-to-stand attachments into your freshly remodeled interior, consider going with the Studio C collection for your project. This popular office furniture line offers ergonomic sit to stand desks with push button controls that make it easy to stay active, improve posture, and reduce fatigue.

studio c brushed silver drawer pull6.) Attractive Drawer Pulls

When it comes to office furniture, the difference is in the details. In many ways, today's furniture collections can be a bit redundant. With so many lines available from competing brands, refining commercial interiors can be tricky. That said, the Bush Studio C desk collection has all the bells and whistles you need to upgrade your interiors. The brushed silver drawer pulls are just one of the elements that will grab your eye when reviewing this line.

Bush Studio C wire management grommet7.) Wire Management Grommets

Studio C office desks, returns, and credenzas all feature surface level grommets that make it easy to conceal wires. While it sounds simple, those creating upscale executive interiors certainly won't want computer cables acting as eyesores in their space. Please note: the height adjustable furniture from this collection do not come standard with surface grommets.

8.) Factory Warranty

When investing money in new office furniture, you want to be sure it's built to last. All of the components from the Studio C collection are backed by a 10 year factory warranty that ensures performance. Rest assured, Studio C desks are ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

9.) Factory Installation
bush studio c u shaped desk
So you're worried about finding a professional installer for your new furniture? Don't be. Bush offers factory installation services at the time of delivery. You can purchase multiple desks and storage components with this collection and rest easy knowing that Bush will assemble your products correctly for a reasonable price.

10.) In-Stock

Last but not least, Studio C products are in stock and perfect for shoppers facing tight project deadlines. Studio C orders typically leave the factory within just 2 days of purchase. If you're grand opening is right around the corner and you need to furniture, Studio C has you covered. Due to the popularity of the collection, select items to go out of stock from time to time. While rare, it's still best to call your dealer before purchasing to double check. In most cases, Studio C orders will ship right out.

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