Thursday, September 20, 2018

Office Design 2018: Summer Recap

What a season it's been! With fall starting this Saturday, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the products and design trends that rocked the summer. From ergonomic workstations to collaborative benching, brands like Systematix, Global, and Cherryman took the summer season by storm. Rest assured, the products that hit the scene this summer will continue to impact commercial interiors for years to come.

Volante height adjustable workstationVolante Workstations

It was the summer of sit to stand! We saw a ton of height adjustable workstations hit the market, all with respective benefits. Our favorite was without a doubt the Volante. With new heavy duty sit to stand risers and height adjustable corner workstations, the Volante series has your operational needs covered. The sit to stand attachments from the Systematix Volante collection encourage continuous movement, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue on a budget.

Global Terina TableTerina Tables

The team at Global doesn't sit by and watch new trends get set in motion. They're too busy starting them! This highly respected manufacturer paved the way for improved training with their Terina collection. This all new line of flip top nesting tables encourages collaboration while creating upscale modern vibes in the process. There's no better line of training tables on the market today. With power options, fashionable finishes, and plenty of sizes to choose from, Terina is sure to be rocking interiors throughout the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

Atto ChairAtto & Zetto Chairs

Right at the end of summer, the team at Cherryman hit us with a couple of awesome new ergonomic chairs that are already making waves. The Atto and Zetto have rapidly become the best office chair buys of 2018. The Atto is a weight sensing task chair priced at $225.00 while the Zetto chair is a high back synchro tilter that's currently available for $262.00. Both are exceptional options to consider for professional interiors. They're extremely comfortable, easy to use, and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

OFM Fulcrum FurnitureFulcrum Furniture

OFM gave us an all new line of industrially inspired office furniture this summer. The Fulcrum collection offers modular desks and matching components that make it easy to think outside the box when remodeling interiors. Fulcrum furniture is available in a choice 4 finish options. As the industrial look is trending, look for the Fulcrum collection to really hit its stride this fall.

gray office furnitureGray Everything

Now lets talk design trends! The summer season was dominated by gray office chairs, desks, conference tables, and reception stations. As interior design teams and shoppers looked to skip traditional tones like cherry and mahogany, gray finishes like Textured Driftwood and Gray Steel from Mayline stole the show. These laminates available on the furniture from collections like Sterling, Medina, and Aberdeen are stunning.

Focal Locus Active SeatingPerch Stools

With the popularity of height adjustable office furniture, perch stools have carved out a nice little market for themselves. Once considered a niche item, perch stools and active seating have become a staple in commercial interiors. Popular options like the Focal Locus from Safco are incredibly versatile. They provide added support without sacrificing the continuous movement workers are trying to generate while standing.

Collaborative Benching

collaborative workstation for 4 people
The popularity of collaborative benching is at an all time high. As businesses look to think outside the realm of traditional cubicle systems, collaborative workstations are answering the call. Brands like Global, Bush Business Furniture, and Mayline all offer alternatives to high wall panel furniture. With collaborative benching you can create clean sight lines, encourage employee interaction, and keep the good ideas flowing. Sure cubicles will always have their place, just look for the walls to be lowered. These days you're looking for a good mix of privacy and noise reduction without making employees feel overly closed off from one another.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

5 Modern Office Chairs Worth Breaking The Bank For

Are you ready to take your sit to the next level? You're in the right place! Today on the blog we're showcasing elite office chairs that are worth splurging for. These high end seating solutions come packed with the adjustable features and design characteristics needed to help you adapt on the fly and keep you comfortable throughout even the most task filled days.

iOO chairFirst up is the iOO chair from Eurotech Seating. This luxurious ergonomic chair for executive interiors is nothing short of cutting edge. The iOO is packed with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. It's also easy to use. The contoured waterfall seat, natural lumbar support, heigh adjustable back, and multi functional arms work in harmony with the user. The iOO chair is available in 2018 for $672.00. An optional headrest is available for an extra $32.00 that you'll definitely want to add. All in you'll be looking at just over $700.00. This chair is worth every penny.

luxury office chairNot all office chairs are created equal. These days you have to be weary of cheap knock offs and imitations that come disguised as high priced ergonomic taskers. With the Concorde luxury office chair from Global, you can put your worries to rest. As one of the most expensive executive chairs on the market, the Concorde will likely scare most shoppers. The $1539.99 price tag isn't for the squeamish, but those who can afford the investment will be rewarded with one of the most comfortable and highly respected chairs ever created.

RFM Multi Shift ChairIf you're going to break the bank for an office chair, the odds are you're going to want to customize to fit your specific needs. Allow us to introduce the 98950 Multi Shift chair from RFM Preferred Seating. This ergonomic marvel can be personalized from top to bottom with various seat sizes, arms, and upholstery options. The Multi Shift chair is available starting at $897.60.

iDesk Curva chairThe team at iDesk has made their mark with cost effective office chairs that pack a major ergonomic punch. Their Curva series goes a different route! These top of the line chairs are intended for use in upscale executive interiors and boardroom environments. Popular models like the CUR105 combine mesh seating surfaces with integrated leather headrests and a brushed titanium finished frame. At $865.00, we think the CUR105 is perhaps the best boardroom office chair worth breaking the bank for.

Eden high back leather office chairLast but not least is the Eden series high back leather executive chair from Indiana Furniture. Even at first glance you'll notice the sleek profile and natural back contours of this classic chair. the Eden blends traditional vibes with high end contemporary appeal to perfection. The integrated headrest, adjustable arms, and polished base work together to create one of the most well rounded chairs on the market today. These office chairs from Indiana Furniture are professional, practical, and popular! The Eden series offers complimenting models for conference and boardroom applications. Prices start at $856.99 and go up to $959.99 for the chair pictured here with the adjustable arms and synchro mechanism.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New In September: Series C Elite Workstations

Bush Series C Elite office desks
The Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite collection offers high quality desks and executive workstations that are hard to beat. This full service line is perfect for commercial interiors and offers the design characteristics needed to impress. Today on the blog we'll showcase the new furniture we've added from this hot line.

Bush Corner DeskFirst up is the SRE130 workstation. This L shaped corner desk with a hutch saves space, looks great, and performs at a high level. The SRE130 offers 2 file pedestals for at hand document and stationary storage. At just $1399.00, this desk is a great buy that's a must consider for home and professional office remodeling projects.

Bush Reception DeskThe Series C Elite furniture collection also offers fashionable reception desks. The SRE140 model boasts a 72W x 30D desk that pairs with a 48W x 24D return to offer ample operating space. The mobile box box file pedestal can be used where you need it. Brushed silver handle pulls add to the upscale vibe. Shoppers can enjoy this popular station for $908.99.

small desk with hutchLimited on space? No problem! The Series C Elite furniture collection offers small desks for sale with plenty of storage. The SR129 is 48W and topped with a 4 door hutch that provides plenty of storage potential without wasting valuable floor space. This workstation also includes a locking 3 drawer file pedestal. The package is available this month for $775.99.

Series C Elite Ergonomic DeskAny industry professional will tell you, 2018 has been all about height adjustable desks that encourage continuous movement in the workplace. The Series C Elite collection offers some of the best in the business. Check out this SRE229 layout. The U shaped design is perfect for executive interiors. The height adjustable bridge helps to keep users active while simultaneously improving blood flow and reducing fatigue.

Series C Elite standing deskIf you don't like the idea of an electric desk but still want to work with good ergonomic habits, check out the Series C Elite SRE148. This U shaped workstation offers a rear credenza with a standing height surface. The organizing compartments come in handy while the 60W bow front desk offers a high end look. When paired with a 48W return, this Bush office desk has it all. Choose from Hansen Cherry and Mocha Cherry finish options at $1085.99. You simply can't beat the combination of value and appeal this workstation has to offer.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Motivation: Step Up, Step Out, and Be Active!

Monday Motivation: Step Up and Stay Active at Work
Are you dealing with a serious case of the Monday's? If so you're in the right place. In our new blog series 'Monday Motivation' we'll highlight ergonomic tips, product suggestions, and innovative ways to kick your week off productively. Today is all about staying active to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow. Enjoy!

First things first, you've got to come to work in the right mindset. Step up to the plate with a positive attitude and make a plan. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast, get into work a little early to settle in at your desk with a cup of coffee, and avoid rushing. The ability to take your time will reduce stress.

When the Monday lull hits, step up and walk away from your desk. Get your muscles moving and your blood flowing. Regardless of what day it is, sitting for long periods of time causes fatigue. When blood flow is restricted, our muscles tighten up and productivity levels start to drop. Studies show that taking a 5 to 10 minute break one per hour yields awesome results in terms of overall health and wellness int the workplace.

Sure you can take a few minutes to stretch at your desk, but there's no substitute for a little fresh air. Step out for a few minutes at lunch. Go for a walk outside. Sit by a lake to eat. Do whatever it takes to get out of the office for a little bit. You'll return to your cubicle refreshed and ready to tackle whatever Monday has to throw at you.

The last thing you need to do is stay active. We've discussed the importance of avoiding extended sits, but staying active in the workplace goes beyond standing up and taking breaks. When you arrive at work, stay active with your coworkers. Don't be afraid to ask about their weekend or talk about yours. The important thing is to stay involved and communicating to improve morale.

If you communicate and stay active with the members on your work team, life in the office will be better. Healthy communication leads to effective collaboration. While it sounds simple, if you're avoiding seeing certain individuals at work, Monday's can seem a lot more daunting. Alternatively, if you're in a good mood and looking forward to seeing your coworkers, it's really not so bad.

Keep busy by staying active. A healthy mix of sitting and standing to compute is recommended to keep your muscles moving. If you're looking for ways to work healthy at your desk, a sit to stand riser will help. They're available for around $300.00 and make it easy to work smarter, not harder. In the long run, Monday won't stand a chance if you stay active with ergonomic computing habits.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Featured Collection: Zira by Global

Global Zira Collection BenefitsIn the world of professional furniture, the Zira collection is a cut above the competition. This full service line has your commercial remodeling needs covered from start to finish. The Zira series offers  the open concept workstations, guest reception desks, power ready conference tables, and modular storage components needed to take your interiors to the next level.

Zira open concept workstationIn a word, the Zira collection is versatile. With Zira components you can think outside the box and maximize your available square footage. Zira desks can be purchased individually to accommodate private office interiors. They can also be expanded upon with connectors to create group workstations with an open concept feel.

Zira Reception DeskThe guest reception desks from the Zira series are in a league of their own. The custom capabilities are unmatched. Zira stations can be configured for single and multi user applications. Stand alone rectangular desks are available in widths up to 101.4". With optional returns, glazed panels, fashionable handle pulls, and credenzas, the options are limitless!

What really sets the Zira collection apart from competing lines are the power ready conference room tables. A Zira conference tables with USB and HDMI inputs will help streamline your meetings while improving your ability to collaborate. Zira tables are available in a variety of popular shapes and sizes. Smaller meeting tables are also offered.

Zira 2 person workstation with storageNo office interior is complete without a few helpful storage components. If you're tired of traditional metal file cabinets that do little to enhance the vibe of your interior, Zira is the solution. This best selling line covers all the details with full sized wall cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, lateral files, and desk pedestals that can be integrated into furniture configurations or used individually along office walls.

When the time comes to remodel your office interiors, plan in advance to take advantage of the possibles a collection like Zira can provide your business. The made to order furniture from this collection takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to craft, but it's well worth the wait.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Executive Style: Desk Collections For Upscale Interiors

Creating a high end executive interior doesn't have to be a headache. You just have to know where to find the best furniture on a budget. Brands like Bush, Cherryman, Offices To Go, and Mayline offers elite collections designed to simplify your remodel while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Today in our 'Executive Style' series we'll showcase 5 collections that are a must consider for your project.

1.) Enterprise

Bush Enterprise Desk Collection

We're kicking off today's post with the Bush Enterprise desk collection. This traditionally inspired line is well rounded and appealing. Enterprise desks offer classic good looks without committing to an overly old school vibe. The practical workstations from this best selling line are available in Harvest Cherry and Mocha Cherry finish options.

2.) Emerald

high end office furniture

The Cherryman Industries Emerald collection is specifically intended for use in high end interiors. The wood veneer writing desks and storage components from this line are nothing short of luxurious. if you're on the hunt for office furniture worth splurging for, Emerald is the way to go. While expensive, this full service line is worth the investment.

3.) Superior Laminate

Superior Laminate Office Furniture

Offices To Go specializes in the provision of commercial quality office furniture for sale at pricing that can't be beat. Collections like Superior Laminate make it easy to create upscale interiors on a budget. This line of modular desk configurations, reception stations, and conference rooms tables can tackle your business makeover from top to bottom. Superior Laminate offers 5 quick shipping finish options and a wide range of interchangeable components.

4.) Sterling

Mayline Sterling Desk

Moving right along, allow us to introduce the executive furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection. If you're looking to keep your interiors up to date with the latest finish trends, the Textured Driftwood workstations from this line have you covered. Sterling offers some of the most fashionable desks on the market today. With opaque acrylic accents and attractive handle pulls, you'll have no problem creating the space of your dreams.

5.) Fulcrum

OFM Fulcrum Desk

Last but not least, we're wrapping up this edition of Executive Style with one of 2018's hottest new collections. The OFM Fulcrum desk collection offers industrially inspired components that blend metal frames and laminate work surfaces. Fulcrum pieces are sold individually and really make it easy to think outside the box when configuring your space. With optional modesty panels, hutch units, file cabinets, credenzas, and returns, you'll have no problem getting the most of your interior.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Deal Of The Week: 5% Off Bush Series A Desks

This week we're offering desks on sale from one of the hottest furniture collections on the market. The Bush Series A Collection offers executive workstations, modular L shaped desks, and the storage components needed to refine your commercial interiors. Save an extra 5% this week only with coupon code BBF5. As always, free shipping is included!

Bush Series A 60" Desk with File PedestalLimited on space? No problem. The Bush Series A desk collection offers stand alone stations that can be expanded upon in the future as your needs increase. The SRA003 model 60" desk with a mobile file cabinet has just what you need to create a professional workspace on a budget. At just $495.00, this desk is a great buy.

Bush U DeskUp next is the SRA009. This awesome workstation boasts a spacious U shaped design that's enhanced with the addition of an overhead hutch unit to provide space saving storage. The peninsula shaped front desk is great for hosting office guest and encouraging collaboration. The SRA009 Series A U shaped desk is available for $1129.99. Use coupon code BBF5 to save an extra 5 % this week.

Series A Corner DeskThe Bush Series A collection offers some of the best corner desks for sale in 2018. They're incredibly well made, backed by a 10 year warranty, and ready for the demands of everyday use. The SRA040 configuration offers everything you need to maximizing square footage and storage potential for $988.99.

Bush Series A Office DeskTalk about value! Our next Series A Desk is a great buy even without the BBF5 coupon code. This U shaped workstation offers ample surface space, an executive vibe, and a very friendly price tag. At just $679.99 you'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck.

Bush Series A Executive WorkstationWe always like to wrap up our posts with a bang. That being said, allow us to introduce the SRA071. This top of the line executive workstation from Bush has it all. Two 72" office desk combine with an array of bookcases, desk pedestals, and an overhead hutch unit to generate ample wow factor. You'll definitely want to measure first before purchasing this package, but those who can fit it will be rewarded with a head turning interior that earns daily compliments from even the harshest critics. The SRA071 Series A executive workstation is available for $1829.99 in your choice of 7 finish options.

Monday, September 10, 2018

New In September: Volante Corner Station by Systematix

Systematix Volante Corner Workstation
When it comes to ergonomic furniture and accessories, Systematix knows their stuff. This reputable manufacturer takes pride in crafting elite products specifically designed to improve operational functionality and productivity in the workplace. Systematix never fails to be ahead of the industry curve. Just a few short weeks ago they released one of the first ever sit to stand risers for corner workstations.

The all new Systematix sit to stand corner workstation will be patterned after the original Volante riser that took the ergonomic world by storm. With a 42" wide useable primary work surface, this all new ergonomic station is ready, willing, and able to accommodate two 27" monitors.

Volante corner workstation for sit to stand computing
The Volante corner workstation ships fully assembled and requires no tools for installation. This means you can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes. The unit itself was specifically designed to wok in 90 degree corner applications to help maximize work surface space.

Volante risers are activated with single paddle gas assisted mechanisms for smooth, quite, and quick transitioning between sitting and standing. With this ergonomic desktop attachment you can encourage continuous muscle movements to improve posture while reducing fatigue.

With the ability to be extended up to 20" above the standard desk surface, the Volante offers an exceptional range of travel to meet the needs of virtually any worker. An additional 20" of keyboard surface tilt allow the user to infinitely adjust effectively to type at healthy angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The clip-on mouse fence and cable manager are nice touches that prove Systematix understands the importance of attention to detail. You'll also find that the primary operating surface of this ergonomic workstation features grommet holes for wire routing.

Volante corner desk attachment
The Volante is able to support up to 35 pounds. The unit itself weighs 42 pounds. If you're tired of investing in ergonomic office furniture that isn't built to last, Systematix has your back. At just $339.99, this station is an awesome buy.

In the long run, not all ergonomic computer hardware are created equal. You have to be weary of cheap knock offs and imitations that can't hang in the modern workplace. The Volante is nothing short of a winner. Try it once and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Create A Great Workspace For Collaborating

collaborative office interior
Are you looking for ways to encourage employee interaction and boost productivity? You're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll highlight tips, tricks, and product suggestions designed to help you create collaborative interiors that are up to date with the latest trends.

First things first, you have to do a little space planning. Start by measuring your space and taking note of all entry ways, power outlets, and room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture is situated. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing new office furniture and seating only to find that it doesn't fit properly.

Once you've measured your space, it's time to select your tables. We highly recommend going with flip top nesting tables as they make it easy to adapt on the fly. With nesting tables you can create group layouts of any size and think outside the realm of fixed configurations with limited versatility.
Nesting Tables for Training and Collaboration

Tables with surface level power inputs are also a great way to take your space to the next level. Eliminating the need to hunt down wall outlets will streamline functionality and improve collaboration. If you choose to purchase table without power, aftermarket modules like the FlexCharge9 from ESI are available.

The Best Tables For Collaboration Feature:

  • Nesting Tops
  • Mobile Bases
  • Power Modules 
  • Locking Casters

Now it's time to focus on seating. To collaborate effectively, your employees have to be comfortable. As traditional task chairs are a bit large for group workspaces, you'll want to search for well padded chairs that are sleek and efficient. Training style chairs with flip up seats and nesting capabilities are the way to go. You may consider selecting tablet arm chairs as they'll further improve operational versatility without the need for more tables.

flip seat nesting chair for training and collaborationPopular Chairs For Collaborating:

  • Model 1899 Roma Chair by Global
  • Tagalong Chair by SitWell
  • Model NT1000 Flip Chair by Eurotech
  • Model TSM2 Valore Chair by Mayline

Accessories play a major role when it comes to creating collaborative office interiors. While not all are must haves, there's definitely a few you'll want to have around when good ideas are being discussed. The most important is a mobile presentation board or white board cabinet with a dry erase surface. Wall mounted boards are available, but they're nowhere near as versatile as mobile units. The ability to take notes and jot down ideas anywhere is a key part of effective collaboration.

group workspace for meetings and collaborationIt's also important to create a well organized space. Investing in a small wall cabinet or a buffet to match your tables will help create a professional vibe while simultaneously keeping important documents, literature, and reading materials where they belong. You don't need to devote a ton of your available square footage to storage space, but you will definitely want at least one cabinet to ensure your space stays looking great and performs at a high level.

collaborative group workspace for testing and trainingWhen the time comes to configure your space, strive for an open concept feel. The more open your interior feels, the more effective it will be. While this is partly based on your available square footage, ff you've got too many tables in use at one time your interior will feel cramped and collaborative efforts will be restricted. In most cases, small group configurations are best. Before hosting your first meeting, play around with a few different layouts to determine what will work best based on the number of individuals you're hosting.

In the long run, creating collaborative interiors is fun. Do you remember back in grade school when you got to work in groups? Weren't you always excited and energized? The same holds true in business. If you strive to make your collaborative interior interactive while remaining professional, you'll be well on your way to an effective space that's ready, willing, and able to perform at a high level day-in and day-out.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Refine Your Meeting Area With OFM Tables

OFM Meeting Tables
The team at OFM has made it their mission to craft elite furniture and seating that's ready for the demands of the modern workplace. If you're meeting area is in need of a makeover, OFM has your back. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 of OFM's hottest table collections and the features that make them a must consider for your project.

OFM Endure TableFirst up is the OFM Endure series. This line of best selling tables offers an unrivaled combination of style and functionality. Even at first glance, OFM Endure tables will catch your eye with retro-industrial vibes. That being said, these tables are truly cutting edge. With standing height surfaces and swivel out seats, Endure tables make it easy to collaborate while sitting or standing. The powered table tops are nice touch that will take your meetings to the next level. Choose from a variety of sizes and finish combinations to make your interior pop!

OFM Meeting Table 55129Up next is the 55129 model 43" round meeting table that requires no tools for assembly. If the remodeling process has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, this awesome table from OFM is ready to ease your worries. The 55129 is modern while remaining practical and professional. At just $355.99, this table is a great buy that will expedite your project.

OFM Net Series NGT-1 TableThe OFM Net series offers some of the coolest multi purpose tables on the market. Just check out the NGT-1 model pictured here! The heavy duty metal base and frosted glass top will no doubt earn your space the compliments it deserves. With a wide array of matching seating, the Net series is a one stop shop for your makeover.

When office space is at a premium, you've got to be able to adapt on the fly. With OFM meeting tables like the FT42RD you'll be ready for anything. These multi purpose meeting tables offer nesting capabilities that make for easy nesting along perimeter walls when not in use. When it's time to host a group strategizing session, simply drop the top and get to work!

OFM Adapt TableLast but not least are the modular office tables from the OFM Adapt series. This all new line makes it easy to think outside the box and get down to business. With Adapt tables, the layout possibilities are endless. These easy to use tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and cool finish options. Adapt tables can be purchased individually, or in sets to meet your specific needs and space requirements. The best part is, these tables are very budget friendly. The 60" x 30" Adapt table with a rectangular top pictured here is available now for just $245.99. It just goes to show, you don't have to break the bank to create a professional meeting area.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September Office Furniture Deals 2018

The summer season is winding to a close and we're wrapping things up with a big sale on popular office furniture from our favorite brands. This month we're offering exclusive savings on Bush desks, Cherryman reception desks, Mayline conference tables, and more. All of the furniture listed here includes free shipping for added value. We're happy to offer bulk discounting when applicable. Call 800-867-1411 for quotations and coupon codes.

1.) Bush Studio C Bow Front Desk SCD172 - $295.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount office desk

2.) Bush Enterprise Desk with Hutch and File Cabinet ENT001 - $1329.99 + FREE Shipping!

September Office Furniture Sale 2018

3.) Bush Easy Office Single User Cubicle EOD160MR - $459.99 + FREE Shipping!

cubicle sale

4.) Bush 400 Series Desk and Credenza Set 400S138 - $1049.99 + FREE Shipping!

Bush Desk Sale

5.) Cherryman Amber Reversible L Shaped Reception Desk AM-400N - $1001.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Reception Desk

6.) Cherryman Verde Reception Desk VL-816 - $693.00 + FREE Shipping!

reception desk sale

7.) Mayline Aberdeen 8' Conference Table ACTB8 - $669.99 + FREE Shipping!

conference table sale

8.) Mayline Medina 10' Conference Table MNC10 - $739.99 + FREE Shipping!

mayline conference table

9.) Mayline Sterling 12' Conference Table STC12 - $965.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Sterling Table

10.) Mayline Napoli 10' Conference Table NC10 - $1554.99 + FREE Shipping!

Napoli conference table Coupon Codes:

Code: DEAL50
Enjoy $50 off any order of $999 or more

Code: DEAL100
Enjoy $100 off any order of $1999 or more

Code: SAVE10
Enjoy 10% off select office chairs (Eurotech, Woodstock, iDesk)