Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Furniture Life: The Best of August 2018

The summer of 2018 has been nothing short of impressive. Industry leading office furniture and seating brands have reached new heights with innovative products that prove we've only scratched the surface of comfort. From flip top tables to ergonomic chairs and accessories, there was a lot to love in August!

Global Introduces Terina Tables

Global Terina Tables

The month kicked off with an all new line of flip top nesting tables from Global. The Terina series offers high end appeal and unrivaled functionality. These multi purpose tables are great for collaborating in training areas and conference rooms. Terina offers a choice of laminate and veneer surface options that pair with polished T shaped bases. Optional power modules are available to take performance to the next level.

Cherryman Raises The Bar With Atto and Zetto Chairs

Cherryman Atto Chair

We can't say enough good things about the all new Atto and Zetto chairs from Cherryman Industries. They offer exceptional value and comfort. The Atto chair boasts a weight sensing mechanism and minimizes the need for adjusting. It's available now for just $225.00. The ZET106B model Zetto chair is a synchro-tilter that comes packed with adjustable features and a built in guide for personal comfort. They're two of the best office chairs under $300 available in 2018.

Cherryman Releases Ergonomic Accessories

Kitt Dual Monitor Arm

The team at Cherryman didn't stop with a couple of new chair releases in August. They further amped up their offering with awesome ergonomic accessories designed to boost performance in the workplace. Their Kitt series offers single and dual screen monitor mounts that increase desk space, reduce visual strain, and much more. Their all new Claro LED task light is another hot product that can be used under hutch units to shed lumens on important projects.

Electric Tables Are Trending

electric sit to stand table

For a long time, desktop attachments were the preferred choice of shoppers looking for sit to stand furniture. These days, electric tables are taking over. Why you ask? Ease of use! Electric sit to stand tables can be raised and lowered at the push of a button to encourage continuous posture changes. Popular sit to stand tables with push button controls like the those from the Bush Move 80 collection are perfect for training, classroom, and even private office environments.

You Can't Go Wrong With Mid Century Accent Tables

mid century coffee table

When remodeling your office lobby, you can't go wrong with mid century modern accent tables. They're on-trend and very fashionable. This month we've seen mid century accent tables from brands like Modway become incredibly popular. Interior design teams are loving the neutral vibes mid century tables have to offer. If you're looking for ways to make your welcoming area pop, this trend is worth following!

Use Reception Benches To Create Unique Seating Layouts

OFM Axis reception benches

Sofa and lounge chair configurations will always have their place. That being said, reception benches are carving out a niche of their own. With reception benches like those from the OFM Axis collection you can get creative and maximize square footage. A reception bench layout will make it easy to think outside the box. In addition to traditional benches, you might also consider checking out beam seating.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Home Decor: Fashionable Lounge Chairs from Modway

Modway Empress tufted lounge chair
When it comes to fashionable home decor, Modway knows their stuff. This reputable brand crafts some of the coolest lounge chairs and accents on the market. Today in our 'Home Decor' series we'll be showcasing a few of our favs. These trendy seating solutions offer the value, quality, and comfort needed to take your living room to the next level.

First up is the EEI-1013 Empress chair from Modway. Even at first glance you'll notice the tufted surfaces and mid century modern appeal. This fabric lounge chair is available with a variety of matching pieces to create on-trend living areas. The Empress chair is available 6 quick shipping color options for $354.75.

Modway Earl ChairThe Modway Earl chair boasts a classic rolled arm look at a price point that any shopper will love. This traditionally inspired lounger is available in a choice of black, brown, or white for $299.50. The vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and makes the Earl a perfect option for any man cave!

Modway Visibility chairIf you're looking to make a statement, the EEI-2071 Visibility chair from Modway is the perfect option. This retro infused lounge chair looks like a mix between a vintage race car and airplane.

Modway Ebb ChairUp next is the EEI-1439 Ebb chair from Modway. Talk about wow factor! This contemporary white leather lounge chair will give you all the feels. The Ebb makes for a great statement piece in that front room of your home that people rarely sit in.

Modway Slope ChairThe Slope chair from Modway is a bit pricey at $579.50, but it sure is cool. Just check out those curves! This fashionable lounger is sure to earn any living room or sitting area an abundance of compliments.

Modway Kaddur ChairSo far the chairs in today's 'Home Decor' post have been pretty straight forward. That's all about to change. The EEI-110 Kaddur chair from Modway looks like something right out of the 70's. This ultra cool chair is available in 4 color options for $716.75. Can you pull it off?

Modway Coast ChairLast but certainly not least, we'll wrap up today's post with a best seller! The EEI-2130 model Coast lounge chair from Modway boasts a contoured back design that cradles the user while sitting. This practical chair for the home will make its impression felt without overpowering your accent furniture. The Coast chair is available in a choice of Azure, Beige, and Gray upholstery options for $472.25.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Back To School: 6 Awesome Ergonomic Chairs For Students

To study effectively, you've got to be comfortable! Today in our 'Back To School' series we're showcasing awesome ergonomic chairs that are great for students. These well rounded seating solutions offer exceptional value and the user friendly features needed to keep the whole family sitting with good posture. All of the chairs showcased today are available for under $200.00 and crafted by reputable brands that you can rely on.

student task chairFirst up is the WL-A7671SYG-BY-A-GG from Flash Furniture. Long model number aside, this a well rounded task chair that your whole family will love. The contoured mesh back cradles the user and the adjustable arms make it easy to compute in comfortable positions. The burgundy fabric seat is well padded and 3" thick. This chair for students is a great buy for just $187.99. Additional color options are available.

orange computer chair for studentsUp next is the WA-3074-OR-A-GG computer chair. Even at first glance your kids will love the bright color options this chair is available in. Needless to say, if it looks cool, they'll want to sit in it. This ergonomically correct task chair boasts a 2" thick padded seat, pneumatic cylinder that controls the chair height with a single lever, and durable fixed arms that are slightly angled. At just $83.99 this chair comes in at under half the budget!

OFM Superchair 105-AAThird on our list of 6 ergonomic computer chairs for students is the OFM 105-AA. Known as the "Superchair", this little tasker is ready, willing, and able to tackle just about anything you can throw at it. The 105-AA chair is available in 7 color options for just $169.99.

Eurotech Maze ChairWe can't say enough good things about the ergonomic chairs from Eurotech. They're incredibly well made and built for commercial applications. Eurotech chairs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty to ensure performance. If you're looking to purchase a chair for the whole family that won't be too much for your young students to handle, the MT3000 Maze chair is the perfect option. It's a great buy at just $177.00.

Eurotech Marlin ChairThe Eurotech Marlin chair is another awesome option that's great for at home tasking and study sessions. The MT7500 model Marlin chair is practical and won't overpower your home office furniture. The thick padded seat, adjustable arms, and ventilated mesh back design work together to form a high performance chair that just about anyone can master in under 30 minutes.

home office task chairLast but not least is the 11514B chair from Offices To Go. If you're looking for a do-it-all task chair that won't break the budget, this is it. It's our favorite chair on today's list because it offers the best combination of comfort, functionality, and value. The 11514B chair is great for students of all ages, as well as parents that work from home. The 11514B is crafted by one of the most reputable chair manufacturers on the planet and built for everyday use. If you're tired of replacing cheap chairs that aren't built to last, the 11514B is a great option to consider at just $129.99.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Sit For Success: High Performance Boardroom Seating

To host effective meetings and group strategizing sessions, your workspace has to be comfortable. Outfitting your boardroom with high performance chairs is the perfect place to start. Today in our 'Sit For Success' blog series we'll showcase 7 awesome chairs equipped with the ergonomic features needed to help you boardroom guests stay productive, comfortable, and engaged.

Eon conference chair 416BFirst up is the all new Eon conference chair from Cherryman Industries. The 416B Eon chair offers a high end modern look, breathable mesh back design with natural lumbar support, and so much more. At just $324.00 it's one of the best boardroom buys of 2018.

iDesk Curva chairIf you're on the hunt for new boardroom chairs worth splurging for, check out the Curva from iDesk. These sleek and contemporary chairs make it easy to kick boardroom appeal into overdrive. The Curva high back chair comes equipped with an integrated leather headrest and a choice of 2 frame finish options. At $865.00 the Curva isn't for the shopper faced with a tight budget. That being said, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with a truly elite sitting experience.

Hendrix memory foam boardroom chairThird on our list of high performance boardroom chairs to consider for your office is the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing. With its mid century modern look, this seating solution inspired by Jimi himself will help you create on-trend interiors that earn the compliments they deserve. We love the Hendrix because of its memory foam cushions, genuine leather seating surfaces, and polished accents. Both high and mid back variations are available.

Global Luray chairThe all new Luray seating collection from Global is perfect for boardroom applications. These fixed arm office chairs are available in multiple back heights and with a choice of mechanism. The Luray line offers unrivaled elegance and sophistication. These chairs are classy, timeless, and sure to make a statement.

500 lb capacity office chairHigh performance and heavy duty go hand-in-hand. That being said, if you're searching for new boardroom chairs that won't let you down, the 811-LX Avenger from OFM is definitely worth a look. Even at first glance you'll be impressed by the spacious seating surfaces, padded arms, and contemporary design characteristics. The best part is, these chairs can support users up to 500 pounds.

Valore flip seat chairThese days flip seat nesting chairs have become incredibly popular for conference and training environments. They save space, look great, and offer exceptional versatility. Chairs like the TSH1 model from the Mayline Valore collection can be staged along perimeter walls when not in use. They also make it easy to increase seating potential without sacrificing comfort.

Europa chairThe team at Eurotech seating has made it their mission to craft elite chairs for every office application imaginable. Their Europa chair line offers a variety of high back and mid back chairs that are absolutely perfect for the boardroom. Popular options like the LE811 offer a comfortable sit and unique look that's sure to wow your visitors. The Europa chair can be purchased with optional zip on arm covers for a more high end look. A choice of black, brown, and cream white upholstery options are available. The thick padded seat with a waterfall edge relives knee pressure while the natural contour of the back helps to provide excellent back support throughout extended meetings. At just $280.00, the Europa is a great buy and a commercial quality chair that's ready to get down to business without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Seating Review: Spritz Collection by Global

Global Spritz Chair ReviewIt's not often that a single seating collection can transform nearly every room of your business. That being said, the Spritz collection is leaps and bounds ahead of most seating lines. These elite chairs from Global offer the trend setting design characteristics and ergonomic features needed to improve corporate appeal while taking comfort to the next level.

Spritz weight sensing office chairThe Global Spritz collection is nothing short of "full service". This means it's got every type of chair you need for your work floor, private office interiors, and training areas. We'll kick off today's post by telling you about the ultra versatile task chairs from this collection that come equipped with weight sensing mechanisms.

Spritz mesh back task chairSpritz chairs like the 6760-8 are perfect for all day tasking as they make it easy to adapt on the fly without the need for constant adjustment. Weight sensing office chairs are the future and the Spritz collection offers some of the best in the business.

In addition to weight sensing office chairs that respond to user movements, the Spritz collection offers traditional ergonomic chairs with adjustable seats, backs, and arms. Spritz task chairs like the 6761-4 are perfect for cubicle computing. These chairs are available in 4 mesh back color options and seemingly unlimited seat upholsteries.

Spritz training room chairWhen remodeling commercial training areas and collaborative interiors you'll quickly realize that square footage is at a premium. Using full sized office chairs will likely leave your space feeling cramped and limited in terms of potential. To maximize your square footage without sacrificing comfort, Global has introduced Spritz chairs like the 6764FC model. This lightweight training room chair with front leg casters is easy to position and reconfigure as needed throughout task filled work days. In addition tot he 6764FC model, the Spritz collection offers a variety of flip seat nesting chairs and smaller office chairs to consider for your group work areas.

Spritz task stoolNeed more? No problem! The Spritz collection offers awesome drafting chairs and task stools that are perfect for design work. While we'd like to see adjustable arms available as an option, the task stools from the Spritz collection are still very comfortable and cost effective. Needless to say, this collection has it all. Spritz is ready, willing, and able to get the most out of your interiors.

Spritz computer chairIn terms of price, the Spritz collection has a little something for everyone. The 6760-8 model is the most expensive at $475.99, which is still pretty affordable for a cutting edge weight sensing task chair. Traditional office chairs with fixed arms like the 6762-6 are available for $325.99, while guest chairs for training and meeting area use start at $279.99. The task stools from he Spritz collection start at $354.99.

Global Spritz chair ratingIt's nice to know that collections like Spritz make it easy to outfit office interiors with cohesive seating. The days of mix-matching chairs from a variety of brands are over. Interior design teams will love the Spritz collection for its versatile while users will love it for comfort and functionality. Global has done a fantastic job with the Spritz collection and their attention to detail is second to none. We give this line a full 5 out of 5 star rating.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

First Look: Cherryman Atto Chair

Cherryman Atto Chair Review
Cherryman Atto Mesh ChairCherryman is kicking off the fall season with hot new office chairs designed to take corporate appeal and performance to the next level. Today on the blog we'll provide you with a first look at the Atto chair, a cost effective tasker that's ready to help you dominate your work day on a budget.

Atto mesh chairThe Atto chair is fashionable, comfortable, and extremely well made. What more could you ask for? In a world filled with overpriced chairs claiming to be ergonomic in every way imaginable, the Atto is ready for success. This value priced chair will be available in two quick shipping color combinations for just $225.00. In our opinion, it's going to set a new standard in the seating world by becoming the best all around ergonomic chair under $250.00 in 2018.

Atto task chairEven at first glance you'll be able to appreciate the modern subtleties the Atto has to offer. This trendy new mesh chair for sale offers just the right amount of flair needed to make a statement without overpowering your furniture. In a word, the Atto chair is practical. It's ready for the modern workplace and shines when it needs to.

Cherryman Atto ATT106BOnce seated, you'll really start to understand why this chair is going to be a game changer. The natural contour of the back provides exceptional lumbar support. The multi functional arms can be raised, lowered, and pivoted to suit the users preference.

The Atto chair comes standard with a weight sensing mechanism that minimizes the need for adjusting. If you're tired of pulling a bunch of levers and twisting a bunch of knobs to achieve a supportive sit, this next generation task chair is a must consider.

Atto chair - Back viewOur favorite feature of the new ATT106B Atto chair (and there are plenty to love) is the built in guide for personal adjusting. It's simply a guide card that's located underneath the chair seat. It lists out the adjustments found on the chair and how to activate them. The guide card serves as a refresher course on sitting correctly and ergonomic adjustments that can be used whenever you need it. This means you'll be more familiar with your chair and getting the most out of it. You won't find this on chairs from any other brand.

These days not all chairs are created equal. You have to be weary of cheap imitations and knock offs that aren't built to last and underperform in professional settings. At just $225.00 the Atto chair is an absolute winner that boasts features not found on chairs that cost three times as much. This soon to be best selling mesh chair will be taking the industry by storm for years to come. In terms of value, comfort, and functionality the Atto is unrivaled.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sit For Success: High Performance Task Chairs

A healthy sit is a productive sit! If you task for hours on end throughout the work week, you need a chair that's ready, willing, and able to provide exceptional back support and adapt on the fly to meet your personal ergonomic needs. Today in our 'Sit For Success' series we'll showcase high performance seating solutions from brands like Global, SitWell, and Eurotech Seating that are up for the job.

Global G20 ChairThe Global 6007L G20 chair with a leather seat and mesh back is perfect for everyday tasking and executive office computing. This high performance office chair comes packed with ergonomically correct bells and whistles designed to simplify the quest for perfect posture. The G20 is currently available for $649.99 and worth every penny.

Ovation task stoolIt's all in the name! The team at SitWell has made it their mission to help workers sit for success. Their high quality task chairs from the Ovation collection are user friendly and supremely comfortable. The OV-438-M-SK Ovation task stool is the perfect option for architects and designers looking to sit correct while tackling tough projects.

Ergohuman Task ChairMoving right along, allow us to introduce an industry classic! The ME7ERG model Ergohuman task chair from Eurotech is an absolute winner in the workplace. This high performance chair has been heavily relied upon for over a decade. The Ergohuman is all about user comfort and easy of use. If you're looking for awesome adjustment features a modern vibe that's sure to earn your interior an abundance of compliments, this is the chair for you.

Oroblanco task chairNext on our list of high performance task chairs is the Oroblanco from iDesk. We've featured this chair on our blog several times. The truth is, we just can't get enough of it. Dollar for dollar, the Oroblanco is the best office chair buy of 2018. For $422.00 you'll be rewarded with a cutting edge mesh back task chair equipped with a multi functional mechanism and built in guide for personal adjusting. The Oroblanco is innovative, cost effective, and ready for everyday use.

RFM Preferred Seating Carmel ChairThe office chairs for sale from RFM Preferred Seating are in a league of their own. Take one sit in the 8235 Carmel chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. The contoured back design is both distinctive and functional. This chair avoids restricting upper body movement while offering excellent spine support.

OFM 540 Core ChairLast but not least is the all new 540 Core chair from OFM. This bold new seating solution is a great buy at just $258.99 that should be highly considered by any shopper looking to get comfortable on a budget. The 540 Core chair proves that you don't have to invest a small fortune to sit correctly. This high back mesh chair with an adjustable headrest and synchro tilt mechanism is available in 4 color options. The Core chair takes its design cues from the Ergohuman in a package that's half the price. These new chairs from OFM are an excellent option for cubicle computing, executive office tasking, and even home office environments.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Enjoy The Traditional Versatility of Global Arturo Seating

Global Arturo Chair ReviewWhen it comes to professional seating, the team at Global knows their stuff! This reputable brand has made it their mission to craft versatile chairs that work effectively in commercial interiors. The Global chairs from the traditionally inspired Arturo collection are no exception. This line of professional seating is ready, willing, and able to help you take comfort and corporate appeal to new heights.

high back Arturo chairArturo chairs won't overly wow you with modern curves and crazy design characteristics. In truth, they're not intended to. These chairs are about professionalism, comfort, and practicality. While many of today's most popular office chairs are meant to be attention grabbers, Arturo is a collection built for the user looking to achieve a well rounded sitting experience while complimenting their high end furniture.

medium back Arturo chairThe Arturo seating collection from Global offers low, medium, and high back models that can be used effectively in a variety of common office areas. The two most popular spaces where you'll find Arturo chairs are in the executive office and conference room.

low back Arturo chairWith thick padding and fixed arms, Arturo chairs are intended to be comfortable without the need for a ton of adjustments. If you're on the hunt for a cutting edge ergonomic task chair that's built for long hours behind the desk, the Arturo isn't for you. Alternatively, shoppers looking for an upscale chair with traditional vibes to pair with elegant wood veneer furniture should look no further.

Arturo chairs are moderately priced and available in a wide range of attractive upholstery options. The 3993 low back Arturo chair is the least expensive at $491.99 and the most popular option for conference room applications. The 3991 high back Arturo chair is available for $549.99 and perfect for executive interiors.

This popular seating line has a little something for everybody. With Arturo you can compliment multiple areas with high quality seating that's ready to impress without overpowering desks and tables. Arturo chairs are easy to use and make it easy to sit comfortably while computing in your office and throughout meetings.

Traditionalists looking to skip today's modern seating trends will love the Arturo line from Global. These chairs offer timeless elegance and the refined features needed to perform well and look good doing it. Arturo chairs are very well padded and equally versatile. We give this plush collection a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.