Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Office Chair Review: 11657B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Seating Review
The 11657B chair from Offices To Go has been one of the most popular conference room seating solutions on the market for years. This best selling chair offers an exceptional combination of style, comfort, and value. This week we finally had the opportunity to review the 11657B chair and our team came away very impressed.


Offices To Go 11657B Chair ReviewThe 11657B chair is ready, willing, and able to make a statement. While practical in nature, the overall design of the chair offers just enough modern flair to compliment furniture without overpowering it. The contoured back is complimented by a set of polished chrome arms and a matching base the pull the overall vibe of the chair together.


In terms of comfort, the 11657B conference room office chair is everything we've come to expect from Offices To Go. This chair comes standard with a generously proportioned seat and tapered upper back that works to avoid restricting upper body movement. Subtle details make for an exceptional operating experience. The single position tilt lock and tilt tension adjustments are easy to use while the natural lumbar area of the chair provides reliable support throughout extended sits.
11657B conference chair

At the everyday low price of $179.99, the 11657B is an absolute bargain. Once seating in this popular office chair you'll appreciate it even more. When compared to similar models on the market, the 11657B excels and provides exceptional value. Sure you can find chairs at this price point, but in most cases the quality isn't close to what the 11657B has to offer. This chair is built for the demands of the modern workplace and won't let you down.


best selling conference chairThe 11657B is intended for conference room use, but it can definitely do more. While you probably wouldn't want to select this chair for 24 hour applications, it's a great option for home office interiors in need of a facelift. The 11657B would also make a nice choice for executive interiors. While priced like a "starter chair" the 11657B can be used effectively in professional settings and excelled at pretty much any task we threw at it. The only limitation in terms of applications was due to a lack of adjustment arms that make it easier to find healthy computing positions.


OTG model 11657B chair ratingThe 11657B has earned itself a 4 out of 5 star rating from our team. Many of the new Offices To Go chairs are available in cool upholstery options, and we think this one should be too. Our main takeaway was that this chair is a great buy that won't break your conference room remodeling budget. The thick mesh back and well padded seat work together to create a supportive chair that's great for meetings.

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