Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Seating Review: Spritz Collection by Global

Global Spritz Chair ReviewIt's not often that a single seating collection can transform nearly every room of your business. That being said, the Spritz collection is leaps and bounds ahead of most seating lines. These elite chairs from Global offer the trend setting design characteristics and ergonomic features needed to improve corporate appeal while taking comfort to the next level.

Spritz weight sensing office chairThe Global Spritz collection is nothing short of "full service". This means it's got every type of chair you need for your work floor, private office interiors, and training areas. We'll kick off today's post by telling you about the ultra versatile task chairs from this collection that come equipped with weight sensing mechanisms.

Spritz mesh back task chairSpritz chairs like the 6760-8 are perfect for all day tasking as they make it easy to adapt on the fly without the need for constant adjustment. Weight sensing office chairs are the future and the Spritz collection offers some of the best in the business.

In addition to weight sensing office chairs that respond to user movements, the Spritz collection offers traditional ergonomic chairs with adjustable seats, backs, and arms. Spritz task chairs like the 6761-4 are perfect for cubicle computing. These chairs are available in 4 mesh back color options and seemingly unlimited seat upholsteries.

Spritz training room chairWhen remodeling commercial training areas and collaborative interiors you'll quickly realize that square footage is at a premium. Using full sized office chairs will likely leave your space feeling cramped and limited in terms of potential. To maximize your square footage without sacrificing comfort, Global has introduced Spritz chairs like the 6764FC model. This lightweight training room chair with front leg casters is easy to position and reconfigure as needed throughout task filled work days. In addition tot he 6764FC model, the Spritz collection offers a variety of flip seat nesting chairs and smaller office chairs to consider for your group work areas.

Spritz task stoolNeed more? No problem! The Spritz collection offers awesome drafting chairs and task stools that are perfect for design work. While we'd like to see adjustable arms available as an option, the task stools from the Spritz collection are still very comfortable and cost effective. Needless to say, this collection has it all. Spritz is ready, willing, and able to get the most out of your interiors.

Spritz computer chairIn terms of price, the Spritz collection has a little something for everyone. The 6760-8 model is the most expensive at $475.99, which is still pretty affordable for a cutting edge weight sensing task chair. Traditional office chairs with fixed arms like the 6762-6 are available for $325.99, while guest chairs for training and meeting area use start at $279.99. The task stools from he Spritz collection start at $354.99.

Global Spritz chair ratingIt's nice to know that collections like Spritz make it easy to outfit office interiors with cohesive seating. The days of mix-matching chairs from a variety of brands are over. Interior design teams will love the Spritz collection for its versatile while users will love it for comfort and functionality. Global has done a fantastic job with the Spritz collection and their attention to detail is second to none. We give this line a full 5 out of 5 star rating.

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