Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Choose Bush For High Quality Ergonomic Furniture

When it comes to ergonomic furniture, Bush knows their stuff. This industry leader specializes in the provision of height adjustable workstations and furniture configurations that are perfect for commercial applications. The sit to stand desks from Bush furniture collections are ready for the demands of the modern office and adjust at the push of a button to help users transition smoothly between positions to stay active while working.

ergonomic sit to stand deskThe Studio C collection is the most popular line of office furniture from Bush. This best selling collection offers an abundance of modern appeal and the electric sit to stand desk configurations needed to create elite executive interiors. Layouts like the STC017 are practical, effective, and unique  in a world filled with overly similar desktop attachments that distract from the appeal of high class furniture.

Bush 400 Series Ergonomic Furniture Set 400S189The Bush 400 series offers industrially infused office furniture and attractive sit to stand components. A 400 series desk configuration from Bush like the 400S189 will help you maximize your available square footage while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of sit to stand computing.

Series C ergonomic u shaped deskThe Series C collection from Bush offers ergonomic U shaped desk layouts like the SRC112. This fashionable desk is perfect for upscale executive interiors and offers ample operating space. The SRC112 even boasts an overhead storage hutch to provide users with additional organizing compartments.

Bush Move 80 deskLimited on space? No problem at all. The height adjustable tables from the Bush Move 60 and Move 80 collections are the perfect option. These electric workstations help avoid the need for extended sits and promote good blood flow to reduce fatigue. A Move 80 height adjustable desk like the HAT4830 model is perfect for tight spaces. This 48" x 30" unit is available in 8 finish options.

Bush Series C Elite Ergonomic DeskLast but certainly not least are the cost effective ergonomic office furniture sets from the Bush Series C Elite collection. While not electronic, A Series C Elite standing desk will still offer you a ton of operational versatility. These commercial quality stations are functional, practical, and easy to use. While computing, users can enjoy the traditional height desk surface. When you're ready to stand and tackle paperwork, simply turn around and use the standing height section behind the main desk. The Series C Elite SRE148 layout is our personal favorite from the collection and it's available in 2 finishes for $1085.99.

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