Tuesday, August 21, 2018

First Look: Cherryman Atto Chair

Cherryman Atto Chair Review
Cherryman Atto Mesh ChairCherryman is kicking off the fall season with hot new office chairs designed to take corporate appeal and performance to the next level. Today on the blog we'll provide you with a first look at the Atto chair, a cost effective tasker that's ready to help you dominate your work day on a budget.

Atto mesh chairThe Atto chair is fashionable, comfortable, and extremely well made. What more could you ask for? In a world filled with overpriced chairs claiming to be ergonomic in every way imaginable, the Atto is ready for success. This value priced chair will be available in two quick shipping color combinations for just $225.00. In our opinion, it's going to set a new standard in the seating world by becoming the best all around ergonomic chair under $250.00 in 2018.

Atto task chairEven at first glance you'll be able to appreciate the modern subtleties the Atto has to offer. This trendy new mesh chair for sale offers just the right amount of flair needed to make a statement without overpowering your furniture. In a word, the Atto chair is practical. It's ready for the modern workplace and shines when it needs to.

Cherryman Atto ATT106BOnce seated, you'll really start to understand why this chair is going to be a game changer. The natural contour of the back provides exceptional lumbar support. The multi functional arms can be raised, lowered, and pivoted to suit the users preference.

The Atto chair comes standard with a weight sensing mechanism that minimizes the need for adjusting. If you're tired of pulling a bunch of levers and twisting a bunch of knobs to achieve a supportive sit, this next generation task chair is a must consider.

Atto chair - Back viewOur favorite feature of the new ATT106B Atto chair (and there are plenty to love) is the built in guide for personal adjusting. It's simply a guide card that's located underneath the chair seat. It lists out the adjustments found on the chair and how to activate them. The guide card serves as a refresher course on sitting correctly and ergonomic adjustments that can be used whenever you need it. This means you'll be more familiar with your chair and getting the most out of it. You won't find this on chairs from any other brand.

These days not all chairs are created equal. You have to be weary of cheap imitations and knock offs that aren't built to last and underperform in professional settings. At just $225.00 the Atto chair is an absolute winner that boasts features not found on chairs that cost three times as much. This soon to be best selling mesh chair will be taking the industry by storm for years to come. In terms of value, comfort, and functionality the Atto is unrivaled.

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