Thursday, July 12, 2018

Reception Desk Showcase: 2018 Edition

A fashionable reception desk will help you make a great first impression on even the harshest critic. This year brands like Offices To Go, Bush, and Global are hard at work crafting elite welcome desks that will help your business kick corporate appeal into overdrive. Today on the blog, we'll show you our favorite options available in 2018. Prepare to be impressed!

offices to go ventnor reception deskWith the popularity of the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection, the Ventnor line simply hasn't received the attention it deserves. That ends today! Take one look at the guest reception stations from the Ventnor collection and you'll quickly appreciate the quality and appeal this line has to offer. Ventnor stations are available in a choice of 2 elegant finish options that will do wonders for your welcoming area.

reception desk for saleThe Bush Series C collection offers everything you need to furnish commercial interiors. The SRC003 station offers a spacious L shaped design that's complimented by full sized mobile file pedestal with 3 drawers. The reversible return is a nice touch that allows the SRC003 to be configured as a right or left handed station. 3 quick shipping laminate finish options are available.

modern white reception deskLast year we showcased the reception desks from the Global Zira collection. In 2018, it's the Adaptabilities series that's caught our eye! This versatile line of modular office furniture offers an exceptional combination of appeal and value. Adaptabilities stations are available in a variety of size and finish options to meet the needs of any space.

2 person reception deskFinding a 2 person reception desk that doesn't cost a fortune is easier said than done. Thankfully, Cherryman Industries has you covered. Their Amber collection offers affordable 2-user reception stations that offer ample operating space and high end appeal. Just this year the Amber collection was enhanced with a Valley Gray finish option that's a must see.

aberdeen reception deskThe Mayline Aberdeen collection has been around for 10 years. It's remained a popular option of interior design teams and industry professionals. While trendy collections come and go, Aberdeen has stood the test of time. The reception stations from this collection are fashionable, well made, and surprisingly affordable. An Aberdeen guest reception desk like the AT37 in Gray Steel will provide your welcoming area with more than just a cool check in station. You'll also be rewarded with ample storage space to keep important visitor files well organized. Aberdeen reception desks are sold in rectangular and L shaped variations with reversible returns. This full service line also offers executive desks, power ready conference room tables, and much more.

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